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Castle Garden

Castle Garden

ISTG - Ports of Departure Including Ports of Call Acajutla, El SalvadorAdelaide, AustraliaAltona, GermanyAmsterdam, NetherlandsAntwerp, BelgiumApia, Western SomoaArecibo, Puerto RicoAspinwall (Colon), USC/PanamaAuckland, New Zealandthe AzoresBahia, BrazilBarbados Island, West IndiesBarnstable, MassBarrington, Nova Scotia, CanadaBasseterre, St. If you find an ancestor on a ship on ISTG and would like to link to your email address or home page, please submit a short paragraph about the passenger, where settled, children, etc., with the name of the ship and date of arrival, and send to the transcriber at the bottom of the manifest or to the ISTG Production Coordinator. Copyrights, Trade Marks, & Registered Trade Marks within this web site are protected under international copyright law. All rights reserved by the respective holders of any ™ © ® included within this site. 1998-2015 Website search technology courtesy of

TheShipsList: Passengers, Ships, Shipwrecks Olive Tree Genealogy Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today and Ellis Island World War II and the Postwar Period The United States entered World War II in 1942. During the war, immigration decreased. There was fighting in Europe, transportation was interrupted, and the American consulates weren't open. Fewer than 10 percent of the immigration quotas from Europe were used from 1942 to 1945.In many ways, the country was still fearful of the influence of foreign-born people. The United States was fighting Germany, Italy, and Japan (also known as the Axis Powers), and the U.S. government decided it would detain certain resident aliens of those countries. Also because of the war, the Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed in 1943. I believe that the admission of these persons will add to the strength and energy of the Nation." Learn More

Effectuer des recherches généalogiques en Allemagne ? Partie 1 – les bases. – Généalogie 101 Bonne question. Surtout quand on est Lorrain, que la moitié de notre arbre vient de l’autre côté du Rhin et qu’on ne parle pas un mot d’Allemand. Et comme pour toute chose que je ne sais pas, Google est mon meilleur ami. Et comme tout meilleur ami il m’a apporté quelques réponses que je voudrais partager ici avec vous. Quelques petites particularités avant de commencer: L’état civil moderne Allemand s’est mis en place en 1876. avec quelques exceptions dans certains Länder: en 1792 en Rhénanie, 1803 en Hesse-Nassau, 1808 en Westphalie, 1809 dans le Hanovre, 1874 en Prusse.Les archives religieuses Allemandes sont souvent classées par type d’Église. Une organisation dictée par l’Histoire Le système d‘archives en Allemagne est extrêmement complexe, car profondément marqué par le fédéralisme de l‘État et par son histoire administrative. Nous ne nous contenterons que d’en citer (ce n’est pas du plagiat donc…) quelques points ici: Source: F. La recherche d’aide sur des forums Les petites annonces

Daughters of the American Revolution Library DAR Library Washington, DC The DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) is a free resource provided by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to aid general genealogical research and to assist with the DAR membership process. DAR members across the country are passionate ambassadors for genealogical preservation and research, and the National Society is committed to being a premier provider of genealogical resources. The databases contain DAR proprietary information which should under no circumstances be redistributed to others; assembled or collected for purposes other than DAR membership or for citation in genealogical scholarship; or reproduced or published in any form whatsoever. Access to the various databases is through the “tabs” along the top of the search screen. Working database of the DAR Genealogy Office The Ancestor Database was created by and is maintained by the staff of the DAR's Office of the Registrar General. Adding Patriots Spelling of Surnames Immigration to the US - , 1789-1930 Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930, is a web-based collection of historical materials from Harvard's libraries, archives, and museums that documents voluntary immigration to the United States from the signing of the Constitution to the onset of the Great Depression. Concentrating heavily on the 19th century, Immigration to the US includes over 400,000 pages from more than 2,200 books, pamphlets, and serials, over 9,600 pages from manuscript and archival collections, and more than 7,800 photographs. By incorporating diaries, biographies, and other writings capturing diverse experiences, the collected material provides a window into the lives of ordinary immigrants. In addition to thousands of items that are now accessible to any Internet user, the collection includes contextual information on voluntary immigration and quantitative data. Immigration to the US is made possible with the generous support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Les archives de la presse anglaise en ligne : 8 millions de pages ! 7 961 200 pages numérisées. C'est ce que propose le nouveau site de la British Library dédié aux archives de la presse : The British Newspaper Archive. Un chiffre qui augmente à un rythme quasi quotidien au fur et à mesure de la numérisation des journaux détenus par la British Library. Au total, 251 titres de presse peuvent être lus en ligne : The Birmingham Journal, The Coventry Times, The Kent & Sussex Courier... Résolument graphique, le site permet d'interroger les collections de nombreuses façons : via une frise chronologique, par titre, par région, au hasard ou plus classiquement par mot-clé. Modèle payant Mais contrairement aux sites équivalents français, l'accès aux documents numérisés n'est pas gratuit. Le choix du modèle payant est ainsi justifié par la British Library : "s'abonner c'est s'impliquer dans le plus grand projet de numérisation de la presse jamais mis en place au Royaume Uni !"

USGENWEB Project The PAGenWeb Project Free Genealogy Search Advice First Lancaster County Naturalization List URL of this site: First Naturalization ListIn Lancaster County(Some Men From Philadelphia County) NOTE: The following list includes those who became citizens in 1729. You will note some strange spellings for the names of your ancestors. Those which are linked are direct line ancestors of my husband, and will take you to the database of On the Trail of Our Ancestors. An Act For the Better Enabling Divers Inhabitants Of The Province of Pennsylvania to Hold Lands, And to Invest Them With The Privileges Of Natural-Born Subjects Of the Said Province. Section I - Be it enacted by the Honorable Patrick Gordon Esquire, Governor of the province of Pennsylvania, etc., by and with the advice of the freeman of the said Province, in General Assembly met, and by the authority of the same, That [Passed February 14, 1729. **NOTES: (my own)

Family Genealogy | Genealogy on the Internet Getting Started on Your Family Tree Family mementoes Introduction The first task that faces every family historian when they begin research into an individual is to collect basic biographical details about the person under investigation. The events that are shared by everyone - birth and death - are the best place to start. '... birth and death - are the best place to start.' We have these records because, due to massive population expansion in the 19th century, civil registration for births, marriages and deaths was introduced in England and Wales in 1837, 1855 in Scotland and 1864 in Ireland. Before this date, other records exist that contain information about these events. First things The National Archives office, Kew, London When starting to create your own family tree, the first thing is to talk to as many family members as possible. ' You may uncover skeletons in the cupboard.' This background information is an integral part of family history, and should be your first task. The internet

"Du 1 août 1855 au 18 avril 1890, les immigrants arrivés dans l'État de New York transitaient par Castle Garden. Ce centre a accueilli environ 8 millions d'immigrés qui venaient d'Allemagne, d'Irlande, d'Angleterre, d'Écosse, de Suède, d'Italie, de Russie, du Danemark.
Castle Garden a accueilli son dernier immigrant le 18 avril 1890. Après la clôture de Castle Garden les immigrants ont transité par le centre d'immigration d'Ellis Island, le 1er janvier 1892.
Le site de est une ressource inestimable pour les éducateurs, chercheurs, étudiants, historiens de la famille. Ce site permet la recherche par nom et par période." by pixis Feb 19