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20 Useful Visualization Libraries

20 Useful Visualization Libraries

Download Choose your operating system: TheBrain 8 for Mac OS X Mac OS 10.7+1 GHz Intel Processor, 1GB RAM, 100 MB available storage TheBrain 8 for Linux Works on many Linux/Unix variants. Archive format without an installer (For experts only) TheBrain for iOS TheBrain for iOS is a native app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod TouchAccess your Brain on your iOS device, on the Web and from your desktop computer with TheBrain Cloud ServicesLearn more about TheBrain for iOS. TheBrain for Android TheBrain for Android is a native app for Android devices.Access your Brain on your Android device, on the Web and from your desktop computer with TheBrain Cloud ServicesLearn more about TheBrain for Android. How the Free Download Works You get 30 days to try all the features of TheBrain Pro. Getting Started with TheBrain TheBrain 9 Beta Is Available Now

Selected Tools How To Create Outstanding Modern Infographics In this tutorial you will learn that data doesn't have to be boring, it can be beautiful! Learn how to use various graph tools, illustration techniques and typography to make an accurate and inspiring infographic in Adobe Illustrator. Start by using the Rectangle Tool (M) to draw a shape. Give it a subtle radial gradient too. The entire design is based on a grid of four columns. To make the columns first select the rectangle and drag a guide onto the centre of the shape. Condense the shape so it fits within the left-most guide and centre guide. Move the shape over to the right and add another guide to the centre here. Using the Rectangle Tool (M) draw a thin white box on the centre line that will be the width of the gap between the columns. Repeat the process for the other columns with your final result being below. I like to place the most important graphics first and work-in the ancillary charts and graphs afterwards. Give the circles a variety of gradients. That's it!

Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink infographics Infographics News, a somewhat new BlogSpot blog, has a short list from Ninian Carter of some great infographics of the last year. Ninian Carter is an scottish infographic journalist, well, the Phineas Fogg of the infographic journalists: he has worked in Scotland, England, France, Australia… and his last job was in Canada, at The Globe & Mail, place he left recently. So, as the A Team, he is avalaible for works… (if you click on his name, opening the post, you’ll go to his personal web). Once you get past the horrible spelling of the article (spell-check people, it’s a handy feature), it’s a nice collection of infographics. I’ll probably post some of these online throughout the day in full-size. via Infographics news: Best infographics of 2010 according to Ninian Carter. Share

Photo editor online - edit image Cool Infographics - Blog Gregor Aisch Teaching With Infographics Earlier this week I learned from Larry Ferlazzo that The New York Times Learning Network was doing a series of posts about teaching with infographics. The last installment of the series went live today with a post by Diana Laufenberg. Diana's post includes ten steps for designing lessons in which students create infographics. Her post also includes links to some valuable information concerning the actual infographic design process. The entire Teaching With Infographics series contains a lot of very useful information for teachers who are considering using infographics in their classrooms. Applications for EducationI've found in my classroom that infographics can be very useful for helping students gain a better comprehension of data sets. Selected Tools The KnotPlot Site Junk Charts Polymaps Convaincre avec des graphiques efficaces Uploaded on Convaincre avec des graphiques efficaces : Data visualisation Théorie, Méthode & Bonnes pratiques ... Convaincre avec des graphiques efficaces : Data visualisation Théorie, Méthode & Bonnes pratiques Bernard Lebelle (2ème édition - Eyrolles) ----- Représenter visuellement l'information est le moyen le plus sûr de transmettre un sujet complexe. Dans un monde où le temps d'attention est limité, il est nécessaire de développer des graphiques clairs et efficaces capables de porter votre message. Or, le trio "courbe/camembert/histogrammes" n'est pas la seule manière de faire comprendre votre analyse et vos conclusions ! Pour sortir des sentiers battus et émerger du lot, cet ouvrage vous propose d'acquérir une nouvelle compétence, celle de la data-visualisation : vous serez ainsi en mesure de concevoir seul la représentation visuelle de vos données, celle qui permettra à votre auditoire de rentrer rapidement dans le vif du sujet.