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Artist Aaron Kramer knows how to make things. He also knows how to use a huge assortment of materials. When asked about making cold connections with wire, he decided to produce this very instructive long-form video (about 10 minutes) on the topic. From the artist: I really haven't seen anything worthwhile on the internet so here is my take on the subject. I put together this little 9.5 minute introduction with a running commentary to impart a little of what I know.

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Teachers Making Wire Automata and Soft Circuits On Monday at The Exploratorium Tinkering Studio, we met with about 20 teachers, mostly from the museum’s Teacher Institute network, building on some excitement that kept its mailing list buzzing for a few days after Maker Faire. Among those present, we had everything from pre-K to high school teachers, physics to art to biology. The teachers ostensibly came to discuss bringing the Maker Movement into their schools, but as all these teachers love to work with their hands, we happily kept the talking to a minimum and spent most of our four hours together working on projects while we continued the conversation, just as our maker forebears did at their quilting bees. Wire Automata Cool Tools Lots of ideas for last minute holiday shopping There is still enough time to buy cool tools as gifts and have them arrive before Christmas. Here’s our complete list of gift ideas for 2016. (And here’s Boing Boing’s complete gift guide, too.) Happy Holidays!

Animatronic everything Animatronic/Android Eyes - complete kit ($799) includes a) 1 - set of gimbal mounted human-sized eyes. b) 2 - color video CMOS cameras (PC208-2 from Supercircuits) c) 5 - servos to control the eyes and eyelids. d) 1- 9v PS and D-cell battery pack to drive the servos D-cells NOT supplied. Visual Show Automation - Overview VSA is a copyright of Brookshire Software, LLC. All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to Copyright © Brookshire Software, LLC. All rights reserved. Boxford Resources System It is said that :- The first Automata was created by GOD. According to Talmundic tradition, Adam was created in 5 hours. In the first, his dust was gathered from all parts of the world; In the second, it was kneaded into a shapeless mass (Golem); In the third, his limbs were shaped; In the fourth, a soul was infused into him; In the fifth, he arose and stood on his feet. If you swap the words Adam for Robot and view the stages from the point of a production line, soul for software and GOD to Honda. It does get scarry the idea of ancient aliens building robots in front of primative man, the language being his best understanding of what just happened before his eyes. When we enter the world of automata we enter a world where some machines were real and some were actors, a little like the toymakes dolls in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

How to design automata and mechanical toys Brief History of Automata The following buttons will lead you on to a number of topics designed to help you understand more about mechanisms, basic engineering principles as well as designing and making your own automata and mechanical toys. Craft Education have two books entitled: 'How to Design and Make Automata' and 'How to Design and Make Simple Automata' as well as aCD-ROM for more information click on the links below. Tools and Construction Techniques How to contact us

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February 2012 Am I the only one who thinks January flew by especially quickly? Here it is a brand new month and time to introduce you to three beautiful shops! Garnish has gathered a stylish collection of packaging items that come in handy for so many occasions - Valentine's Day school treats and Super Bowl parties, just to get you started. simple paper and card automata I am a teacher, will this book help? Your pupils can make fantastic automata from recycled household items, paper card and wood. This new book "How to Design and make Simple Automata" has 80 A4 pages and over 270 black and white illustrations and it explains clearly and simply how to design and make automata that fulfill the requirements for Key Stage 2 Design and technology, units; 3C moving monsters, unit 5C moving toys and 6C Fairgrounds.