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Ily, The Smart Home Phone Is A Remarkable Invention – TechMalak. As we see the smartphone market hit its peak with manufacturers producing devices that aren’t greater than the previous generation, New York based Insensi, have created lly, a smart home phone that easily connects family members that can even replace a landline phone.

Ily, The Smart Home Phone Is A Remarkable Invention – TechMalak

For parents who don’t want their kids to have full access to the internet on mobile devices, lly, allows family members to connect through video calls, messaging and phone calls using an Internet connection. Edyn debuts smart water valve to put home gardens on autopilot. Uzer presents Eugène — KissKissBankBank. Si nous atteignons ce nouvel objectif, vous pourrez choisir la couleur de votre produit en fin de campagne.

Uzer presents Eugène — KissKissBankBank

Quel côté de la force choisirez-vous ?! Pratique, design et intelligent, Eugène simplifie la gestion de vos déchets dans ses moindres détails. Du geste de tri à la livraison de vos courses, il vous accompagne pour améliorer votre confort de vie, mieux vous informer, et vous faire gagner du temps et de l'énergie. Trier ses déchets est souvent cité comme le premier geste environnemental des Français, pourtant le taux de recyclage stagne depuis plusieurs années. 3 facteurs expliquent ce décalage entre l'intention de trier, et le geste : Au centre de notre consommation, la poubelle est un objet dont on ne saurait se passer. Nous avons donc imaginé une poubelle en phase avec vos besoins. Muni d'un lecteur de code-barres et d'un écran, Eugène reconnaît vos produits et vous indique comment bien les trier. Réduisez votre impact pour gagner des points et des récompenses !

1. 2. SeeNote is a digital replacement for your sticky notes. Nativ High-Resolution Music System Now On Indiegogo. High-resolution digital audio players are certainly on the rise in terms of popularity, but many of them are essentially super-powered iPods in terms of form factor and features.

Nativ High-Resolution Music System Now On Indiegogo

The Hong Kong-based company Nativ unveiled a new type of music player this week via an Indiegogo campaign that shows just how interesting the future of these players could be. What Nativ has actually introduced is a three-piece music system, but at the heart of it lies the Nativ Vita — a digital audio player featuring an 11.6-inch touchscreen display and the ability to hold up to 4TB of music. Nativ says the Vita can stream music to “virtually any” wireless speaker or headphones, and features support for built-in streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music in addition to streaming from a smartphone or computer.

FlipFlic Release Date, Price and Specs. Smart blinds make your home feel a lot smarter, but they also cost a boatload.

FlipFlic Release Date, Price and Specs

For motorized and app-connected shades like Somfy's or Lutron's, you're looking at prices ranging from $250 to upward of $1,000, £700 or AU$1,325 -- and that's per unit. In response, a few startups have endeavored to design retrofit devices that smarten your blinds and shades for under 100 bucks. The FlipFlic, now open for preorder on Kickstarter, is one of those devices. Despite the affordable price, the FlipFlic has one major limitation.

It can't open or close blinds -- it only adjusts the angle of the slats to block or let in sunlight. In London, pay for specialty coffee with app. Caffeine is a necessity for many, and DripApp wants to make it easier for addicts to save money while discovering new independent coffee shops in London.

In London, pay for specialty coffee with app

Hands On With Amazon's Echo Speaker: Hey, This Thing Is Remarkably Smart. For a moment, it almost seemed like Alexa was getting frustrated with me.

Hands On With Amazon's Echo Speaker: Hey, This Thing Is Remarkably Smart

To be fair, I just unpacked this artificially intelligent robo-speaker this morning and already I'm throwing it curve balls. Amazon already showed off most of what the Echo—the new voice-controlled Bluetooth speaker in which the "Alexa" voice assistant lives—is capable of. This is SipSup, the First Social Drinking Glass. In this day and age everyone’s a photographer.

This is SipSup, the First Social Drinking Glass

If they have a phone in their hands, chances are they’ll use it to take a picture of their day, whether it’s a selfie, a photo of food, or how the day is being spent. But out of all of the images we share on social networks, we hardly ever look at them again. The SipSup hopes to change that. In short, the SipSup is the worlds first social drinking glass which allows you to store photos in a dedicated app which is only unlocked by the SipSup logo found on the glass. The reason for the glass? Hyperalarm: The Smart Alarm for Heavy Sleepers. Grush: The Gaming Toothbrush. An Alarm Clock that Targets Just You and Lets Your Partner Sleep. The Wakē alarm clock reflects the realities of how people (and especially couples) sleep Wakē alarm clock pairs a ray of light that mimics sunrise with a focused beam of sound to wake up only one person sleeping in your bed.

An Alarm Clock that Targets Just You and Lets Your Partner Sleep

Lucera Labs wants your waking up to no longer disturb whomever you share your sleeping space with. They’ve designed Wakē to use directional light and sound to wake only one individual. A Smart Umbrella That You'll Never Misplace, Alerts You Of Bad Weather.