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Daily routines and time

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Dialogue - Interview With a Famous Actor. Draw a Door – A Journey in TEFL. My door is on the roof.

Draw a Door – A Journey in TEFL

I climb with a rope. I have stairs from moon. (Maral, age 11) One of the most favourite activities we do in class is creative writing. It is great for revising grammar and vocabulary. Creative Writing Task: WHAT IS YOUR DAILY ROUTINE? ENGLISH CONVERSATION WITH SUBTITLES. Louise's Daily Routines. The Daily Life of an American Teenager. The Best Visualizations Of How People Spend Their Days. There have been several visualizations created over the past couple of years showing how people spend their days.

The Best Visualizations Of How People Spend Their Days

I’ve used them in lessons where students have created infographics indicating how they spend their time, and then they compare their results with the interactives. Here are my choices for The Best Visualizations Of How People Spend Their Days: How We Spend Our Time Now, in Three (Really Big) Graphs is from The Atlantic. What Americans Actually Do All Day Long, In 2 Graphics is the newest one, just published at NPR. In 2012, The Wall Street Journal has published a very accessible infographic titled At Work And At Play. How People Like You Spend Their Time. The American Time Use Survey is an ongoing program from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that asks thousands of people, as you might guess, what they did during the last 24 hours.

How People Like You Spend Their Time

Using the data for 2015, I simulated days for different groups of people so that you can see the hours they typically spend in a 24-hour period. The interactive below shows the results. Each row represents an activity, and each gray line represents the hours spent in one person’s day. I ran 100 simulations for each demographic group. The orange line shows the median hours for each activity. For some activities, such as household work and leisure, the number of hours spent varies a lot, which is why you see a lot of criss-crossing lines.

Tip: Switch to the absolute scale to compare various demographics. How Americans Spend Their Time. SOUNDS LIKE A STORY. A picture is not the only source that can inspire a thousand words.


Sounds may tell a story just as well, leaving much more room to the imagination. The activity I’ll describe today is built around sounds and guides students to the actual writing of the story based on the sounds they hear. Step 1. Generating a story idea Tell your students that they will hear different sounds. Pair up or split students into teams and get them to compare their notes. Answers:Alarm clockHaving a showerFrying foodEatingSlurpingCat meowingNews introPhone vibratingCar door closeShopping centerLoud bangCar cornering fastPolice car sirenCar brake crashCar drive byRainSqueaking doorFootsteps on cementJack in the boxToddler laughScreamingAlarm clockYou can find more free sound effects on and make your own audio compilation of sounds. Step 2. Get the students to think of what they want to include in their story and decide on the order of events in the story – WHAT HAPPENED? Step 3. Get students to. Starbucks "Mondays Can Be Great" Campaign.

ELLs Learning To Tell Time In English. Teaching Time with PowerPoint. I always tend to use one way more than the other.

Teaching Time with PowerPoint

Instead of saying ‘nine oh five’ I will say ‘five past nine’ or simply ‘five past’ if I think the hour is implicit. When I taught about time I would draw a diagram on the board explaining the different areas of the clock face. Then a few years ago I decided to turn that diagram into a PowerPoint slide that I could copy and paste into other presentations when I needed to model telling the time. The first time I used it, it worked really well. Different colors indicated whether to use past/after and to, and the numbers on the outer ring showed whether to say ’10 to…’ or ’50.’

More importantly, I didn’t lose class time trying to draw it clearly. When you open the PowerPoint Teaching Clock template, you’ll notice that all 24 arrows are visible. Watch this video for a quick demo. 5 Apps to Develop Healthy Habits & Become More Productive. We all want to improve ourselves, and no app is going to magically make it happen.

5 Apps to Develop Healthy Habits & Become More Productive

The right tools can help, of course, but what’s really required is commitment. Having said that, if you are committed, Cool Websites and Apps has a bunch of apps and websites you could use to become more productive. Let’s dive in! Streaks (iOS): Choose Six Things; Do Them Every Day. MCL: Lori schedules her learning plan. A Typical Day in The Life of Victoria Fontana. 1092 Daily Routine. Daily Routine. Basic English Conversation 9: Ashley's Daily Routines. Basic English Conversation 9: Ashley's Daily Routines.

Louise's Daily Routines. Loescher English Corner 1 - 5 Daily routine_with subtitles. How to talk about Your Daily Routine. Mr Bean Daily Routines. Personal Writing Based on The Times's Sunday Routine Series. Photo Welcome to a week of great ideas from our readers about new ways to teach with The Times.

Personal Writing Based on The Times's Sunday Routine Series

Every day this week, we’ll be featuring the work of teachers who have shared their lesson plans and inspirations with us. You probably have some wonderful ideas for teaching with The Times, too. Please write in and tell us about them. Teacher: Chris Popp Institution: Immaculate Conception High School, Montclair, N.J. Grade Level of Students: Secondary (ages 14-18) Sunday Routine - Series. Jane Pratt: She’s Still So Sassy By JULIE SATOW On Sundays, Ms.

Sunday Routine - Series

Pratt, the creator and editor in chief of the website xoJane, goes out with her daughter, Charlotte, 11, and sees friends. September 7, 2014, Sunday Carmen Fariña: An Old-School Abuela. Learn English with Video - Talking About Your Daily Routine. New english file beginner 4. My Daily Routine. Real English Unit 26 - Time & Frequency. Tell the Time in English. This Is My Day. Real English ESL Videos&Lessons. Real English is a Registered Trademark of The Marzio School. Our teachers - My daily routine. Mr Bean Daily Routines.