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How long are your contracts? Squarespace plans are paid monthly or yearly. We make it simple to start — and stop — your service at any time. Is there a discount for yearly service? Yes, we offer discounts on up-front long-term commitments. You will also receive one year off of a new domain registration with your annual purchase. Do I need another web host? No. Can I download Squarespace? No. How do I accept payments with Squarespace commerce? Squarespace is tightly integrated with Stripe for accepting payments directly to your bank account. How much does it cost to process payments through Squarespace Commerce? While Squarespace does not charge transaction fees on purchases through our commerce products, Stripe, the payment processor integrated with Commerce, charges a low, market rate for processing charges. Do you offer student pricing? You can learn more about our education program here. How do I sign up? You start with a free trial. How do I cancel service? Can I switch plans? Yes. Yes.

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How to Clean Windows: Tips for Washing Windows & More The sunshine is here {yay!} and when we look out at the beautiful spring day we don’t want to see fingerprints, smudges, or mildew. Today we are learning how to clean windows! The all new and improved wibiya bar experience Keep the good times rolling at Check out our other great products at

101 Social Media Tools for Social Media Marketing and More Credit: fredcavazza via Flickr It doesn’t make sense to jump in and use all new social media tools that come along just because everyone else is or because you think they’re “cool.” No one can really afford to be that unproductive with their time (or if they can, that alone speaks volumes). At Social Implications, we’re big advocates of cutting through the noise by narrowing down the social media tools you use to the ones best suited for your target market or audience.

curtaaeuropadetrem Neve II RED.jpg WP0001.jpg P1040038_edited.JPG Creating color palettes with adjustment layers Recently, it came in handy for iStat Menus 5, where we have 14 base colors with 4 variations on each. The 56 resulting colors form iStat Menus’ colors and themes. Base colors To get started, choose some base colors and draw large blocks as shape layers in Photoshop. 10 awesome tools a happy startup shouldn’t live without Limited offer: We’re giving away our free 40 page e-book and toolkit ‘4 Steps to a Happy Startup: The Path from Passion to Profits’, downloaded by more than 10,000 people already. Go get it » 1.

11 CMSs to Help You Create Your Own Social Networking Website It turns out that it is really hard to find quality sources to trust. I was especially interested in the topics of web design, WordPress, UI, UX, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, responsive web, and mobile design. I came to the conclusion that while you can easily spot the top players, but if you are talking about sub-niches and finding blogs that aren’t quite as established, sources can be quite challenging! That is the reason why I decided to create this huge goal- find the most influential blogs in the industry. [Rewind] Top 30 Airline Social Media Case-Studies Featured on SimpliFlying in 2012 Shubhodeep Pal is the Vice President of Products and Operations at SimpliFlying and has been leading Product Development, Marketing and Business Development since December 2010 from the headquarters in Singapore. His writings have appeared extensively on SimpliFlying as well as revered industry outlets such as Tnooz, Airlinetrends and Loyalty360. He has considerable experience working in the social media sphere, having also conducted a workshop at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore.

16 great tools for creating mood boards Whether you work in digital media, logo design or even brochure design, if you're trying to get a big design idea across, a good mood board can be invaluable. With a mood board you can instantly convey a whole assortment of concepts and feelings that are central to your pitch but difficult to get across verbally. So what's the best way to put a digital mood board together? There are a ton of tools to make things easy for you, so we've looked around and gathered together the best of the bunch... Transport - Thunderforest Public transport information for every community on Earth - that’s the goal of the Transport map. Want to use these tiles? The generic tile format string for the Transport layer is: I have documentation on the tile layer format.

How to Create Your Own Social Networking Community If you have a medium- to large-sized online network, you might have noticed some of your contacts have been developing their own communities in the form of private groups, forums or social networks that are a mixture of free or paid memberships. The Pros of Creating Your Own Community So with all of the existing communities out there, what’s the benefit of creating your own? Driving Traffic to Your Site – Let’s say that you start a forum on your own domain. If you’re successful in creating a popular community, you’ll be driving a lot of traffic to your website. The traffic, in turn, will lead to the next benefit. Lucky 13 « NeuerSpace Last week, I celebrated my 13th anniversary in real estate. In honor of the anniversary, I decided to share 13 things I have learned in my career as a service provider. 1. Put the client first.

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