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Return to View video at: Prof Simon Cox Computational Engineering and Design Research Group Faculty of Engineering and the Environment University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK. V0.2: 8th September 2012 V0.3: 30th November 2012 [Updated with less direct linking to MPICH2 downloads] V0.4: 9th January 2013 [Updated step 33] First steps to get machine up 1. I originally used: Updated 30/11/12: My advice is to to check the downloads page on and use the latest version. 2. You will use the “Write” option to put the image from the disk to your card 3. 4. $ sudo raspi-config 5. $ passwd 6. $ exit 7. 8. $ sudo apt-get update 9. Related:  13/2/7 - 00electroniqueGadgets

Snowstorm In Chicago Delays Hundreds Of Morning Murders CHICAGO—The city of Chicago is steadily recovering from an overnight snowstorm that delayed hundreds of murders on Friday morning and will likely continue to push numerous homicides across the city drastically behind schedule, public authorities announced. “As we speak, maintenance crews are working diligently to restore public transportation, de-ice roads, and clear back alleyways so that Chicagoans can quickly resume murdering again,” Department of Streets and Sanitation spokesman Dave Michelson said of the heavy blizzard, which caused numerous homicide cancellations this morning at peak murder times. “Unfortunately, we’re backed up by about 35 deadly shootings at the moment, but we hope to restore regular death tolls as soon as possible. We apologize to anyone forced to postpone shootings or other killings today and assure concerned murderers that they will be able to resume slayings by the early afternoon.”

TestDisk Etape par Etape Cet exemple de récupération de données vous guide à travers TestDisk étape par étape vers la récupération d'une partition manquante et la réparation d'une partition corrompue. Les traductions de ce manuel d'utilisation de TestDisk vers d'autres langues sont les bienvenues. Description du problème Le disque dur de 36 Go comportait initialement 3 partitions. le secteur de boot de la partition NTFS primaire a été endommagé, et une partition logique NTFS a été supprimée. Les étapes pour récupérer une partition FAT32 à la place de la partition NTFS de cet exemple sont absolument identiques. Symptômes Si la partition primaire de ce disque contenait le système d'exploitation, celui-ci ne pourrait plus démarrer à cause de son secteur de boot corrompu. L'explorateur Windows (Windows Explorer) ou le Gestionnaire de disque (Disk Manager) affichent la première partition comme raw (non formatée) et Windows propose: Le disque dans le lecteur E: est non formaté, voulez-vous le formater maintenant?

Server interface device Raspberry Pi, Python & Arduino After the other night’s wonderfully slow detour into Processing, I thought I’d try the Raspberry Pi’s “native” language of Python to control an Arduino. This worked rather well, though I don’t have a slick GUI for it yet. pyFirmata is the magic that allows an Arduino running Firmata to talk to Python. Get the required packages:sudo apt-get install python-serial mercurialDownload the pyFirmata code:hg clone cd pyfirmata sudo python install (If this succeeds, you can delete the pyfirmata folder.) Using pyFirmata is a bit different from other Arduino applications: Analogue reads and PWM writes are normalized to a 0 .. 1 range, and not the standard Arduino 0 .. 255 and 0 .. 1023.You really need to start a separate iterator thread to stop old readings overflowing the serial bufferSince the Arduino is read asynchronously, make sure that the pyFirmata connection is fully initialized before reading from ports. The output from this might look like:

Azeez märkmed: Ehitus Vaarika Pi Cluster - 2. osa The Grand Finale In a previous post on Building a Raspberry Pi Cluster, I wrote about how we built a cluster using several Raspberry Pis. This cluster was used for hosting the WSO2Con App. The project was unveiled at WSO2Con 2013, London & was an instant hit. Power Supply Like I mentioned in my previous post, we had to build a custom power supply that can cater to the voltage & current requirements of the Raspberry Pi cluster. USB Power Board Shown below is the USB power distribution board which could power up to 8 Raspberry Pis, or a single row in the rack. The +5V & GND lines in the board were connected to the power supply. Raspberry Pi Cluster Rack - the finished product The rack had to be very lightweight, and being able to easily disassemble it was a prerequisites since we had to carry the setup from Colombo, Sri Lanka to London, UK. The rows containing the Pis were slanted at about 15 degrees for aesthetic reasons. The final product, a 24 Raspberry Pi cluster, is shown below.

The Zeer Pot - a Nigerian invention keeps food fresh without electricity The Zeer Pot - a Nigerian invention keeps food fresh without electricity Musa Elkheir, [DARFUR] Hawa Osman is a farmer in Darfur, Sudan. In the hot weather of Darfur, Hawa used to lose half of the crops she hoped to sell each day in the market of Al Fashir, the capital city of North Darfur, because of inadequate storage facilities — and no electricity or refrigerator — in her small canteen, the shed made out of wood and palm leaves in which she displays her products to clients. But these days she is selling fresher produce and making bigger profit. The zeer is a large pot inside which fits another smaller pot with a clay lid. Each zeer can contain 12 kg of vegetables, and costs less than US$2 to produce. Experiments assessing its ability to extend shelf life show that tomatoes and guavas can be kept for 20 days, compared to just two without. Hawa was the first person to use the zeer technology in her canteen. Preservation is a key issue for food security. More information:

[Corrigé] Retour d'expérience sur le Raspberry Pi Sommaire Cher Journal, C'est la première fois que j'écris quelque chose entre tes pages, alors j'espère que tu seras compréhensif avec moi. Et puis, si tu ne l'es pas, je peux toujours te jeter. Ou te déchirer. Ou te brûler. Ou… Enfin, tu as compris le principe. Je commence donc! I - Installation du Raspberry Après presque six mois de patience, le paquet contenant la bête est là, devant mes yeux. II - Power Rangers pouvoir transformation en station multimédia grâce à XBMC! Non, je ne vais pas rester évanoui pendant tout le journal, c'était simplement un effet fourbe pour que vous ne remarquiez pas la transition. III - Owncloud, ou comment pouvoir avoir "son" cloud, Raspberry Powered© (Tout d'abord, je précise que cette partie, aussi, se finira par un lamentable fail. IV - La framboise de surveillance Une bonne nuit de sommeil après, et n'ayant toujours pas trouvé d'usage à mon Raspberry, je continue mon investigation. V - MPD, aka Mon Petit Daemon, la musique c'est magique! VI - Conclusion

Embedded system interface device

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