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How to Get Critical People Off Your Back: Be Assertive According to psychologist Margarita Tartakovsky, the best way to overcome the toxic influence of overly critical people is to disassociate with them. Of course, this isn't always a possibility; these folks tend to be in positions we can't simply avoid. They're our bosses, parents, co-workers, family, etc. Tartakovsky (with help from family therapist Ashley Thorn) outlines several strategies for dealing with these people on an everyday basis. Let's look at those strategies and determine how they can be implemented. Some of The Best Android Apps for Creating eBooks with Students March 8, 2016 After writing about iPad apps for creating story books, we received a couple of requests for featuring a similar list for Android users. Below are some of the apps we recommend for using with students to create ebooks and story books. The apps are easy to use and provide students with a variety of tools to help them unleash their creative writing. 1- Book Creator This is definitely one of the best book creating app out there. We have been continuously recommending it for teachers over the last few years.

Giving Animations Life — Tictail — Behind the Scenes Now that we have the fly-in motion in place, let’s think about other ways to improve the animation even further. A good source of inspiration is animated cartoons, and the concepts and tricks that animators use to create them. Disney’s Twelve Basic Principles of Animation is a set of principles for producing more realistic animations based on the work of leading Disney animators during the golden age of animation. The principles were introduced in The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, which has by some been referred to as the Bible of animation.

1&1 IONOS Yes. If you have certain requirements for the creation of your website that go beyond the features of 1&1 IONOS MyWebsite, we also offer solutions for professional web developers. Also, advanced users may want to get more out of a Content Management System (CMS). Below, you can find out all you need to know for designing your own website: 1. Cool Tools for Students: Free Online Design Resources Students love to design and publish things, and these free online tools are for a variety of different uses and projects. Explore them in the links below! The open-source tools students have access to today are versatile, simple, and powerful. They are user-friendly and social media-oriented in every way.

3 Free and Easy Tools to create standout CVs When it comes to writing a CV, few people go at it with excitement and enthusiasm. Luckily, the internet is full of useful tools that can help you with putting together your CV! We found 3 great, free tools you can use to make sure your CV stands out from the crowd!

Class Tech Integrate : Graphic Design Tools for ALL Students Students are constantly bombarded with graphics in their daily lives. Social media, web page adds, video game consoles, and the environmental print around them all use graphic design tools to give our students information. So the question quickly becomes, how can our students create graphic representations of the information we want them to report and present? Understanding CSS Transitions And Class Timing UPDATE: @Ron, in the comments, pointed out that this demo does not work as expected in Chrome. Apparently Firefox (my dev environment of choice) and Chrome handle this case somewhat differently. I've only just started to use CSS transitions; but, I already love them.

Personal Branding Strategy: How to Get Really Famous- Shocase Blog Everyone has a personal brand. Like a business, your brand is your reputation. It’s how people perceive you and what they say about you. You have a brand by simply being a professional and showing up for work every day. The topic of “personal branding” is not for people who just want to have a positive reputation. Personal branding is for people who want to get famous.

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