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Circular Gallifreyan - Time Turners of the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Circular Gallifreyan - Time Turners of the T.A.R.D.I.S.
Circular Gallifreyan is a standardized version of the written Gallifreyan language as seen in Doctor Who. It was standardized by a fan, so it is not officially sanctioned, but it looks terribly cool. You can read a guide to Gallifreyan online or just read The Honey Badger's guide below. Legal Note! Doctor Who and Gallifreyan are © BBC, and this alphabet is © Loren Sherman. If you're reading this guide, that's probably because you found the original guide a bit too confusing. Letters Consonants Consonants take one of four forms and are modified by one of five different designs. When writing out a word in Gallifreyan, it is done based on English spelling with the exception of the letter C and a few phonetic letters (CH, SH, TH NG). Consonant designs, that is, the dots or lines that differentiate the consonants, do not rely on placement or size to distinguish. Vowels Vowels are a bit trickier. A vowel does not have to be attached, and can stand on its own at the writer's discretion. Words Related:  MUSIC BRANDING

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YouTube launches Fan Finder initiative, lets channels create video ads to bring in new fans for free 12 November '13, 07:33pm Follow YouTube today launched Fan Finder, a new initiative to help channel creators bring in new fans for free. Fan Finder is essentially an advertising campaign that YouTube is running for its most important users: the ones who actually produce videos. All channel owners have to do is create and upload a video, a practice many of them are very familiar with. The only difference is the content: the video should focus on introducing new fans to their channel. Once uploaded to Fan Finder, YouTube will then turn the video into a TrueView video ad, which lets viewers skip after five seconds, and show it for free across the site. In other words, Google is experimenting with making better YouTube ads. YouTube offers the following five tips for creating an effective channel ad: Keep your channel ad short and engaging: Introduce the viewer to your content; don’t assume they have heard of you or your channel before. What are you waiting for?

6 Clever Tricks for Social Media Managers Even if you're the ultimate hybrid project manager/content creator and community-engager, reality is, you'll probably develop Community Manager Multi-Personality Disorder (CMMPD)* at least once in your career. *We totally made this up. In my years managing communities for companies ranging from teeny startups to global soda and makeup brands, I learned one thing very quickly: Establishing systems and using the right tools early on can save your sanity (and your laptop’s RAM). Here are six tips and tricks in my medicine cabinet for achieving social media vitality. 1. Every day, we log in to our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts, our work email, Google Drive and our internal communities, not to mention those of all our clients. Remedy: Behold, Chrome profiles. 2. Remedy: Download FoundApp. 3. Cross-posting Instagram photos to Twitter is a time-suck, and Instagram photos take up too much space on your phone. 4. 5. 6. Homepage image via iStockPhoto, DrAfter123

Make Your Business Mobile with an App – Conduit Mobile Create your app in two simple clicks Customize your app with advanced features Connect with your customers anytime anywhere Flickeur - Every Picture Tells a Story Flickeur (pronounced like Voyeur) randomly retrieves images from and creates an infinite film with a style that can vary between stream-of-consciousness, documentary or video clip. All the blends, motions, zooms or timeleaps are completely random. Flickeur works like a looped magnetic tape where incoming images will merge with older materials and be influenced by the older recordings' magnetic memory. Due to the open nature of Flickr I cannot guarantee what kind of images will be displayed, so there is a slight possibility that some images might be offending or show nudity. Flickeur is part of the NET.ART section at Art Tech Media 06 which can be seen in various museums across Spain in 2006. Flickeur by Mario Klingemann

The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, and Maybe Infuriate, You When Jonah Berger was a graduate student at Stanford, in the early aughts, he would make a habit of reading page A2 of the Wall Street Journal, which included a list of the five most-read and the five most-shared articles of the day. “I’d go down to the library and surreptitiously cut out that page,” he recalls. “I noticed that what was read and what was shared was often different, and I wondered why that would be.” The question predates Berger’s interest in it by centuries. Aristotle’s diagnosis was broad, and tweets, of course, differ from Greek oratory. Just how arousing each emotion was also made a difference. Berger and Milkman went on to test their findings in a more controlled setting, presenting students with content and observing their propensity to pass it along. Since his initial foray into the nature of sharing, Berger has gone on to research and test a variety of viral-promoting factors, which he details in his new book, “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.”

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Conversion Chronicles - How To Play With People's Minds To Get Them To Do Things Against Their Will (well Ok not really!) I'm about to show you some alarmingly powerful psychological techniques that persuade people to do things... Even if they don't know how or why they're being persuaded to do them. But before you get the wrong idea... Most of what you'll see in today's issue comes from a source I've mentioned to you many times before: Dr. Cialdini is neither copywriter nor marketer. He has a graduate degree from Columbia. "I can admit it fre ely now," says Cialdini in the book's forward, "All my life I've been a patsy." He wrote the book, he says, because it occurred to him that he, himself, had been persuaded over and over again to do and buy things he didn't want or need. He wanted to figure out how it had happened. A noble cause. Our cause, I believe, is equally noble. We're not REALLY out to use what Cialdini found to persuade people to do things they don't want to do. And by good, I simply mean what I think the true purpose of advertising should be: Why? You know this one already.

hypetree | about We firmly believe in independent music. When we first announced our service, we had 6,000 people sign up in the first week alone. StumbleUpon even did a case study about it. We want to give artists, no matter how obscure or underground, an effective way to get their music heard. The hypetree team is a group of musicians, designers, web experts, and budding entrepreneurs. 25 music crowdfunding mistakes that'll make you look selfish DIY Musician Blog [This article was written by guest contributor Ian Anderson of the Launch and Release Blog.] Asking for money sucks. Maybe you fear rejection or maybe you worry that you’ll look desperate, greedy, incompetent or rude. It’s a lot like being a middle schooler trying to hold hands or put an arm around your date while at the movies. Asking for money often raises internal doubts like: * Will I seem greedy? * Will it negatively affect our relationship? * Do they trust me? * Will they understand why or buy into my vision? * Will I look like an a—hole? These are legitimate questions and they can arise in a variety of circumstances in life.But when you are going to run a music crowdfunding project, you cannot afford to have these questions dogging you because self doubt and fear will betray your efforts in some subtle and many not-so-subtle ways. Thus, it is CRUCIAL that you are WELL PREPARED to ask for money for your crowdfunding project. How to get what you want crib sheet * Say Thank You Ask. Period. Why?

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