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Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

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4ème – La musique de film Fiche de cours : La musique de film Fiche de cours : Vocabulaire cinématographique Fiche de cours : The Artist et les métiers du cinéma Site internet ludique « La chanson du film » L’express : Blog sur la musique de film Le cinéma est officiellement né à la fin du XIX° siècle. YouTube : nouvelle bibliothèque de musiques libres de droit Détails Catégorie : Contenu à disposition YouTube vient de rendre disponible une nouvelle rubrique dans votre gestionnaire de chaîne : les Outils de Création. Le premier outil de création mis à votre disposition par YouTube est une bibliothèque de morceaux mp3 libres de droit (donc gratuits), disponible en bas de la colonne gauche de votre gestionnaire de chaîne, ou ici : Il y a aujourd'hui 25 morceaux disponibles. Chaîne de JackConteExtras Download My EP: the full music video here: "Pedals"Music and Video by Conte Full Crew Credits:Cinematography and Color CorrectionJeff Orlowski Hexapod Built and Programmed byMatt Bunting Animatronic Head Built andProgrammed byKevin Felstead

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FACT’s alternative BRITs 2013: the nominations Let’s face it, the real BRITs aren’t all that. That’s why last year we held our own ceremony, with the British artists that actually are doing great things (so that’s Rustie not Robbie, Actress not Alt-J, Objekt not One Direction – you get the idea) rewarded for being superstars in our eyes. It proved pretty popular, so we decided to do it again this year.

edj – Best of 2012 2012 was a diverse musical year: songs to blast wide open & songs to listen to on headphones. edj once again fits his personal favorites onto the still-dying format of the CD. 79 minutes long, this review of the year’s best journeys from genre to another sub-sub genre, always in search of an edgy and catchy quality. edj_01_08_13_best_of_2012 - Andy Stott – Leaving – Luxury Problems – Modern Love - Julia Holter – Marienbad – Ekstasis – Rvng Intl. - Beach House – Lazuli – Bloom – Bella Union - Teengirl Fantasy – Mist of Time (feat. Laurel Halo) – Tracer – R&S - Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – Artist Song 2 – Black Is Beautiful – Hyperdub - Animal Collective – Rosie Oh – Centipede Hz – Domino - Zammuto – Too Late To Topologize – Zammuto – Temporary Residence - Heidi Happy – Patient Heart – On The Hills – Silent Mode - Le1f – Wut (5kinAndBone5) – Dark York – SoundCloud Ltd. - Major Lazer – Get Free (feat.

BEST OF 2012: Electronic/Dance BEST OF 2012: Electronic/Dance The world of electronic music continued to veer into uncharted territories throughout 2012 – both within unexplored underground nooks and on stadium stages with bigger sounds (and more party-hungry audiences) than ever before. Here are some very good songs in playlist form and an overview of electronic/dance's most notable developments in 2012. Footwork Freakout - The footwork underworld in Chicago finally blew minds on a more national scale. And rightfully so!

BEST OF 2012: Party Music BEST OF 2012: Party Music Today's recap and mix comes courtesy of RCRD LBL contributor Elise Peebles. Check her out online here and here . Party music in 2012 was one big cluster of genre-bending goodness. New releases from favorite artists did not disappoint, while inventive producers and DJs creatively provided a diverse landscape of club anthems. BEST OF 2012: Songs BEST OF 2012: Songs Songs – whether in the form of half-baked Soundclouds, majestic singles, freaky-deaky videos or sometimes even physical sculptures continued to rule the music world in 2012. The best? Well, that is ultimately up the listener – a role that has more options than ever. Here are the ones we will never forget from this year: Purity Ring - Obedear Hypnotic, ghoulish and tinged with the residue of southern rap, The Knife and experimental sampling, "Obedear" was irresistible and inescapable.

best of 2012 PLAYLIST: Feelin' All Y2K Again The 'Millennial' generation has been lauded as prematurely-nostalgic adult children that are fond of primitive Internet art, VHS tapes, photo filters and platform tennis shoes. Whether or not this is the case, we’ve grown-up and pirated all kinds of production software in order to flood the Internet with homages to those most beloved relics of our recent childhoods. Personally, I have zero qualms admitting that a not-insignificant (OK, so maybe some qualms) percentage of the tracks I consume on a daily basis are just remixes of songs I liked in middle school. But I’m an adult now, so más bass, por favor. This list is hardly exhaustive, but here are a few standout millennium-era remixes from 2012.

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