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Take a Look Inside VIA 57 West with Photographs by Danica O. Kus. LA FACTO®ÍA. 16 Detalles constructivos de aparejo de ladrillos. 16 Detalles constructivos de aparejo de ladrillos Las diferentes formas en que se disponen las piezas de mampuestos permiten configurar una diversidad de espacios habitables.

16 Detalles constructivos de aparejo de ladrillos

A partir del ingenio, el ladrillo ha proporcionado desde espacios exteriores, de forma más protegida, hasta entramados variables, que permiten el ingreso de la luz natural. A lo largo de la historia, tradicionalmente el aparejo de ladrillos constituyó algunas formas predeterminadas de disposición de piezas, como aparejo a sogas, a tizones o penderete. Edificios versus películas: comparando presupuestos de éxitos de taquilla con proyectos notables de arquitectura. Parametric Design for Brick Surfaces — Zwarts & Jansma Architects. Modern loft in old town of Quito - Departamentos en alquiler en Quito. One bedroom loft in Quito´s historic center with a magnificent view of the entire city and a big terrace.

Modern loft in old town of Quito - Departamentos en alquiler en Quito

Minimalist and modern, the loft is only a few years old with brand new amenities. A few hops away from the the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Basilica Church as well as La Ronda and a number of other sights and museums in Quito´s old town. The neighborhood has a friendly old-school feel to it and is safe and lighted. The apartment is in a secured building with parking. It has a large private terrace, living room with ample and comfortable seating, desk with ergonomic chair, library and movie stock, sound system, fully equipped kitchen, and washing/drying machine. Mario Vásconez: Ecuador 84: El terremoto de Manabí: constatación preliminar de errores técnico - constructivas que incrementaron la vulnerabilidad de las edificaciones ante el fenómeno sísmico. El sábado 16 de abril 2016 el Ecuador sufrió el impacto de un sismo de magnitud 7.8 en la escala de Richter que ha tenido devastadoras consecuencias sobre todo en las provincias de la costa: Esmeraldas, Los Ríos, Guayas y sobre todo Manabí.

Mario Vásconez: Ecuador 84: El terremoto de Manabí: constatación preliminar de errores técnico - constructivas que incrementaron la vulnerabilidad de las edificaciones ante el fenómeno sísmico.

El evento sísmico deja hasta el momento (4 días después de ocurrido) un saldo de 480 muertos, centenares de casas y edificaciones destruidas, 4065 heridos, 107 desaparecidos, infraestructuras destrozadas y centenares de familias damnificados.

Emergency shelter

How Facets are Changing the Face of Architecture. Facets have always been a part of architecture: the pyramids are simply primitive facets, while technically any typical facade, roof or planar surface can be called a facet.

How Facets are Changing the Face of Architecture

Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes blurred the lines between facade and roof, their facets akin to the sides of a soccer ball in which each plane has identical angles and similar intersections. Their consistent geometry and straightforward kit-of-parts-construction made the Fuller domes quick and easy to assemble. Developments in digital technology have destroyed any remaining regularity from Fuller's designs, and further obliterated the need to distinguish between roof and facade.

There is little need for classic geometry — each piece can be designed and constructed individually, as can all primary, secondary and tertiary structures, and the connections between elements. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection Image courtesy Zaha Hadid Architects Tower Studio by Saunders Architecture, Fogo Island, Canada.

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The Modern House Blog » HOUSE OF THE DAY. Creando experiencias. Work / Mir - Bergen, Norway. 12 Of The Coolest Offices In The World. Some offices can be boring and stifling, but definitely not these – we made a list of the coolest and most well-designed office spaces in the world.

12 Of The Coolest Offices In The World

Not all work spaces were created equal – some can reduce workers’ morale while others can keep them happy and inspire them to be more energetic and creative. For companies like Google, which require smart, creative and in-demand workers, such offices offer a competitive edge when trying to attract young and intelligent employees. [Read more...] There are many different ways to make an office cater to its workers. This Amazing Mirror Cabin Almost Seems See-Through.

This unique cabin nestled in Joshua Tree in California’s Mojave Desert is really something else.

This Amazing Mirror Cabin Almost Seems See-Through

Mirrors were added to the walls and windows to create the illusion that you can see right through the cabin, making it seem half transparent at times. An exploration of Paratonic Surfaces in Architecture. Rafael Viñoly's Walkie Talkie skyscraper "melts cars" News: Rafael Viñoly's Walkie Talkie skyscraper in London is reflecting a beam of light intense enough to melt cars, according to a series of recent reports.

Rafael Viñoly's Walkie Talkie skyscraper "melts cars"

Update: a CGI artist predicted the effect a year ago - read more in our latest story. Claims surfaced over the weekend that the glare from the curvaceous glass facade of the 37-storey tower - currently under construction at 20 Fenchurch Street - have caused vehicle paintwork to melt and bodywork to distort. Engineer Eddie Cannon, who parked his Vauxhall Vevaro beneath the building, told local newspaper City AM: "The van looks a total mess – every bit of plastic on the left hand side and everything on the dashboard has melted, including a bottle of Lucozade that looks like it has been baked.

" Tiling company director Martin Lindsay suffered a similar fate, claiming that the panels surrounding his Jaguar XJ had been warped. ReBlog. presents: Live Cinema Nights #3: WATCH AND DANCE Saturday, 24 February 2007 Free Entry, Doors at 21:00 In The month of February, continues the exploration of the live cinema form with two renowned performers from the UK: *spark and dr. mo.


These two artists have defined and participate in pushing the envelope in the live performance of audio visual entertainment both in the UK, and worldwide, performing to ecstatic audiences at acclaimed festivals such as The Big Chill and Burning Man. Live Cinema Nights provide an environment to watch, dance, and communicate, where ground breaking examples of live visual art are combined with accessible music genres, and provides a platform for national and international artists to explore new forms of visual communication and entertainment. present: WATCH AND DANCE. TU Delft: Research Projects. A.

TU Delft: Research Projects

Real-time interactive spaces: MUSCLE Prototypes This research and prototyping initiative is specifically aimed at developing real-time interactive architecture which allow for multiple usability via adaptation of their spatial constituents. The prototypes (Fig. 01) are visualized as complex adaptive systems, continually engaged in activities of data-exchange and optimal augmentation of their spatial and ambient components in accordance with contextual variations. Tactile variations of static but flexible spatial skins by means of pneumatic compression and the skin’s own material properties are used as the underlying principle for attaining spatial augmentations.

In order for the proposed tactile variations, to attain a meaningful substantiation, materializing an intuitive interactive behaviour towards the occupants of these spatial prototypes becomes quintessential. Books. Socializarq. Seven Firms Short-Listed for Mexico City Airport Expansion It’s a battle of the starchitects in Mexico City—and the Brits are leading the pack.


Out of the seven finalists short-listed to design an expansion for the capital city’s airport, Benito Juarez International, four hail from the UK: Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, and Pascall+Watson. Star Place Facade. Glass solar shading for facades - FINS - Levolux. Dynamic in their distinctive architectural aesthetics, Levolux glass fins provide an extremely efficient external solarshading system which offers all the advantages of a conventional brise-soleil in controlling solar heat gain and glare while allowing the occupants of the building a greater view to the outside. A huge level of design flexibility is possible and co-ordination with the building’s external façade may be achieved through the use of glass which can be coloured, silk screened, etched or has other surface finishes or coatings tailored to specific design requirements. Glass fins are ideally suited to the modern low energy building and can be installed in vertical, horizontal or angled situations and may be either fixed or adjustable to allow precise control of the building’s internal environment.

Total Design Freedom The full potential of glass fins may be explored since Levolux offers bespoke systems with total design freedom. MINT-Toy Museum. 140.jpg (768×1163) FRAC Marseille by Kengo Kuma and Associates. A contemporary art centre with a chequered glass facade by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is the latest in a string of cultural buildings to complete this year in Marseille. European Central Bank (ECB) - Coop Himmelb(l)au. Francesc Rius > Viviendas en Coll del Portell. 1971. Fuente: Barcelona 1929-1994: Guía de Arquitectura, ed. Gustavo Gili, p.102 | Arquitectura de Barcelona, Demarcació de Barcelona del Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya, p.574 Fotografía: Stefano Carlo Ascione. Establo de Ovejas – 70F Architecture – Holanda. ¿Cómo diseñar su cocina? Protagónica en todo hogar moderno, la cocina debe ser bonita y acogedora, pero especialmente cómoda, práctica y funcional. A la hora de plantearse su diseño considere estos aspectos, basados en la experiencia de los especialistas.

Jennifer K. Gorsche. Tweet Elastic deformation of the pavilion's glass-fiber reinforced plastic lamellas gives its facade movement (Soma) A 34,000-square-foot kinetic media facade represents the themes of Korea’s international exhibition Opened last month in the coastal city of Yeosu, South Korea, the 2012 International Exhibition’s theme, “The Living Ocean and Coast,” is a way for attendees to examine challenges and solutions to development on oceans and coastlines.

CIC energiGUNE cooperative research centre. ARCHitectural Shots. 3d render abstract graffiti modern totem sculpture render. O P E N S Y S T E M S. Crónicas de vario lugar. Zuellig Building / SOM Zuellig Building / SOM (4) – ArchDaily. Using digital tools as a catalyst for better and more sustainable design. Architectural inspiration. CMA CGM Headquarters by Zaha Hadid photographed by Hufton+Crow. Zaha Hadid's 142-metre tower for French shipping company CMA CGM in Marseille is documented in these new images by London photographers Hufton + Crow (+ slideshow). The 33-storey structure, which was completed in 2011, is currently the tallest building in the city and features a glazed facade with a seam of tinted glass running up through its centre. The darkened glass tapers outwards at the top, creating the illusion of swelling upper storeys although the building actually has a rectilinear body that only curves outwards at its base.

Located within Marseille's 480-hectare Euroméditerranée development zone in the north of the city, the CMA CGM Headquarters functions as the primary offices for the transportation company, bringing together over 2400 employees that had previously been located on seven different sites.

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