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Hágalo Usted Mismo - ¿Cómo hacer un perchero mural? Architecture for Dogs. Tecnicas y texturas en dibujo arquitectonico. Drawing for Landscape Architects by DETAIL. Due to unexpected influx of sales since 5th September, we apologise if there is a delay on shipping of these items.

Update 25/9/2015 – THESE ARE CURRENTLY ON ”PRE ORDER” STATUS – We expect stock to be arriving by mid/late OCTOBER 2015 Update 08/10/2015 – All orders made up until this date will be shipped within the next 1-2 weeks – Any orders made after this date will be on pre order status once more and most likely shipping in NOVEMBER – please read and make sure you are OK with this before buying! We will have stock of this item in Australia and in the USA, and will ship from their respective locations based on what is closest to you.

When we first launched 3Doodler we asked the world to imagine a pen that you could literally lift off the page to create real three dimensional objects; a pen that put the power of a 3D printer in the palm of your hand. Compact and easy to use, the 3Doodler extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure. . ×1 Cleaning Tool. Tales of a Monkey, a Bit, and a Bean: The Coolest Cardboard House EVER! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we (meaning "Brien", of course--although I did help a little...) made the girls a cardboard house this weekend.

Tales of a Monkey, a Bit, and a Bean: The Coolest Cardboard House EVER!

As I also mentioned, we had piles of cardboard lying around, having been saved from our IKEA entertainment center. I think the plan had been to build a house using rectangles and squares, but nothing had been set in stone. And then, having tucked the cardboard into the guest room, we rather forgot about it until we had guests last week. Oops! As fate would have it, just as B was needing to get a plan together, he received his daily Instrcutables email and included was a model of a house similar to this.

The original instructable can be found here, and the calculator Brien used is here. He used his big ol' brain (seriously, that is one smart melon that boy has!) I know it's hard to see, but there are loads of triangles on this piece of cardboard (and a couple more just like it). Do you have any idea how hard it is to cut cardboard? The "inside". HomeMade Modern. Conceptuals — L.N.P. Designs. CONTENEDORES. Food PLace on Behance. 20-Foot Shipping Container Floor Plan Brainstorm - Tiny House Living. Arquitectura de Casas: Conceptos, sistemas, y modelos de casas modulares.

ARQ HD. ARQ HD. Publicaciones del vendedor. Lote De 30 Autos Para Maqueta Escala 1:100 1:75 1:87 - $ 115,00 en MercadoLibre. Filtrado por Productos Destacados. Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Origamic Architecture Pencil Holder. I received a query about this origamic architecture pencil holder from a reader who was hoping to find a pattern.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting: Origamic Architecture Pencil Holder

The design is by IKO, who used to have a site at Pop-Up posted a selection of designs from the site earlier this year, and then the kamixkaze site disappeared. Well, I didn't have the pattern, but I thought I could figure it out. It's not completely, exactly perfect. My stairs are a little different, and I left out the windows.

(See improved version, with windows, here.) Print the pattern on the wrong side of the paper. I printed out only the top half of the design on a piece of 8.5" x 11" card stock. To assemble, cut and fold the pencil holder (top) part and glue it to the backing circle. If you don't even know how to start with this kind of pattern, my best suggestion is to get your hands on one of these books. For online help, try Baud and Bui. PAPERMAU: architecture. This is the Old Stone House With Well, a new paper model project that will be posted to download until the end of this week.

PAPERMAU: architecture

This model is a bit different from the others I have posted on the blog, because it is more detailed. The doors and windows will be separated, to add depth and a little more realism to the model. How it is a model still in development, ideas to increase it will be very welcome. You can write here at the comments or send an email.More soon. Esta é a Velha Casa de Pedra com Poço, um novo projeto que deverá ser postado para download até o final desta semana. More Papermau Next Projects related posts: Old House In Olaria Paper Model - by Papermau - Next Project Medieval Dock Paper Model - by Papermau - Some Advances. Hall Edward T - La Dimension Oculta.PDF. Las 23 películas que todo arquitecto debe ver. 6- Archiculture (2011) – Estados Unidos Archiculture es un documental que analiza los puntos fuertes y los peligros de la enseñanza de la arquitectura.

Las 23 películas que todo arquitecto debe ver

Suscríbase a nuestras listas de correo. How to Architect. 10 Websites imperdibles para Arquitectos. Para todo arquitecto y estudiante de arquitectura, la investigación y la ampliación de conocimientos es, definitivamente, un deber ser.

10 Websites imperdibles para Arquitectos

Las limitaciones de geográficas y/o económicas hacen de la web el recurso principal para llevar esta tarea a cabo, pero en esta “Era de la Información” solemos caer en el abismo de tener demasiada información a la mano, y no saber por donde comenzar. Para hacer un poco más ligera esta extensa búsqueda, coloco a continuación un resumen de los que son -en mi humilde opinion- websites de referencia obligada para arquitectos y estudiantes de arquitectura. Con formato y diseño sencillo, pero repleto de información gráfica y técnica, este sitio sin duda hace gala a su nombre, presentando actualizaciones diarias de lo mejor de la arquitectura mundial, concursos, proyectos en construcción, clásicos de la arquitectura, y su ya famoso concurso Building of the Year. Arch Daily @ArchDaily Plataforma Arquitectura @PArq