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Indiegogo. July 5, 2014: We just added an update!


We are withing $100,000 of the record! Check the Update tab for more info. Rooster Teeth needs your help to make a feature! The lovable and undeniably good looking team from Rooster Teeth Productions is making their first ever feature length movie, Lazer Team. That's right, the online video sensations behind: Red vs Blue, the web's longest running series Achievement Hunter, a group of charismatic gaming scamps The RT Podcast, focusing on current events and accurate scienceRWBY, the world's newest anime sensation are going bigger and better than ever before with their first full length theatrical production. In the late 1970's, the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence project received a one time signal from outer space. We are not alone.The galaxy is a dangerous place.Our story is live action sci-fi comedy that takes place decades later in the aftermath of this event.

Bigger and better visual effects. We know. We have added a Challenge Coin Perk. APOCCAS heirloom scarves, handmade virtuously. Forge 54 Marketing Weekend For Playworks SoCal. Amazing work from everyone involved - you can check out what the team accomplished this year at Also if you are in the Orange County area and supported our campaign please come out to see all the work in person on October 30th!

Forge 54 Marketing Weekend For Playworks SoCal

- Details of the event and RSVP HERE Forge 54 is a nonprofit organization that hosts a 54 hour weekend-long marketing event where advertisers, designers, developers, creatives, marketing professionals and students donate their time and talents to help a nonprofit. These volunteers collaborate to create commercials, websites, mobile apps, social media packages and more. All of these services are 100% free of charge for the nonprofit. This year our team has partnered with Playworks SoCal, an organization that creates a healthy, playful environment for elementary school children.

Save My Eye. Alter Ego part 2: pick a color and hydrate the world! A personal water filter bottle that is STYLISH, HI-TECH and COMPASSIONATE.

Alter Ego part 2: pick a color and hydrate the world!

This is the second part of our successful campaign to bring this baby to market. Version Française >>> Campaign Update Thanks to a wonderful collective effort we reached and exceeded our goals for both phase I and phase II of our Alter Ego crowd funding campaign on and we successfully raised nearly $90 000 to make this project a reality! And thanks to your enthusiasm in supporting the Alter Ego project's genesis, more than 600 people who will have access to safe drinking water for life!

This means that we are on the way to produce and market the Alter Ego duo to help hundreds and even thousands of people to get access to clean water in Guatemala and around the world! FEEL FLUX. Flux is a brand new physics toy that amazes you with an unbelievable anti-gravity effect!


The science | Design | Which one is You? | Tricks | Leather designs | The ball | Why Indiegogo? | Shipping | Perks detailed | FAQ We are super excited to announce that we have finally released the Magnet Shield as a new perk on our Indiegogo campaign page. This cast iron case will help you hold your neodymium ball while protecting your hard drives, mechanical watches, bank cards, etc. from the strong magnetic field. If you have already pre-ordered your set of FLUX, choose the new perk and we will ship all items in the same package. Please note that the look of the final product might slightly differ from the rendered image due to manufacturing reasons.

Video Game High School - VGHS Season 3. The FINAL SEASON of the critically-acclaimed webseries about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect headshot.

Video Game High School - VGHS Season 3

If you need to change anything at all to your pledge or have any questions, please email: INDIEGOGO@ROCKETJUMP.COM and we'll address your needs asap! Q: I couldn't enter my data for which perks / gamertag / preferences for my tier! A: We will be sending out post-campaign SURVEYS by email once the campaign has ended. You'll be able to tell us what you want to select for your perks, your gamertag, as well as give you the chance to ask a question if you are confused about your donation level.

Q: What is included in which tier?! For all items $75 and UNDER, add $10 to your order.For all items $100 and OVER, add $20 to your order.Q: How do the standalone tiers work? Q: What if I don't want my lower tier and just the standalone now? Scanadu Scout. A scanner packed with sensors designed to read your vital signs and send them wirelessly to your smartphone in a few seconds, any time, anywhere.

Scanadu Scout

The Scanadu Scout™ has not been cleared or approved by FDA. The following content is Scanadu's vision of the final design that will be subject to FDA clearance prior to marketing. As a contributor to this Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, you are supporting Scanadu’s intent to develop the first Medical Tricorder®. FAQ about shipment Our campaign is over but click here for future updates. In the Press: