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Pearltrees : la bibliothèque aux 100 milles curateurs

Pearltrees : la bibliothèque aux 100 milles curateurs

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Product Strategy Means Saying No If you’re building a product, you have to be great at saying No. Not ‘maybe’ or ‘later’. The only word is No. Pearltrees: 3 years and €8.5 million later, there's finally talk of a business model In Europe, as many of you may already know, people tend to talk about business models much earlier in the game than they do in the US. In fact, it’s a widely-held belief that European investors don’t tend to invest in companies that aren’t generating cash (which many believe explains the French VCs’ love for e-commerce). While US companies like Instagram, Pinterest, Quora and the likes are busy amassing millions upon millions of non-paying users prior to even talking about their business models (oh wait, Pinterest actually does make money?)

Education Archive download counts of collections of items updates and fixes Every month, we look over the total download counts for all public items at We sum item counts into their collections. At year end 2014, we found various source reliability issues, as well as overcounting for “top collections” and … Continue reading

Keeping your Mac locked down: a Mac OS X security primer: Page 1 Apple's approach to security can be a little bewildering at times. It's a well-trumpeted aspect of the OS, marketed in detail on the website. Mac OS X has integrated smartcard support and Apple has certified the OS under the Common Criteria guidelines; a section of Apple's developer site is devoted to the subject of security. At the same time, Apple didn't offer cryptographically signed software updates until its hand was forced in July 2002. The company is notorious for boiling down release notes for software updates to "provides bug fixes and security updates" (although the separate mailings posted to the security-announce list do tend to offer a little more detail). While other Unix distributions tend to patch holes in open-source code relatively quickly, Apple sometimes delays rolling out a security fix in the open-source components of Mac OS X for months or even years.

PAD_0 : PT pas content Connected. This pad seems to be opened in more than one browser window on this computer. Reconnect to use this window instead. Your permissions have changed while viewing this page. Try to reconnect. There are communication problems with the synchronization server. When is the social curation bubble going to burst? You just can’t move for social curation services right now. The biggest noise might be coming from Pinterest, which is growing like a weed — but whether it’s the new-look Delicious, Switzerland’s Paperli, shopping curation site Svpply, image service Mlkshk or another site, the fact is that almost everybody seems to want to help you save and sort and share the things you find on the web right now. With this swirl of activity, then, it’s no surprise to hear that Parisian service Pearltrees — slogan “collect, organize, discover” — has just raised another $6 million of funding, led by local conglomerate Groupe Accueil. The company, which has been running in public since 2009, welcomed the injection of funds as a way to help expand and scale up its system for bookmarking and organizing, which is based around a clustered visual interface. And it needs that scale.

Nick's Picks for Educational Technology: Pearltrees - Organize and Share Digital Resources Posted March 13, 2015 by Nick LaFave under Sharing Content Pearltrees has always been much more than a social book marking tool — it allows users to collaboratively gather websites, photos, and notes and organize them into visually appealing collections (similar to folders).

How to Stop Facebook from Sharing Your Information With Third Parties I went through each individual application on my FB and, much to my surprise, Gawker Media apps were by far the worst offenders when it comes to privacy violations. The Gawker apps access far more information than any other application on my list, about both me and my friends. Worse, unlike any other application, it actually DID access my information. All of the following are required to use Gawker Media apps on Facebook: Access my basic information Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I've shared with everyone.

i doubt they need anyone to pay for this anymore. a drastic change like this can only logically indicate to rational thinkers that their dirt cheap funds have already been deposited in each respective account. by aroman Jun 8

Exactly. A Pintrist, type interface encourages people to post more commercial things, such as crafts and home interior products. Such products are easier to direct targeted advertising towards than academic oriented mind maps. However, the difference is that people pay for the service now. Will people pay to use a Pintrist like service when a Pintrist like service already exists? by s243a Jun 8

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