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Canal Educatif à la Demande, le premier site collaboratif de vidéos éducatives et culturelles pour les sciences, l'économie et les arts

Canal Educatif à la Demande, le premier site collaboratif de vidéos éducatives et culturelles pour les sciences, l'économie et les arts

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What We Learned in the Rainforest: Business Lessons from Nature : Innovation ... - Tachi Kiuchi, William K. Shireman Future 500: What We Learned in the Rainforest - Business Lessons ...In What We Learned in the Rainforest - Business Lessons from Nature, we tell the story of how companies create value, using the same principles that drive ReferencesREVIEWS. 266. Journal of Industrial Ecology. to improve social outcomes), it is doubtful that. this addition to knowledge is yet, or ever will be, Plus The 23 Best Game-Based Education Resources for 2014 Edudemic has covered game-based learning and gamification in the classroom on numerous occasions in the past. When learning becomes a game, it’s an enjoyable, effective experience for students and teachers alike. We’ve curated 23 of the best game-based education resources for 2014. If your class hasn’t gotten its game on yet, then now is the time. Understanding Game-Based Education Image via Flickr

Resume/CV + Cover Letter = Headache ? With the “calling card” format, you can also decline your CV in a more minimalist form: the mini-cv. Advocated for direct meetings with potential employers, such as during a job fair or when prospecting directly, the mini-CV is an additional tool for your job search. Having, with you, at all times a dozen of small size mini-cv gives you the possibility to distribute them when any opportunity presents itself, especially unexpectedly. With pico-cv, do not miss any opportunity. In the “card” format, your mini-cv includes, in a condensed form, your contact information and a summary of the proposed function as well as skills.

LifeWeb: The Writings of Elisabet Sahtouris After Darwin - Reuniting Spirituality with Science in Order to Form a New World View, (new - 8/03)HTML, PDF, ASCII text formats Vistas - Evolving Our Beliefs to Evolve Our Lives (new - 2/04)HTML, PDF, ASCII text formats Discovering the Living Universe - Scientific Spirituality for a Global Family (new - 12/03)HTML, PDF, ASCII text formats A Tentative Model for a Living UniversePart OnePart Two Skills for the Age of Sustainability: An Unprecedented Time of Opportunity HTML, PDF, ASCII text formats Issues of Human Evolution into Global Community (2/02)HTML, PDF, ASCII text formats

Video: Why Everyone at Your Company Should Speak (a Little) English Why Everyone at Your Company Should Speak (a Little) English Tuesday, May 1, 2012 Tsedal Neeley, Harvard Business School assistant professor, explains why every company needs a language strategy. Read her article, "Global Business Speaks English." Copyright © 2014 Harvard Business School Publishing. All rights reserved. LifeWeb:Book - EARTHDANCE: Living Systems in Evolution Dancing is surely the most basic and relevant of all forms of expression. Nothing else can so effectively give outward form to an inner experience. Poetry and music exist in time. Painting and architecture are a part of space But only the dance lives at once in both space and time In it the creator and the thing created, the artist and the expression, are one. Each participant is completely in the other.

Free lectures on permaculture (Permaculture Media Blog) Free lectures on permaculture (Permaculture Media Blog) Read at : Introduction to Permaculture – 40 hours of Free video lectures This course will explore, through lectures, discussions, field trips, and required projects, a design/thinking methodology that seeks to profide for our physical needs, food, water, shelter, energy, etc., while doing so in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner. (continued)

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