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5 Books to Read This Month and How to Read More Books August is here and I am sure most of you are already in vacation mode. Therefore, I decided to dedicate the first article of this month to one of my favorite activities – reading. I thought that because August usually suggests a somewhat excess of free time, a great way to take advantage of that fact is to invest in this extremely beneficial activity. Below are 5 books I read recently that I really enjoyed. 6 Books You Probably Don’t Know About That Will Keep Your Attention Until The Very Last Page – Collective Evolution Reading is incredible. It sparks our imaginations, enhances our critical thinking skills, improves our vocabulary, exercises our brain, and much more. While our love for reading in general will never die, it does seem that, these days, its popularity has waned significantly. Many kids today, and plenty of adults too, can’t seem to wrap their heads around sitting and doing ‘nothing’ for any extended amount of time when they could instead experience new and intense sensory information every few seconds instead. You’d be hard-pressed to find a child (or teen) that won’t throw a fit the moment you take their cell phone or iPad away from them, and it’s not illogical to wonder if children today are even using their brains; surely the constant TV watching and time spent on social media doesn’t challenge their minds in the way that a book can. Whether you’re an adult or a child, reading is definitely a good idea; the key is to find something that interests you.

The Economist 2017 Desk Diary – The Economist Store ** Please Note: This item is currently available for pre-order only ** ** Item will be shipping out early September 2016. Reserve Yours Today!!! ** A diary that's as informative and interesting as The Economist BOOKS So Good They Can't Ignore You - by Cal Newport Date read: 2012-10-07. How strongly I recommend it: 10/10 Shockingly smart thoughts about your career. A MUST-READ for anyone who is not loving their work, wanting to quit their job, and follow their passion, or not sure what to do next. I'm recommending this many times a week to people who email me with these kinds of questions. The Great Courses : Courses Acceptance of Terms and Conditions Welcome to The Great Courses. The following Terms and Conditions, which include our Privacy Policy, apply when you view or use the web site and all websites associated with the domain (our “Site”), whether as a guest or as a registered user. These Terms and Conditions also govern the supply of any of the products listed on our Site to you, including all features and functionalities, instant streaming, our website and user interfaces, and all content associated therewith (the “Products and Services”).

Book Reviews - Ryan Stephens Marketing Shane Parrish, has a fairly simple objective for his life: I want to go to bed each night smarter than when I woke up. I also want to live a meaningful life and become a better person. And how do you do that? Read. A lot. The 8 Best Books of 2015 2015 is soon coming to an end and it is time to review my 8 favorite books of the year. I read almost 24 books this year, most of them published in 2015 but there are 8 that definitely stood out and are worth mentioning. As you can imagine most of them fall into the non-fiction category because of their educational narrative.

Book Cures for Recovering from the 2016 Election No matter which candidates you supported — either grudgingly or enthusiastically — in the past few months, we can all admit that this election season has been brutal. While some of you were rooting for a giant meteor strike to take us out of our misery, or wishing the option to move to Mars would come a bit sooner, we’re all still here and most of us are in need of some serious escapism. If you’re looking to abandon the real world for a couple of hours, here are my recommendations (meteors and trips to Mars, optional). Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson.