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D*I*Y Planner

D*I*Y Planner
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Dashboard Everything Dear Sweet Puddin'head | Not Just Cute I’ve been working on some pretty comprehensive posts lately, so I decided it was time for some fluff. LITERALLY. I give to you, one of the simplest and most versatile recipes in my repertoire, Puddin’head. This tasty stuff results from the combination of pudding and whipped topping. We’ve used it for quite some time in our house, as a frosting spread on cakes and piped onto cupcakes, a substitute for plain Cool Whip in desserts like this chocolate trifle, a hot chocolate topping, or a tasty filling in crepes or on waffles along with some fruit. This recipe is so simple, your little ones will love to help you out with it, and will likely volunteer to lick the spoon as well. After sharing this recipe with people they usually ask what sizes to use. As I said, tweaking is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. One puddin’head use I really love this time of year is as a filling for ice cream sandwiches. So kick back, relax, and add some fluff to your day!

How To Make A Mighty Wallet (Plus Template) Watch the video from YouTube This Is How To Make A Mighty Wallet Very Roughly The Measurements Are Exactly The Same As Dyno Does ItTemplate: howtomakeamightywallet(plustemplate) Share Video Permalink: Embed Code: <a href="/ To Make A Mighty Wallet (Plus Template)</a><br><br><object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=" Tyvek Origami: Ultimate Wallet Tags: Tyvek Origami: Ultimate Wallet Fold an awesome wallet from a sheet of paper (15.5 in x 13 in). D.I.Y. Tags: D.I.Y. How To Make A Tyvek wallet Tags: How To Make A Tyvek wallet If you make one I would to see it as a video response :)Tyvek wallet PDF can buy the mighty wallet for watching Making a Horween Shell Cordovan Wallet ANTICRISIS.

GQueues Life in the Green House: date night in a jar <div class="statcounter"><a title="web analytics" href="<a pearltreesdevid="PTD12717" rel="nofollow" href=" class="vglnk"><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12718">https</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12720">://</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12722">statcounter</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12724">.</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12726">com</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12728">/</span></a>"><img class="statcounter" src="<a pearltreesdevid="PTD12731" rel="nofollow" href=" class="vglnk"><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12732">https</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12734">://</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12736">c</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12738">.</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12740">statcounter</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD12742">.

14 Magnificent Men’s Wallet Designers Men’s wallets can sometimes be painfully dull and every few years you get the same boring black leather wallet that just doesn’t reflect your style or sense of adventure. Try something different and treat yourself to a magnificent men’s wallet from some of the coolest wallet designers ever. Timo Wallets If you’ve been wanting to ditch your old-fashioned leather wallet and replace it with something modern and eco-friendly then you’ll want to check out Timo Wallets. Dynomighty Designs – Mighty Wallets We’ve seen some cool DIY Tyvek mail envelope wallets, but nothing like the Might Wallets from Dynomigty. Resist Today Wallets Resist Today Wallets feature amazing artwork, much of which draw themes from nature and the human body. Dosh Wallets In Australia they don’t call it cash, they call it dosh. Black Crow Wallets Who says records aren’t as compact and convenient as MP3s? MAKR wallets db clay Wallets Ducti Wallets Ducti took the idea of a homemade duct tape wallet and turned it into an art form.

Surmonter ces tâches inachevées Les tâches inachevées nous polluent l’existence en permanence en occupant notre esprit de manière consciente ou inconsciente. On se fixe régulièrement de petites tâches qu’on prévoit de réaliser au cours de la journée ou de la semaine, pour lesquelles on ne trouve pas le temps nécessaire et qu’on remet systématiquement au jour suivant ou à la semaine suivante. Parfois on finit par remettre au lendemain tellement de tâches prévues qu’on à l’impression de ne plus avoir de temps pour soi et de ne pas avancer dans ses projets ou même dans la vie d’une manière plus large. Combien de listes de tâches traînent sur votre bureau, dans vos tiroirs ou dans votre agenda ? Combien de projets personnels occupent votre esprit et vous frustrent lorsque vous vous rendez compte que ces projets traînent depuis des mois, voir des années ? Même à l’échelle d’une journée, on se laisse bien trop souvent envahir par ces tâches inachevées: 4) Ne surtout pas chercher la perfection ou le détail.

The Diversion Project No Idea Left Behind: 25 Tools for Capturing Ideas Anywhere As a serial entrepreneur, I’m addicted to ideas. I feed off of ’em. And nothing makes me more upset than having a great idea… and losing it. Ideas never happen at opportune times, and having the proper idea capture tools can make sure that you’ll capture all your ideas for later processing. The problem with ideas is that they’re situational. You don’t only have ideas while you’re in front of the computer, or walking your dog. In order to capture every single little idea that we have, we’ll need to take a multi-pronged approach to capturing the little bits of genius that we have throughout our day. I should note that we’re not talking about complex systems like mind mapping and other GTD systems. Analog Idea Capture Analog idea capturing is the oldest and one of the most useful forms of idea capture. Hipster PDA. Pocket Briefcase. Moleskine. Rite in the Rain notepad Rite in the Rain. Write boards. Sticky notes. Mac Software Quicksilver appending to text file. Quicksilver. OmniFocus. Jott.