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Get Organized

Get Organized
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How I Am Productive I like to think that I get a lot of stuff done. Other people have noticed this and asked me how I'm so productive. This essay is where I try and "share my secrets", so to speak. The real secret is that, in the past, I wasn't nearly as productive. Hopefully these systems will work for you. So what are the systems? Organize The first step to being productive is to be organized and remember things without memorizing them. The Most Important Rule: Write Things Down If you only take away one system from one category, I want it to be this one. I've found in my life that stress has come in surprising part from trying to keep everything in my head. I've also found in my life that I constantly think I'll remember something and it's not worth writing down. How do you do this? However, don't shy away from the good old pen and paper if it gets the job done. Keep Track of Events: The Calendar A common mistake I see people make is to rely on Facebook events to keep track of their events. Prioritize Do

CLEAN MAMA How To Be Productive and Get Things Done Using GTD Do you need more time to do the things that you enjoy? Of course, you do. For geeks there are tons of technical projects to mess with, but we don’t have enough time. Over the years, I’ve tried few time management and productivity systems. Few years back, I came across David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD), immediately it just felt right for my working style and thinking. GTD is not about telling you what software or tools to use to become productive. Why GTD for You? You won’t like any system that tells you to do things exactly as explained in that system. Getting Things Done (GTD) is a productivity framework. Overview of GTD According to David Allen, everything that needs your attention are called “Stuff”. 1. You are always collecting stuff. Office email in-boxPersonal email in-boxPhysical in-box at officePhysical in-box at home. The amount of things that goes into the in-boxes doesn’t bother me anymore, as I don’t process them as it shows up. 2. Office Email: Three times a day. 3. 4.

See Jane Work | Pulling It Together 50 Productive Things To Do to Organize Your Life by Ramesh Natarajan on November 9, 2011 Learning and exploring Linux and open source technologies requires lot of free time in hand. The best way to get free time is to eliminate unnecessary things from your life, and try to organize your life. Even if you adapt handful of ideas from this list, you’ve taken a huge step towards organizing your life and being productive. Organize your schedule using Google Calendar. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like..

Frugal and Thriving - An Australian site about frugal living, saving money, money management, sustainable living and thriving on less. How to Budget Your Money: The 50/20/30 Guideline When it comes to money, there’s certainly no shortage of ways for us to spend it—food, rent, retirement accounts, a down payment on a house, gym memberships, gifts … you get the picture. In fact, it’s why LearnVest Planners are often asked one key question: “So where should my money be going?” When it really comes down to it, the answer is different for everyone. So what’s a budget-perplexed person to do? Whether you’re a parent with two kids or a recent college grad working your first job, this 50/20/30 guideline can help you not only figure out how much you may want to allocate to each area every month; it can also help you determine the order in which your money can be allocated. 50/20/30 Broken Down The 50/20/30 guideline can be easy to follow because instead of telling you how to break down your budget across 20 or more different categories (who could possibly keep track of that?) 1. Tip: If you’re trying to make more room in your budget, fixed costs can be a great place to trim. 2.

Angela Says: A Cleaning Blog How to Set Goals... That You'll Actually Accomplish! {with FREE Printable Goal Worksheet} - Just a Girl and Her Blog ‘Tis the season for goal setting, right? We hear lots of talk about goals and resolutions at this time of year and it absolutely makes me giddy because goals may just be my favorite thing ever in life. {Other than Jesus. And my husband. And the Cs. As I have mentioned many, many times on this blog, I love goals so much because I believe they work. {FREE printable download at the end of the post!} This year I decided that even before I started thinking about goals, I would define my priorities. So this year, after I had set my list of priorities, I decided to simplify. Once I listed my goals and baby steps, I gave each goal block a space to set a deadline so I would have something to shoot toward, and I also included a little box at the top to give myself a little pep talk and pump myself up for the year. And speaking of my filled out worksheet, here are the priorities and goals I decided on for 2015: Priorities: Goals: Goal 1- Have a daily quiet time. } To achieve this goal I will…

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