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Day One

Day One

Springpad Get inspired. Get organized. Get more done. Get Started Get Started Get the App Get the App projects Choix de la langue : GeekTool 3.1.1 GeekTool est une application pour Mac OS 10.6+ qui permet d'afficher sur votre bureau toute sorte d'informations, grâce à 3 modules fournis : Le mode Fichier permet de surveiller l'activité de MacOS X via /var/log/system.log par exemple, ou tout autre fichier dont ous souhaitez suivre l'évolution. FlipGorilla. Créer un flipbook en ligne FlipGorilla est un service en ligne qui permet de créer un flipbook très facilement. Un livre virtuel que vos lecteurs vont pouvoir feuilleter comme un vrai. Il existe de nombreux services qui vous permettent de créer et de mettre en ligne ainsi des magazines ou des livres virtuels que l’on feuillette du bout de la souris.

Badiner Bytes & Tech Tidbits: Create Animated GIFs with Google Photos They are everywhere...GIFs...those animated pictures we all love. They tell stories, make us laugh with jokes, and allow the sharing of multiple images in one frame. They are great to use in documents, slides, email, and social media but how can you easily make them? There are apps and tools that you can use, but there is also an easy way already built into your Google Account. Making basic GIFS is as easy 1, 2,3 using Google Photos. Follow the steps below and get GIFing! Skloog

Apps - Hotkey EVE - Learn Your Mac Shortcuts Add GUI support for any App The powerful new plugin system allows you to download GUI mappings for a lot of Apps. Just use the new Apps window: Help EVE by submitting a mapping Are you missing GUI support for an App? Transmit - The ultimate Mac OS X FTP + SFTP + S3 app How do you make Transmit 4 the best ever? 45+ new features, up to 25x speed, and one more thing… You need to transfer files. unDock- The Ultimate Eject Utility

Keyboard Maestro 6.0: Work Faster with Macros for Mac OS X