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Books to help you answer big questions about yourself. Why in the world did I do that?

Books to help you answer big questions about yourself

How can I do better? Chances are you’ve asked yourself these questions at least once today. To understand how your mind works and how you can improve your decision-making, explore these six psychology and behavioral economics books, each one recommended by a TED Talks speaker. Why did I do that? “Edward L. . — Dan Pink, business writer (TED Talk: The puzzle of motivation)See more of Dan Pink’s favorite books. What should I do to be happier? Book Cures for Recovering from the 2016 Election. No matter which candidates you supported — either grudgingly or enthusiastically — in the past few months, we can all admit that this election season has been brutal.

Book Cures for Recovering from the 2016 Election

While some of you were rooting for a giant meteor strike to take us out of our misery, or wishing the option to move to Mars would come a bit sooner, we’re all still here and most of us are in need of some serious escapism. If you’re looking to abandon the real world for a couple of hours, here are my recommendations (meteors and trips to Mars, optional). Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. Right now, we all need a good laugh and this book is filled with hundreds of them, just waiting for you. I read The Blogess’s blog well before this book was published and she has a way of making me laugh until it hurts.Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M.

Since everyone escapes a bit differently, I also asked for recommendations on social media. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Harry Potter by J.K. The Martian by Andy Weir. The Great Courses : Courses. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions Welcome to The Great Courses.

The Great Courses : Courses

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SparkNotes Mobile Web Home. Blinkist: Serving curious minds. PhilosophersNotes. The 10 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books of 2016 So Far – Page 10. 6 Books You Probably Don’t Know About That Will Keep Your Attention Until The Very Last Page – Collective Evolution. Reading is incredible.

6 Books You Probably Don’t Know About That Will Keep Your Attention Until The Very Last Page – Collective Evolution

It sparks our imaginations, enhances our critical thinking skills, improves our vocabulary, exercises our brain, and much more. While our love for reading in general will never die, it does seem that, these days, its popularity has waned significantly. Many kids today, and plenty of adults too, can’t seem to wrap their heads around sitting and doing ‘nothing’ for any extended amount of time when they could instead experience new and intense sensory information every few seconds instead. You’d be hard-pressed to find a child (or teen) that won’t throw a fit the moment you take their cell phone or iPad away from them, and it’s not illogical to wonder if children today are even using their brains; surely the constant TV watching and time spent on social media doesn’t challenge their minds in the way that a book can.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, reading is definitely a good idea; the key is to find something that interests you. “As with Dr. Manly P. Gary E. The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is a compendium of invented words written by John Koenig.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Each original definition aims to fill a hole in the language—to give a name to emotions we all might experience but don’t yet have a word for. Email the author at Watch the YouTube Series, with new episodes every other Sunday. Describe an emotion you need a word for here on tumblr. Or just follow along on twitter. Follow on facebook, to learn the etymologies and backstory behind each new definition. 30 Business Books to Read Before You're 30. There are over a million business books listed on and a few of them are actually worth reading!

30 Business Books to Read Before You're 30

Among those few are 30 books that build the foundation for success, whether you're working for yourself or somebody else. Note: After much thought, I excluded the following three genres from this list: Biographies. Delving into the personal lives of celebrated businessfolk (e.g., Steve Jobs) is usually just gossip writ large. Case Studies. Regular readers of this column will see many books below that I've recommended in the past. The most important person in your business life is yourself. 1. Author: James Allen. 30-business-books-to-read-before-you-re-30. 7 Cool Books That Bill Gates Loves. A few hours ago, Bill Gates blogged his suggestions for summer reading.

7 Cool Books That Bill Gates Loves

His previous year's suggestions were somewhat weighty tomes, but this year, he's suggesting books that he characterizes as "beach reading. " Here are his picks: Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh Gates comments: "Based on Brosh's wildly popular website, [the book] consists of brief vignettes and comic drawings about her young life. The adventures she recounts are mostly inside her head, where we hear and see the kind of inner thoughts most of us are too timid to let out in public. " The Magic of Reality, by Richard Dawkins Gates comments: "An engaging, well-illustrated science textbook offering compelling answers to big questions [and] a plea for readers of all ages to approach mysteries with rigor and curiosity. " Of the seven Gates picked, two are among my favorite books. Based on Gates's comments, I can tell that the other five are right up my alley, too. 7-short-books-worth-more-than-an-mba.

Over the past few decades, the value of an MBA has declined, probably because the academic world can't keep up with the rapid pace of change in the business world.


Relatively few entrepreneurs have MBAs, but I'll bet that almost all of the successful ones have read and truly treasure these seven short, easy-to-read classics: 1. As a Man Thinketh Author: James Allen What It Teaches: Most people labor under the misconception that their life is the result of fate, luck, or circumstances. Best Quote: "A man only begins to be a man when he ceases to whine and revile, and commences to search for the hidden justice which regulates his life. 2. Books to help you answer big questions about yourself. The-9-books-every-boss-should-read. Bill-gates-thinks-you-should-read-these-6-books-this-year. Welcome to 12-books-from-which-to-build-a-diy-mba-for-the-2020-leader. Welcome to 10 Tips to Raising Resilient Kids (From a Former Navy Seal)

Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life, the new book by Eric Greitens, Rhodes Scholar and former Navy SEAL, is hardly a parenting guide.

10 Tips to Raising Resilient Kids (From a Former Navy Seal)

But, Greitens tells Yahoo Parenting, “As I shared the book with parents, including my own, they said, ‘This has a lot to do with how to raise a resilient child.’” Resilience, Greitens says, is an essential quality for living a good life, and one that he hopes to instill in his son, now seven-months-old. Here’s how he plans to do it — and how you can too. Be a role model “Most people quit when they think about how hard [a particular task is],” says Greitens. Do you have Motion Sickness? Make yourself useful “When someone feels they have something to offer, they build a sense of purpose and strength,” Greitens says. STORY: How to Raise Shy Kids With Confidence Practice gratitude Research shows that people who list three things they’re thankful for each day are stronger and happier, Greitens says. Teach responsibility Don’t help kids (too much) How to Use Technology to Get Through Your Reading List.

10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read Before Starting Up (Infographic) 14 Inspirational Books That Can Change Your Life. I've spent my whole career in the book business, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

14 Inspirational Books That Can Change Your Life

So many people have a book inside them (at least one) and as a publicist, I help make authors' dreams come true. I love books, and I'm passionate about how books can change our lives ... sometimes with just one sentence or with an idea, an insight, an adventure or a story. Here are 14 books that have changed my life in positive ways. It is very much a partial list, but I hope it inspires you. Fiction 1.Beloved by Toni Morrison "Something that is loved is never lost. " I read this novel after my father died, and this quote stayed with me and helped me heal. 2. The Unusual Books That Shaped Billionaires, Mega-Bestselling Authors, and Other Prodigies. Who are the mentors to billionaires, chess prodigies, rockstars, and mega-bestselling authors? Who teaches them to do what they do?

To achieve the success they achieve? Oftentimes…it’s books. On The Tim Ferriss Show (iTunes, SoundCloud), I dissect world-class performers to find the tools and tricks you can use. Here’s a full list of guests.