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eBay's next target: The under-18 crowd. eBay has historically been a place for adults to buy and sell goods.

eBay's next target: The under-18 crowd

But in the coming months, kids might make their way to the service. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal in an interview published today, eBay's president of global marketplaces, Devin Wenig, said his company is currently working on plans to allow kids under 18 years old to establish accounts and start participating in auctions. Aware of the obvious privacy and parental implications, Wenig told the Journal that the accounts would be opened only with parental authorization. Wenig said eBay would not allow "a 15-year-old unfettered access to the site," adding that parents would have strict controls over what their kids can and cannot access.

Getting children into the habit of using online services has become a key strategy for many online companies. For Web companies, bringing kids into the mix can present both a short-term boost to business and a long-term market to tap into. Top 10 ways to Ditch Your Clutter and Digitally Organize Your Life.

Whitson, Digitizing is all well-and-good... except for the difficulties in finding stuff afterwards.

Top 10 ways to Ditch Your Clutter and Digitally Organize Your Life

We digitized everything in our house several years ago, and have to keep doing it to fight the continuing river of non-digital documents (yes, we try to get as much as we can sans-paper, but some stuff just doesn't come that way). Everything ends up on a home server (pictures, music, video, scans of just about everything). And while this is great for holding down on physical clutter, we now have the computer version thereof. Get Organized: 6 Home Inventory Apps Weekly Smartphone App Roundup. They say that knowing is half the battle.

Get Organized: 6 Home Inventory Apps Weekly Smartphone App Roundup

Go Paperless This Weekend. Agreed, I'm nearly finished with my university studies and find sometimes I just HAVE to have some things physically in front of me.

Go Paperless This Weekend

Started my first year taking my laptop to class, and now I hardly ever do, I find I'm the same when it comes to recall from hand written notes. On a side note, leaving the laptop at home means I have to pay attention if it's a particularly slow lecture. It's proved we study better on books than ebooks because our spatial memory is really more powerful than sequential memory. How to Organize and Declutter Your Entertainment Center. Just be aware that running power cables through the wall without any type of conduit will instantly fail fire inspection in most parts of the world, and is guaranteed to fail anywhere in the US.

How to Organize and Declutter Your Entertainment Center

NEC ARTICLE 400.8 Flexible Cords and Cables Flexible cords must not be: Used as substitutes for the fixed wiring of a structure. Run through holes in walls, structural ceilings, suspended or dropped ceilings, or floors. Run through doorways, windows, or similar openings. Attached to building surfaces. Concealed by walls, floors, or ceilings — or located above suspended or dropped ceilings (Fig. 3). De-Grease Your Laptop with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. @improprietary: The basic Magic Eraser is just a melamine foam brick.

De-Grease Your Laptop with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

A standard product sold cheaply in many places for many purposes. Not only should you be able to find it outside of the US, but you should be able to find it cheaply in whatever knock-off brand, bargain bin store you walk into (aka Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Odd Lots, Walgreen, whatever similar low quality product stores you have in your area, etc.). Please just remember, this isn't a chemical cleaner. You are essentially using it to sand away whatever you are cleaning. Turn the Back of Your Monitor Into a Workspace Utility Belt. You've missed the absolute no.1 best space saver, here: If you're using a desktop PC, and your monitor stand isn't one of those stupidly deeply-sloped ones like on the iMac...

Turn the Back of Your Monitor Into a Workspace Utility Belt

Put the desktop sideways on the desk itself, and put the monitor in front of it. Frees up an absolute ton of space - particularly if you have a slightly bulky tower case, and are using a desk that hails from the days of chubby pizza-box cases and CRT monitors, so it's deep but doesn't really have anywhere for a tower to be slung underneath. Means you have nice easy access to the DVD drive, USB ports (both front AND back), etc. Create a Searchable Catalog of Your Bookshelf by Snapping a Picture into Evernote. The elusive paperless office: HelloSign says it has the answer. HelloFax CEO Jospeh Walla wants to kill printers and scanners -- doing away with them one digital signature at a time.

The elusive paperless office: HelloSign says it has the answer

HelloFax is known for letting people send and receive faxes, request signatures, and fill out forms -- all without a physical document. Reader inspired charging station. Reader Geek Novice sent us the following photographs: Millepede Cable Ties. Work Smart 2: Perfect Your Digital Document Filing System. Hack Attack: The Cordless Workspace (sort of) Organize Cable with Paper Towel Tubes.

Organizing wires and cables. Posted by Laura on April 10, 2008 · 21 Comments Welcome!

Organizing wires and cables

Simplify your blog reading by signing up to read my blog via RSS (get updates in a feed reader) or via email (get updates delivered daily to your inbox). How to Get Anything on Anybody, Vol. 1: State of the Art Investigative Surveillance Techniques from the World's Best Intelligence Organizations (9780873645942): Lee Lapin. How to Find Anything on Any Website (Even if There’s No Search Box) I’ve gotten a lot of questions from readers about why doesn’t have a prominent search box (and yes, there’s a strategic reason why).

How to Find Anything on Any Website (Even if There’s No Search Box)

In This Week’s Video… I’ll tell you why I chose to move the search box down to the bottom of my sidebar (I even considered deleting it completely). Paper Tiger Software - Find anything in 5 seconds or less. How to Organize the Mess of Technology and Cables in Your Car. 3 ways to minimize cables in your car that I practice (as a car enthusiast). 1: Get very small cig. lighter charging adapters with USB outputs, like so: [] These fit flush and can remain in place with no cables attached. There are also ones with 2 USB outputs. Very clean and very handy. 2: Get short cords.

Shorten Long Cables with This DIY Cord-Curling Method. Shorten Long Cords, Store Cords Tangle-Free with This Dead-Simple Wrapping Technique. Organize Scanned Documents. How Does Software Organize Scanned Documents? The Best Software Tools for the Paperless Office. Read reviews of OCR scanning software tools to help you convert scanned images into editable and searchable text formats like Word or PDF. A scanner and an OCR software are the key components of a “paperless office”. The scanner helps you bring existing paper documents like letters, invoices, books and faxes into the computer while the OCR software converts these scanned images into editable and searchable formats like PDF or Microsoft Word.

The program that came bundled with your scanner is probably good for controlling the quality of your scans but that’s just half the job done because image scans aren’t searchable and are therefore impossible to manage in the long term. To complete the cycle, here are some of the best software tools and online services that will assist you in making a successful move towards a “paperless office”: Abbyy FineReader – Abbyy FineReader 9 is an extremely powerful OCR software packed in an easy and very intuitive interface. Declutter and Organize your workspace. Declutter By Converting Owner's Manuals into iPad "Books" A day spent going through documents in our office closet made us realize we had accumulated quite the collection of product manuals.

A previously forgotten and random assortment of booklets of every shape and size taking up a significant amount of space. The Complete Guide to Going Paperless. The Step-by-Step Guide to Digitizing Your Life. How Can I Bring My Tech-Unfriendly Home into the 21st Century? Two Loose Teeth: Lisa: Supercharged. Build a gadget charger with a toolbox. Unclutter your Electronics. Home Tech: Taming That Spaghetti of Wires Taking Over Your Home.