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101 Timeless Lessons Life Teaches post written by: Angel Chernoff Email Take everything you’ve ever learned – all the crazy experiences and lessons – and place it all in a box labeled “Thank you.” What has life taught you? Wear. SORT(ERA). Wash. Repeat... Laundry Published on August 11th, 2016 | by IH Admin Material: 6x SORTERA 37 Liter Box iPhone, Printer & Tape What do you get when you stack 6 SORTERA boxes? No Idea Left Behind: 25 Tools for Capturing Ideas Anywhere As a serial entrepreneur, I’m addicted to ideas. I feed off of ’em. And nothing makes me more upset than having a great idea… and losing it. Ideas never happen at opportune times, and having the proper idea capture tools can make sure that you’ll capture all your ideas for later processing. The problem with ideas is that they’re situational.

How A Simple Checklist Can Improve Learning How A Simple Checklist Can Improve Learning From reminding us of what to pack for a trip to helping doctors perform surgery, checklists are crucial for projects that require sequential steps or a series of tasks. As Atul Gawande points out in his book “Checklist Manifesto,” checklists break down complex tasks and also ensure consistency and efficiency if more than one person is working on a project. Five Manifestos for the Creative Life by Kirstin Butler How a numbered list can start a personal revolution. Some days everyone needs a little extra encouragement. The words or lines or colors don’t want to come, or worse, we don’t even want to sit down to create.

Hide your electronic devices behind the TV I wanted to get rid of the devices around my TV (decoder, router, hard drive, Android box, and of course cables!); so my TV stand (or the furniture I’m using for it) would seem to be more clean. Materials: - PRÖJS Desk pad - Fish line - VESA mounting screws Idea: Because my TV is in a stand, I used the VESA mounting holes (mine has two) to hang the desk pad and (of course) the devices attached with fish line to it. Procedure: 1.

A Geek's Guide to Budgeting Hobbies A professor once told me his trick to happiness: treat your hobby like a career, but more important. Those of us who eat up all types of hobbies—from comics to video games to DIY projects—know that a good hobby can be one of the most enriching parts of life, but they can also require a lot of time and money. Here's how to better budget that time and money.P

Museums, libraries and archives - learning - Inspiring Learning checklists Detailed framework (PDF, 3,094kb)This document sets out the detailed framework of organisational outcomes expected from use of the People, Places, Partnerships and Policies self-assessment and planning tool Summary of outcomes and processes (pdf, 1366kb)Inspiring learning is about outcomes as well as processes. Both outcomes and processes are summarised in this 2 page document Quick checklist (PDF, 34kb)The quick checklist will give you an overview of your current strengths, priorities for improvement and which areas you need to focus on for a more detailed assessment Generic Learning Outcome checklists and coding tools

Critical Thinking Worksite: Introduction I. Just What is Critical Thinking? When you hear "critical thinking", it is natural to think of criticism---that is, of unpleasant episodes involving your parents or your boss. One can think critically in episodes like these, but the term applies to many others as well. Critical thinking is evaluative thinking---it involves evaluating options for the purpose of reaching conclusions about those options. Alongside writing and speaking, it is one of the most important intellectual skills you possess.

Organized shoe storage without using an inch of precious floor space Wardrobes Published on July 4th, 2016 | by Contributor Inefficient and inconvenient access to even the tidiest looking bins, bags or expensive shoe organizers tucked away, behind or under things in my tiny apartment forced me to find a better solution…..And thanks to IKEA’s impulse-purchase-friendly floor design, I made my way through Kitchen Storage before ever making it to Closet Organization! HA! I’ve included all the materials used in *MY final product below, but anyone can certainly run with this idea and customize the length and type of rails that best fit their needs! Materials: All items from IKEA “Kitchen Storage” (*screws not included) 6x- GRUNDTAL Rail (31 1/2″) 4x- BYGEL Rail (21 3/4″) 3x- VARIERA Storage Box 2x- VARIERA Utensil Holder 2x (5pc) – GRUNDTAL S-hook 1x (10 pc) – BYGEL S-hook