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Laundry Basket Dresser

Laundry Basket Dresser
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Shower Organization As a general rule, I am not a fan of brass fixtures so when we moved into this house I couldn’t wait to replace the brass shower curtain. When my husband put in the more decorative one, he moved the old one to the back of the shower temporarily. It stayed there for a while until one day it occurred to me that it would be a great place to hang some of our many shower puffs and the basket of the kid’s bath toys. I pulled out a few shower curtain hooks and now it’s all nice and organized! All you need is a cheaper shower rod and some extra hook-style curtain hangers. Simple and cheap! Random Update: After seeing this pinned on Pinterest, my cousin wrote me and told me that perhaps we should just quit hoarding shower loofahs. Linking up on:

Little Lucy Lu: Ladder Laundry Rack I am SO excited about my latest "project" ... it's kinda a long one. ....But it'll be worth it. :-) Are you ready??? OK, so to preface this I need to remind you that I am a TALL gal. 5 feet 11 inces, to be exact. And my legs take up a great deal of those 71 inches. But it is also relatively hard to find ... and more importantly - KEEP! I can't tell you how many times I have "ruined" my just-barely-long-enough jeans by putting them in the dryer And therein lies my problem. Let me put this in pictures ... This is what my laundry room looks like most days: Jeans, pants, and various other dryer unfriendly articles of clothing hung on the coat hooks and any other hooks I can find (like the one inside my ironing board cabinet door). I NEED a drying rack. Enter: this old wooden ladder. Which I painted turquoise blue (the same turquoise blue I used on the trunk on the front porch!)... And then I sanded and scuffed and stained it up a little bit ... and screwed some hooks in four spots. And THEN ... P.S.

Home Build Solar System I could see that my electricity bill was increasing year after year, just because the modern day appliances cant be turned off any more and before I noticed I had many appliances in the house which are on standby day in day out.This all not only harm the environment but also my bank account as I am using electricity for nothing.Not to solve this problem (as this is how appliances are made and I cant change this) I started to look into renewable energy to compensate my unneeded losses and to take some pain away from my bank account. Getting My Household Back on Track - Raising ArrowsRaising Arrows I’m going to share something that is pretty raw. Something I really don’t like people to see…at least not like this. These are photos of our house just a few weeks ago. WARNING: These photos are scary. These were taken all on the same day with my iPhone as I was explaining to my husband (who was at work) that life here at home had taken a huge step backward and I wasn’t sure how to fix it. I was feeling like I had gone back in time about 8 years when I had only littles and my life felt very chaotic. The kids’ rooms were always a mess. I couldn’t even begin to concern myself with what was down there when what was upstairs was nowhere near where it should be. And who did I think I was, standing before a crowd of homeschool moms, telling them how to have a well-ordered household?! The very next day, Mystie Winckler contacted me about her new ecourse, Simplified Organization. Simplified Organization has been a breath of fresh air in our home. raisingarrows

Color Code Keys A Bubbly Life is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, would LOVE for you to join me there! On Leap Day, I announced A Bubbly Life's Pinterest Project- One Pin At A Time I chose one I desperately needed- coding my keys so I can identify them! I do not know if this will prevent the discussion- Where are My Freaking Keys?! My Pinspiration was a post from the lovely blog Happiness is...To Each Their Own. who did a glitter key- But I did not have glitter or glue and did not want to buy any, so I decided to use my new Spring colors set of nail polish I had! I did two coats on each side. I had to include one of the outtakes- my little helper kept grabbing my props & knocking them over, thank you for your patience cutie! More easy DIYS! Glitter Vase

How to Microwave Gourmet Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag Peeeeee-yew! I’m done with the stinky stench of microwave popcorn. Actually, I haven’t popped a single bag of that toxic smelling stuff in years since I hate the thought of being swindled by a stank bag of greasy kernels. That’s right people, I’m calling foul on microwave popcorn since it’s a reeking wallet rip off. Doing the mathy math, microwave popcorn costs around $22.65 for 12 boxes with 3 packets per box (source Amazon) — that’s an eye-popping $3.53 per pound! Sure, you may think you’re paying all that delicious cash for a magic metal-lined bag that pops better kernels and cooks your corn more evenly. Now let me pop the big question: have you ever recycled your leftover microwave popcorn bags? Speaking of waist, do you know how many calories are contained in those popcorn flavor packets? Act II Popcorn Ingredients: Popcorn, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Annatto Color. Fish? Step One: Get a brown paper bag Step Two: Bag your popcorn

DIY Simple, Modern Pot Rack I’ve wanted a pot rack to organize my cookware, but I couldn’t find one that was exactly what I wanted. I wanted it to be simple so it would fit in a variety of kitchens. I thought a vertical rack on the side of the cabinet would efficiently use that empty space. I also didn’t want to spend more than $40. Doug made one for me. The two sides are oak from the cabinetry section of the hardware store. The aluminum is a C-shape, so the oak fits right in, and the pot hooks can hang from the edge. Nice work, Doug! The tricky part was cutting and bending the aluminum to attach the top and middle rails. Total Materials Cost: $34 Materials: 2 oak 1″x2″ – 24″ cabinetry pieces for the sides ($2 each)2 aluminum 3/4″ C-channels 10 gauge 48″ long for the rails ($8 each)2 metal brackets to mount ($1 each)screws ($1)S hooks to hang pots ($12) Tools: drillhacksaw for cutting aluminumdeep pliers for bending aluminumlevel Total Assembly Time: 1 hour (2 hours with a little helper) Thanks Doug!

Printable Pantry Labels in a Vintage Chalkboard Style With the vintage chalkboard herb and spice jar labels being a big hit, my friends over at generously invited me to share the coordinating pantry labels with their blog readers in addition to you all here. I worked to make a full kit with a broad range of items for this vintage chalkboard pantry label design. I want you to have a label for every item in your pantry, right? I am wishing I could invite you all over to look inside my cupboards as it is the pantry I have always dreamed of. Organized, thorough and oh so stylish. As some of you know, I am gluten-free. These labels are ready to print, trim and apply to all of your pantry jars. Hanging Basket Garden We have a sweet little backyard at our new house but with a rambunctious puppy and a curious two-year-old, many of my efforts to plant things in the ground have been thwarted. Well, more like dug up, chewed up, and pulled apart. I was determined to have some sort of herb garden so I got smart and came up with my own version of a vertical garden. I used supplies I already had on hand and bought herbs and flowers that would take the same amount of sun. I put this together on a Sunday afternoon and have enjoyed it from my kitchen window all week! 1. This is a great project for renters, apartment dwellers, or anyone who wants to enjoy just a little bit more greenery. Use this same idea in your studio to house crafting supplies, store your fruits and vegetables where you can see them in your kitchen, or add it to your bathroom to store toilet paper and washcloths. 1. This is a great project for renters, apartment dwellers, or anyone who wants to enjoy just a little bit more greenery.

25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier Here are clever ideas to make life easier. To see the complete list of 25 go here. You can pin the pics directly to Pinterest by hovering your mouse over the pic then clicking the “pin it”! Via: Why didn’t I think of that?! Via: Rubbing a walnut over scratches in your furniture will disguise dings and scrapes. Via: Supposedly you can remove crayon masterpieces from your TV, computer screen, or walls with WD40 – I’m not going to try it though! Via: Stop cut apples browning in your child’s lunch box by securing with a rubber band. Via: Overhaul your linen cupboard – store bed linen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through piles for a match. Via: Add this item to your beach bag. Via: Attach a velcro strip to the wall to store soft toys. Via: Look up! Via: Gotcha! Via: