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Affinity Designer - Vector art & design

Affinity Designer - Vector art & design

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The 7 best 3D tools for simulating fluids This article is produced in association with Masters of CG, a contest for creatives in partnership with HP, Nvidia, and 2000 AD. Vote for your favourite entry today and you could win an HP Slate 7 Plus (*EU residents only). In the last article, we looked at using fluids dynamics systems to recreate fire and smoke, but this time we're focussing on ways to create liquids – everything from pouring milk and squeezing toothpaste to massive tidal waves. Generating flames and plumes of smoke isn't too difficult, and adding them to an existing scene can – for the most part – be a simple compositing job. But liquids are a level of magnitude harder to fake because of the complex way that they move and react to other objects.

From Prep Work to Post-Processing: An In-Depth Star Photography Tutorial As a photographer, there is nothing more intriguing to me than the unknown. What’s out there and where will it lead me on my next adventure under the stars? Upon taking my first photo of the stars, I came to realize it wasn’t even close to replicating what was in the skies above me. Responsive Type, part 3: Headers and hiearchy This third instalment of this basic introduction to responsive typography focuses on how best to use size, contrast and style changes to create a strong typographic hierarchy. Our base font has been defined. So far, so good – but what about the rest? Type hierarchies don’t just make themselves. 10 web design tools you can't live without This year has been a really exciting one for new design tools entering the market. Photoshop has become something of a dirty word, and although it's still one of my weapons of choice, internet-makers are fighting back with a plethora of tools that aim to make your life as a designer that little bit better. Static mockups are becoming less useful and the lines between designer and developer are becoming increasingly blurred.

GIF Art Reveals The Secret Lives of Paintings Scientific diagnostics can tell us a lot about the world around us. But they’re far more powerful and appealing when they’re visualized appropriately. For every exciting x-ray, infrared, or ultraviolet image that tells art historians and architects about what lies beneath the image or wall visible to the naked eye—before and after images were the only way to go. Until now. GIFS are wonderful little creatures quickly being adapted into internet platforms. And art historians, architects, archaeologists, and especially museums need to start using them more often and more effectively to show off their array of multi-spectral imaging on cool artifacts, art, and structures.

Download Download License & Disclaimer Alchemy is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. 12 Great iOS Photography Apps for Pros and Beginners We all know that smartphones don’t exactly have the most best cameras in the market, but there are a number of great apps to make your photos look awesome. For both the avid photographer and the mature alike, these iOS photography apps are becoming increasingly powerful, to make any photo look amazing. As more and more come on the market, photo editing apps are becoming cheaper, but how do you filter through thousands of them to find the one that’s right for you? Here are some of the best apps, and a brief description to guide you in choosing the one that suits your needs.

Stars and Stripes and ISO Codes · An A List Apart Column This is the real story of a promising French start-up expanding into the U.S. market. The founders now have West Coast offices and the app has been fully translated into English. One minor detail though: to switch to the website’s English version, American customers have to click on… the Union Jack. A red flag about flags#section1 Article Continues Below Don’t laugh—this story is no exception.

InVision v5, Chapter 1: Better. Faster. Believe It. We've spent the last 8 months building on what we've learned from design teams inside the world's smartest startups, agencies and corporations. The result is a platform that's reimagined, reengineered and ready to power the next generation of design-driven collaboration. We're calling it InVision v5 — and our first chapter begins today… We've reengineered almost everything from the ground up for an experience that's stunningly fast, seamless and beautiful — just the way you like it. Selected: Clever Animated GIFs of Famous Art With Missing Subjects London-born Mike Guppy created this series of animated GIFs a few years ago titled “Selected“. With a little bit of Photoshop, he has removed the subjects from a few famous pieces of artwork, and cleverly added an outline of the “marching ants” animation around the missing subject. This is only particularly funny to those familiar with Photoshop “Select” tool, but I thought it was a really great series of GIFs that left me wanting more. The paintings that he has manipulated range from The Birth of Venus to The Scream.

Wow! Equalizzatore tonale per Photoshop Any image is made of fine detail and coarser areas. Controlling these is the key to the winning look which has “The Wow! Factor”. Photographing Fireworks Firework photography presents some technical challenges,learning how to photograph fireworks successfully needs quite a different approach to most other subjects but follow these few steps carefully and you will be successful. What are we photographing? Basically we are photographing streaks of light that develop over a period of time against a black background. Luster This is a list of guidelines we've been compiling over the last couple years while building high-performance mobile frontends, as well as building the open source library impulse. Some of these are broadly applicable to any mobile website, some are specifically for people building apps. We've broken this checklist down into three main categories:

Bespoke Creative Ltd. - Branding & Website on Behance BESPOKE CREATIVE Ltd. Bespoke Creative Ltd. is a design, marketing and sales strategy firm with expertise in Window Covering, Bedding and Wall Covering product categories for both the commercial and residential sectors. The company is passionate about helping businesses differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. The firm identifies and capitalizes on untapped industry opportunities through research, analysis, product development and technical integration thereby increasing visibility and market share for our clients.

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