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Dimensions Of A Paper Sizes - A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10 - In Inches & mm

Dimensions Of A Paper Sizes - A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10 - In Inches & mm
A Paper Sizes - Quick Lookup Select the standard paper size from the 'Size' selector and the unit from the 'Unit' selector - the dimensions will be shown in the dimensions box. The dimensions of the A series paper sizes, as defined by the ISO 216 standard, are given in the table to the right of the diagram in both millimetres and inches (cm measurements can be obtained by dividing mm value by 10). A Series Paper Sizes Chart. Image courtesy of Office 365. Table of Paper Sizes From 4A0 to A10 To obtain paper sizes in centimetres, convert mm values to cm by dividing by 10 and in feet by dividing inch values by 12. 4A0 & 2A0 - The DIN 476 Oversize Formats The paper sizes bigger than A0, 4A0 & 2A0, aren't formally defined by ISO 216 but are commonly used for oversized paper. A Series Paper Size Tolerances ISO 216 specifies tolerances for the production of A series paper sizes as follows: A Series Paper Sizes Defined The A series paper sizes are defined in ISO 216 by the following requirements: Related:  Writing Stuff

vcdc | visual communication designers' club 20 Marketing Questions Self-Published Authors Must Answer If you’re a self-published novelist, your line of books is your small business. Like any small business, you need a marketing strategy. There are lots of marketing activities that you can engage in to promote your book, but before you start doing any of them, take the time to think like a marketer by asking yourself these 20 questions. Your Audience 1. 2. 3. Your Competition 4. 5. Your Identity 6. 7. 8. Your Marketing Activities 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Your Line of Books 15. 16. Support 17. 18. 19. 20. Once you answer these questions honestly and fully, you can begin to make a marketing plan for your novel. Image via Shutterstock. Related Posts:

How to Create Scotch Tape in Photoshop Welcome to! If you find this site useful, you might want to subscribe to our free newsletter for updates on our new Photoshop Tutorials and Articles. Are you interested in learning how to make realistic Scotch tape by using Photoshop tools? If yes, then I will teach you how. I got this effect by experimenting. Final Image Preview Resources Annestown Scenery Step 1 First of all create a new document sized 600 x 400 pixels. Step 2 Open a photo and copy it to your canvas. Apply Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options to this layer. Step 3 Now we are going to create the Scotch tape. Remove the selection with Ctrl+D. Gently erase the edges to achieve a similar result to that shown below. Set the opacity to 22% for the current layer. Time to add some defects to make our Scotch tape look realistic. Looks better now, doesn’t it? Step 4 To finish off creating this Scotch tape effect, duplicate the layer using Ctrl+J and change layer mode to Overlay for the copied layer. Final Image

Blocked - The New Yorker “Yesterday was my Birth Day,” Coleridge wrote in his notebook in 1804, when he was thirty-two. “So completely has a whole year passed, with scarcely the fruits of a month.—O Sorrow and Shame. . . . I have done nothing!” Coleridge is one of the first known cases of what we call writer’s block. After the English Romantics, the next group of writers known for not writing were the French Symbolists. It is curious to see this writing inhibition arise in the nineteenth century, for many of the writers of that century, or at least the novelists, were monsters of productivity. Had this advice been given in 1850, it might have been gratefully accepted. In the United States, the golden age of artistic inhibition was probably the period immediately following the Second World War, which saw the convergence of two forces. In today’s psychology of writer’s block, as in today’s psychology in general, the focus is less on the unconscious than on brain chemistry. We will not hear from Ralph Ellison.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced | Psdtuts+ Self Publishing, Book Publishers, Book Printing, How to Publish a Book 35 great InDesign tutorials for graphic designers | InDesign Adobe Creative Cloud's digital publishing platform InDesign has a ton of features which makes it essential for everything from brochure design to eye-catching posters; newsprint publications to screen printing. Here we've rounded up the best InDesign tutorials on the web which walk you through a variety of design projects. You're sure to find something here to stretch your skills, either by jumping directly to a section using the menu below, or just by browsing all 47. Getting started with InDesign What is InDesign? If you're an absolute newcomer to InDesign, spend a couple of minutes watching this short tutorial that explains exactly what the software is, its purpose and who uses it. How to get started with InDesign CC In this 43-minute tutorial, worldwide creative suite design evangelist for Adobe Terry White demonstrates 10 things beginners want to know how to do in Adobe InDesign CC. Basic tools overview Working with frames InDesign is all about frames. Working with graphics

OneBookShelf Pricing Data OneBookShelf Pricing (Part Deux) Scott Holden, Just a little over a year ago, DriveThruRPG's CEO, Steve Wieck, blogged about pricing strategy for your RPG and RPG-related products. For the past few months, I've been spending a lot of time slicing up all sorts of sales data from our site to get some insight into best practices for our publishing partners. Pricing Basics First off, some things to consider when looking at this data: It is derived from combined sales on our RPG marketplaces from all sales in 2012 and 2013. Anyway, on to the good stuff! Sales by Price Point One of the most common questions we hear from new publishers, and one of our perennial issues for debate internally, is how to price products optimally. Clearly, there are spikes at each of the $5 increments, but that makes perfect sense since those are also the most common price points for products on our site. But of course that doesn't tell the whole story either. Of course there are outliers.

OFFSET vs GRAPHIC DESIGN 10 Geeky Debates That Had To Be Settled By Federal Courts "But, fans were not mollified, including Chuck Austen, who, one year earlier, had become the writer of the 'Uncanny X-Men' comics. He had worked hard, he said, to emphasize the X-Men's humanity, to show 'that they're just another strand in the evolutionary chain.'" And he did that by turning Polaris from slightly mentally unstable to fully pants-on-head crazy, turned Nightcrawler in half-demon, shipped a Mary Sue with Havock, and made She-Hulk sleep with the Juggernaut, who was her client at the time. Chuck Austen is pretty much the worst writer to ever write X-Men.

GenCon Writer's Symposium Word Count Definitions DISCLAIMER: This post was written in 2008, and revised in 2010. The publishing industry has changed drastically in that time, and word counts aren't nearly as rigid nor as important as they once were, especially for writers who are now producing e-original content. Additionally, novellas are now routinely being published by larger publishers, whereas in 2008 they were not. So if you are using this very old post, please bear in mind that at best, these are suggestions only, and suggestions from 2008 at that.Also, I am no longer an agent and haven't been for many years. Something I saw a lot in queries as an agent were word counts that exceeded 100k. Somewhere out there a myth developed - especially amongst science fiction and fantasy writers - that a higher word count was better. The exceptions are usually authors who've already had an established track record of sales with previous - shorter - books, like George R.R. Publishers want to make money; bookstores want to make money.

Submissions « Evil Girlfriend Media Evil Girlfriend Media We will re-open in the new year. All current submissions will be reviewed and replies sent within the next 90 days. Manuscripts What we accept: Novel length manuscripts – 65,000 to 100,000 words.Original work only (no previously published work accepted).We welcome dystopian, sci-fi, horror, paranormal, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, steampunk, and fantasy genres.We accept LGBT and love to see diversity in stories What we do NOT accept: No multiple submissions (do not send us more than one story at a time).No simultaneous submissions (do not send us work that is under consideration elsewhere).No fan fiction.Short stories up to 5,000 words (unless solicited by us).Novelettes from 5,000-17, 500 words (unless solicited by us).Novellas of 17,500 up to 40,000 words (unless solicited by us). Response time: You may expect to hear from us within 3 months.Please do not send us emails responding to rejections, even if they are a polite ‘thank you for your time’. Anthologies Bikini Armor Bingo

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