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Russia to launch a new Islamic TV channel - Free Islam TV. Christian Calligrapher finds joy in making others smile - Free Islam TV. Fayez Youssef is Coptic Christian calligrapher in Upper Egypt who believes that one’s own happiness comes from the happiness of others. He uses his artistic talent to use for all faiths. He portrays the 99 names of Allah and Quranic verses in the mosque. He did all these things to make a good relationship with his Muslim neighbors. But one day a woman objected that only pure person can depict these holy verses.

However, his Muslim friends and colleagues told that religion unite people rather than divide them. A Muslim friend of mine asked me to adorn a mosque, which was new at the time, and to inscribe the 99 names of Allah on the walls. So, he made calligraphy in Seif Nasar Mosque and said But those managing the mosque insisted on paying me. He continued his work and decorated more 15 mosques. Hafiz Yasar wins international Quran recitation contest - Free Islam TV. Istanbul during Ramadan - Free Islam TV. Ramadan is the holy month for Muslim. The holy book Quran was revealed in this month. As a result, to commemorate the significance of this month, Muslims fast in the day. It is mentioned in the holy book that those who are not sick or traveling are ordered to honor and fast during the month. Turkey faced a lot of changes in the month as most of people of the country are Muslim. Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar calendar.

After watching the new moon, Muslim people start their fasting. Fasting teaches to be patient. In Istanbul, the day of Ramadan is different from other months. Five facts about the Moscow Mosque - Free Islam TV. The Moscow Cathedral Mosque has opened by the Russian president after the decade of construction work. The important facts about the mosque has given below: Moscow cathedral Mosque or the central Moscow mosque is one of the largest mosque in Russia. The old mosque was demolished and rebuilt. The new mosque can accommodate 10,000 people. The minarets of the mosque are 72 meters tall and the central dome is 46 meters high.

This six-storied mosque has seven elevators and air conditioning facility.The reconstruction of the mosque costs $170 million. Putin has opened the largest mosques in Russia - Free Islam TV. Reciting Quran is encouraged during the holy month Ramadan - Free Islam TV. Hagia Sophia witnesses its first Quran reciation - Free Islam TV. Hagia Sophia, the historical museum and cathedral in Istanbul, Turkey, witnesses its first Quaran recitation after 85 years on Greek Easter Saturday. To commemorate the birth of Islamic Prophet Muhammed (SWT), the Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate has launched the calligraphic exhibition “Love of the Prophet”. Mohmet Gormez, Relious Affair Chairman; Ahmet Haluk, undersecretery for Minister of Culture and Tourism and Istanbul governor Vasip Sahin has attended the opening ceremony. During the exhibition, the imam at modern Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque in the capital Ankara, Ali Tel recites a passage from the holy book Quran.

This is the first Quran recitation after 85 years of its history. Earlier this museum was served as a Cathedral for thousand years. In 1453, when Byzantine Constantinople fell and became part of the Ottoman Empire, the cathedral was converted into a mosque. In 135, Turkish Government secularized it and turned it into a museum. Blog - Free Islam TV. Home Islamic News Islamic News Get the latest Islamic news from all Muslim countries. Latest Christian Calligrapher finds joy in making others smile Jabar - Fayez Youssef is Coptic Christian calligrapher in Upper Egypt who believes that one’s own happiness comes from the happiness of others. Hagia Sophia witnesses its first Quran reciation Hagia Sophia, the historical museum and cathedral in Istanbul, Turkey, witnesses its first Quaran recitation after 85 years on Greek Easter Saturday.To commemorate the...

Reciting Quran is encouraged during the holy month Ramadan The holy book Quran was revealed during the month of Ramadan. Putin has opened the largest mosques in Russia President Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony of one of the largest mosques in Europe. Five facts about the Moscow Mosque The Moscow Cathedral Mosque has opened by the Russian president after the decade of construction work. Istanbul during Ramadan Ramadan is the holy month for Muslim. . © 2015 FreeIslamTV. One Of The BEST Actors Ever – Adel Imam – Arabic Actors.

Adel Imam is an Egyptian actor born in the city of El Mansoura 1940.He is the most prominent actor in the Arab world and has done more than 100 movies. Adel Imam (or Emam as some people are writing it) earned a bachelor’s degree from Cairo University in Agriculture. But soon he realised he wanted to work as an actor and started doing movies instead. In January 2000 he was appointed by United Nations as a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR. Some old photos of Adel Imam Adel Imam is married and has three children, their names are Rami ImamSarah ImamMohamed Imam Movies by Adel Imam One of Adel Imams most popular movies are El Sefara fi El Omara (The embassy is in the building). El Sefara fi El Omara (العمارة في السفارة) Adel Imam is one of the most popular actors in Arab world, if not the most popular one. Because of he is one of the best actors ever, people refer him to “the modern time Arab Charlie Chaplin”.

Adel Imams most popular movies Professor and head of department Alzheimer The terrorist. Omar Sharif´s Movies Was Beyond Arabic Roles – Arabic Actors. Throughout Omar Sharif long career, he was known for both the subtlety of his roles. He won awards for many of his roles — multiple Golden Globes, a Cesar award and an Oscar nomination. And, of course, there’s his signature scene in Lawrence of Arabia.

The scene in which he moves across the desert on a camel. Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia Sharif’s early work was playing people of Arabic ancestry. In the movie Struggle In the Valley in which he plays as an engineer caught in a revenge plot. Eight years later Omar Sharif would make his mark in Lawrence of Arabia as Sherif Ali. But those early roles quickly changed into non Arabic roles Doctor Zhivago where he played the Russian Yuri Andreyevich Zhivago.Funny Girl where he played Jewish gangster Nicky ArnsteinMonsieur Ibrahim in which he plays a Turkish immigrant who takes in a Jewish orphan;Che!

Part of Sharif’s ability to manage so many different movie roles is that he possessed a look more exotic than many British or American actors. Russian TV Channels from Easybox – An Honest Review – Russian IPTV. As a Russian guy, one of the necessary evils that I’ve had to deal with is watching my favorite Russian TV channels. Getting good Russian TV links is essential if you want your children to learn speak Russian. Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried many IPTV devices. White TV boxes. Black TV boxes. You name it. This post will mostly consist of my honest review and my experience using Easybox TV to watch my Russian live streams.

Here is what I will cover… the different types of Easybox packages packages availablemy experience and opinions about Easyboxmy most recent purchase from Easybox the exact process and what to expectmy exact testing of the channelswill I continue to use Easybox? What is Easybox and What Do They Offer? In a nutshell, Easybox TV is a live stream provider of the TV channels. IPTV Channels Are The Future Yes – Easybox is a provider of IPTV channels, and you and get high quality TV channels for low price. Tiered of Watching Your Channel on YouTube? High Quality Service. Most Popular Russian Movies and TV Series – Russian IPTV. There are some nice Russian movies that are highly recommended. Shapito-shou (2011) This is a good movie made by a new generation of artists. It shows a set of funny stories which intersect with each other in unexpectable ways. While it’s referred to as a comedy, the film is a deep exploration of today’s search of ground in Russia.

Highly recommended! Veteran Russian actors bring a Russian comedy to life – Russian IPTV. When Russian comedy movie Office Romance from 1985 was screened in China three decades ago, it was popular throughout the China. Now, a Chinese play adapted the story from the movie. The story is set to wow Chinese audiences again. The film tells the story of Ludmila Kalugina, the general manager of a statistics bureau, and her subordinate Anatoly Novoseltsev. Feng Xianzhen, 61, who dubbed for the unloved and stubborn Kalugina (in Office Romance) will play the role onstage this time. Feng says I was very suprised whtn hen the production company came up with the idea of adapting the film into a theatrical work. Feng continues Imagine, after all these years, the film is still remembered by audiences.

Actor Han Tongsheng will play the role of Novoseltsev. Han and Feng have collaborated onstage for decades in other Chinese play productions. Office Romance. All You Need To Know About MBC Channels – The Arabic MBC channels (Middle East Broadcasting Center) group is the first Arabic private FTA (Free To Air) satellite broadcasting company in the Arab world. It launched already back in 1991 in London, after 11 years in London it moved to Dubai to their newly built Dubai Media City in 2002. When they started back in 1991 they had only one channels. Now they are 10 channels, they are MBC 1MBC 2MBC 3 (cartoon channel)MBC 4 (Arab women topics)MBC MAXMBC ActionMBC BollywoodMBC DramaMBC PersiaMBC SportsAl ArabiyaWanasah Other than TV channels the MBC group also have the radio stations MBC TV channels broadcasts via Arabsat and Nilesat satellites, at the moment they can reach slightly more than 150 million Arabic viewers around the globe.

The MBC channels have received several awards, one of them are from the prestigious Sayidaty’s. It has become a standard for assessing the success of Ramadan programs. The most popular Arabic channels are broadcasting from UAE, Dubai Media City. How To Jailbreak The Easybox TV? – تطور نظام البث التلفزي | Arabic IPTV Info. كانت بداية البث التليفزيونى الأرضى تقريباً عام 1927 فى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية تحديداً فى العاصمة واشنطن ، يليها فى البث الأرضى المملكة المتحدة عام1929 بداية بث مجموعة قنوات بى بى سى الشهيرة تطور نظام هذا البث بعد بضع سنوات من هذا التاريخ ليبدأ فى الانتشار حول العالم فى جميع القارات حيث شهدت أمريكا الشمالية تطوراً كبيراً فى هذا المجال يليها أوروبا ثم انتشرت بعد ذلك فى مختلف القارات مثل اسيا حيث بدأ البث فى اسيا فى الهند فى عام 1959 وانتظم البث عام 1966وأفريقيا بمختلف دولها وتطور هذا النظام ليشمل البث الملون ولكن قنوات البث كانت ماتزال محدودة تقنية البث التليفزيونى عن طريق الانترنت انتشرت هذه التقنية حتى بدأت فى غزو العالم العربى مؤخراً ولكن مع كبر عدد القنوات التى يشاهدها المتابع العربى خاصة أى مشاهد آخر واختلاف أماكن البث من بقاع مختلفة فى العالم فاتجه المتابع من البحث عن وسيلة بث تتيح له متابعة كل تلك القنوات وهى تقنية البث التليفزيونى عن طريق شبكة الانترنت هنالك عدد كبير جداً من القنوات العربية التى يهتم بمتابعتها المشاهد العربى مثل مجموعة قنوات MBC حيث توفر هذه الشبكة قناة.

مشاهدة القنوات الرياضية بجودة عالية | Arabic IPTV Info. يعد جهاز أفضل الاجهزة الموجودة حالياً فى الأسواق طبقاً لاستطلاعات أراء المستخدمين وطبقاً لتوفر الدعم الفنى لهذا النوع من أجهزة الـ IPTV . ليس من المستغرب أن يستحوذ الـ على أعلى المبيعات حيث أنه من الرواد فى هذا المجال وتلك الأنواع من الأجهزة بالاضافة الى توفيرها الصورة الواضحة والدعم الفنى ذو الجودة العالية بالاضافة الى العمل بكفاءة وقلة المشاكل التى تواجه المستخدمين والسرعة العالية الغير متوفرة لدى المنافسين. يتم تقييم أجهزة الـ IPTV طبقاً للعوامل الاتية: جودة الصورةجودة الصوتكمية القنوات المتاحةالتكاليفالاستقرار والثبات قلة المشاكل التقنية طبقاً لكل تلك العوامل يعتبر إيسي بكس ما هو أفضل جهاز للالبث التلفزيوني عبر الانترنت؟ يمكنك أيضاً مشاهدة تلك البرامج على جهاز الكمبيوتر أو الحاسب اللوحى الخاص بك أو عن طريق فك التشفير واستقبال القنوات على التليفزيون الخاص بك عندها يمكن عرض برامج الانترنت على التلفيزيون الخاص بك.

نوع والذى ربما كنت تستخدمه بالفعل والذى يسمى الفيديو حسب الطلب. كيف يعمل الايبي تيفي؟ إيسي بكس يوفر لك المزيد من القنوات. طريقة فك الحماية والتشفير فى جهاز.