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20 Great Online Image Editors

20 Great Online Image Editors
The online image editing space has grown rapidly in the past year, providing great free and subscription-based options for users of all levels. These well-rounded services let you import images from your social networks, touch up photos, promote your work, and more. Here are 20 online image editors that are worth a try. What are you looking for from an image editor when you go online? - A simple and free editor that looks a lot like Photoshop, but without as many tools and effects. Aviary Phoenix Aviary Phoenix - Allows you to import from photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Facebook, work with layers and other tools. - Upload your image to this free image editor and take advantage of their numerous tools and then save it either to your disk or to the Web in your choice of formats. - FlauntR is big on backgrounds, fake magazine covers and basic editing tools.

Tidy Favorites Get Back your Screen Space: Maximize Firefox Viewing Area | Last week, I was hunting around for a few extensions that may help me gain some more viewing space in Firefox. I have a few toolbars and around ten extensions installed whose configurations and buttons seemed to have loaded up the interface with a lot of junk. Moreover, I don’t really use the default options and buttons presently in the Firefox window that much. So I wanted to hide them and make my browsing a better experience. For the same setup you need addons 1, 2, and 5. Here are a few tweaks and extensions to help gaining more space for viewing websites in Firefox: 1. Do you really need icons in their biggest size? 2. Install this addon from here. 3. This hides the Menu bar completely. 4. This addon hides the tab bar. 5. We already mentioned Vertigo in ‘Firefox Addons to Manage a Tab Jam‘. 6. The standard Full Screen mode in Firefox (press F11) could be better – even when you’re in full screen mode, most of the buttons and the tab bar are still there. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Sync Butler - File Synchronization Tool NoteSync with Google docs nginx + PHP on Windows in 5 minutes « This page intentionally left ugly Update November 7, 2010 There’s now an updated version of this tutorial which also covers incorporating MySQL. If you’ve ever needed a very fast, stable, no frills, web server to serve up some pages on a home system, then look no further than nginx. The server is rock solid and gets the job done. Nginx is native to the UNIX platform, so you’ll need to get a precompiled version or install Cygwin. Download the stable package and install it. Then download the latest PHP Windows binaries (not the installer) and extract all files to c:\nginx\php. Almost there… Go into c:\nginx\conf and uncomment or modify the following lines in nginx.conf. Then, in the same folder, edit start-nginx.bat to include the following line : @ECHO OFF c:\nginxnginx.exe c:\nginx\php\php-cgi.exe -b -c c:\nginx\php\php.ini ping -n 1>NUL echo Starting nginx echo . echo . echo . ping >NUL EXIT Now edit stop-nginx.bat and add the following lines : That should be it! In launch.js : Update 12/08