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20 photo apps

20 photo apps
The online image editing space has grown rapidly in the past year, providing great free and subscription-based options for users of all levels. These well-rounded services let you import images from your social networks, touch up photos, promote your work, and more. Here are 20 online image editors that are worth a try. What are you looking for from an image editor when you go online? - A simple and free editor that looks a lot like Photoshop, but without as many tools and effects. Aviary Phoenix Aviary Phoenix - Allows you to import from photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Facebook, work with layers and other tools. - Upload your image to this free image editor and take advantage of their numerous tools and then save it either to your disk or to the Web in your choice of formats. - FlauntR is big on backgrounds, fake magazine covers and basic editing tools. Related:  chrome bookmarks

How to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint for Web Publishing - F Learn how to Embed YouTube video clips in your PowerPoint presentations that you can also upload on to the web or embed in your blog. There are basically two ways by which we can embed YouTube clips in PowerPoint presentations: Option A: You download the YouTube video as an FLV file, convert the video to a format that PowerPoint can understand (e.g. AVI or WMV) and then use the “Insert Movie” command to embed that clip anywhere in the presentation. Option B: You can add a Shockwave Flash object to your PowerPoint slide and set the Movie property of that control to the URL of the YouTube video. The first option is preferred when you want to play videos in offline mode while the next option is useful if you want to embed streaming videos in your PowerPoint slides. The only problem (or limitation) with either techniques is that once you upload the PowerPoint deck on to the web, the embedded YouTube clips would no longer play as most PowerPoint hosting sites don’t recognize Flash objects.

Pseudo-Occult Media Tidy Favorites Soundslides: Software for Storytellers Incredibox V2 - "Little Miss" - 2012 "This film is so inspirational, i just love it! The best part is when the truck driver says he wants to give it a go too and you see the two of them juicing away...this just made me cry...what a story! If you are looking for additional motivation to get on track with your health this is the film for you!" - Laurentine ten Bosch, Producer / Director 'Food Matters' and 'Hungry For Change' 100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross is at the end of his rope and the end of his hope. With doctors and conventional medicines unable to help long-term, Joe turns to the only option left, the body’s ability to heal itself. While talking to more than 500 Americans about food, health and longevity, it’s at a truck stop in Arizona where Joe meets a truck driver who suffers from the same rare condition. What emerges is nothing short of amazing – an inspiring tale of healing and human connection.

Get Back your Screen Space: Maximize Firefox Viewing Area | Last week, I was hunting around for a few extensions that may help me gain some more viewing space in Firefox. I have a few toolbars and around ten extensions installed whose configurations and buttons seemed to have loaded up the interface with a lot of junk. Moreover, I don’t really use the default options and buttons presently in the Firefox window that much. So I wanted to hide them and make my browsing a better experience. For the same setup you need addons 1, 2, and 5. Then go to customize and move everything (i.e. navigation and SU toolbar) to the top. Here are a few tweaks and extensions to help gaining more space for viewing websites in Firefox: 1. Do you really need icons in their biggest size? 2. Install this addon from here. 3. This hides the Menu bar completely. 4. This addon hides the tab bar. 5. We already mentioned Vertigo in ‘Firefox Addons to Manage a Tab Jam‘. 6. 7. Claims to hide all the toolbars and keep only 3 basic navigation buttons visible. 8. 9. 10. Sync Butler - File Synchronization Tool “Kad je jedan monah, koji je tokom deset godina molio Boga da mu da dar icjeljivanja, i dobio ga, došao svom duhovnom ispovjedniku i saopcio mu to, ovaj mu je naredio da ide moliti Boga da mu oduzme taj dar, i da mu daruje videnje grijehova svojih.” Rezultati mojih istraživanja u podrucju bioenergije su uvjetovani mojim dvadesetogodišnjim radom u tom podrucju, te filozofskih osmišljavanjem svijeta i isto tako uvjerljivom potvrdom osnovnih filozofskih i teorijskih pretpostavki kroz prakticni rad. O cemu govori ova knjiga? Ispred covjecanstva stoje vrlo ozbiljni problemi, i od toga da li ce se oni riješiti ili ne, ovisi naša buducnost. Obicno se smatra da su osnovni problemi proistekli iz loše ekologije, prijetnje nuklearnog rata i zbog desetak drugih vanjskih uzroka. U biti, glavni razlog nesrece se nalazi u samom covjeku, jer, da bi se izmijenio svijet, najprije se moramo izmijeniti mi sami. Moj ulazak u novo shvacanje svijeta dešavao se citavog mog života. - Kad je pocelo poboljšanje?

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