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Tadashi x hiro. Tadashi x hiro. 【自行漢化】大英雄天團同人塗鴉漫畫 @ 腐の月. [BH6正廣糟糕四格本]思春期天團 - 同人誌 - 台灣同人誌中心. 台灣的同人誌資料集中網 已收錄 同人誌:23,732本| 同人周邊:20,679件| 同人社團:4,492個 首頁 » 同人誌 » [BH6正廣糟糕四格本]思春期天團 同人誌作品完整介紹 [BH6正廣糟糕四格本]思春期天團 本子資料 作者:唪瓜 社團:唪瓜物語 性質屬性:一般向 歐美動漫類 漫畫本 規格:B5右翻 出版日期:2015-02-28 頁數:24頁 裝訂:無線膠裝 售價:150元 內頁:黑白印刷 本子中心:濱田兄弟 正廣(Tadashi x Hiro)

[BH6正廣糟糕四格本]思春期天團 - 同人誌 - 台灣同人誌中心

LOFTER(乐乎) - 每个人的理想国. (不会写文,只能脑洞。

LOFTER(乐乎) - 每个人的理想国

顺便Humans超好看啊,推荐) 随着科技发展,人类发明出了合成人,合成人没有逻辑和感情,但能进行简单的交谈,执行人类的命令,于是被广泛使用于各个领域。 Kingsman是个特工组织,20多年前他们研究出了有感情与逻辑的高级合成人以及半合成人(人与合成人结合)。 That's rough, buddy. Big Hero 6, Heroes and So Sad. 这位太太画的小短漫和图都炒鸡萌-大米. 这位太太画的小短漫和图都炒鸡萌 吃醋的大白不能更可爱了XDDD.


「キノコメ」のプロフィール. The Wicked Path of Destiny by hogwartswitch. When Three Wrongs Make a Right by 1stPrelude. Dragon Claims and Human Change by selim_nagisokrov. Kolonc by lenmester. Counting Down to You - KRYSTALM. Chapter Text Hiro Hamada—teen genius discovered new Physics Law!

Counting Down to You - KRYSTALM

Snorting, he sighed as he read through the news on his tablet. It had only been yesterday night since he had declared the new law he discovered and now it was the front page news. He could already imagine the multiple calls he would receive from various television stations asking for an interview. He could already picture the magazine companies trying to stalk him down just to get him to cover for the next issue. He couldn’t help it as a grin stretched on his face. He was nineteen and he was already making great progress for himself and for the world. He wondered for a moment how Cass was doing. “Hiro?” “Yeah, hi, Aunt Cass,” he said as she chuckled. “God, Hiro,” she said after a moment. “I try, Aunt Cass,” he said cheekily as she laughed heartily.

“You sure do,” she said. “I know,” he said. “I’m fine,” she said quickly. “Hey, I’m just a concerned family member,” he said, feigning hurt in his voice. “I’m sorry!” Can't Help Myself by OopsIShipTheThing. House of Cards: A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating the Quadrants. Chapter Text House of Cards A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating the Quadrants.

House of Cards: A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating the Quadrants

Contains Also a Brief Observational Analysis of Troll Morphology and Psychology Or, Interspecies Relationships For Complete Morons by Rose Lalonde Co-authored by the author’s esteemed colleague and inamorata, Kanaya Maryam Foreword: Introduction and Acknowledgements Greetings and salutations, friend. In addition, I wish to personally thank the following individuals for their contributions in the realm of motivation, knowledge accrued through vigorous trial-and-error, and, most importantly, inspiration: one Dave Strider, and one Terezi Pyrope. If by some spectacular good fortune we, or at the very least, this book, survive the trial by fire that is to come, it is my hope that this tome might go down in history as the very first attempt at a somewhat in-depth interspecies social analysis.

Alas, this prelude has taken a turn for the grim. Steps to Insanity Chapter 1: C'mon Karkat, it'll be fun!, a homestuck fanfic. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or anything.

Steps to Insanity Chapter 1: C'mon Karkat, it'll be fun!, a homestuck fanfic

That is Hussie's A collaborative story. I assume you've already read the summary. "This is fucking stupid," Karkat mutters, wearing the usual disgusted grimace. "I mean what the hell is so appealing about everyone showing off their grotesque half-naked bodies off to the world? Guns and swords by germanpiano. Clear As Plastic - Milky Maelstrom (milkymaelstrom) Chapter Text "Stop button-mashing!

Clear As Plastic - Milky Maelstrom (milkymaelstrom)

" Dave bit his lip, his eyes constantly flashing between the controller and the screen, trying to remember which buttons to press for a combo. "It's not button-mashing if you know what you're doing," John smirked, even if it was a lie.The two were once again on the living room floor, playing video games.

In fact, they had been here nearly the entire evening since Dave's hangover subsided and he was well enough to crawl out of bed. Shatterheart Chapter 37: Bitterness, Jealousy, and Hurt, a tsubasa chronicle fanfic. Author's Notes: More smut over these next two chapters, though we don't get anything too explicit in this chapter.

Shatterheart Chapter 37: Bitterness, Jealousy, and Hurt, a tsubasa chronicle fanfic

Then plot for a while after that. Chapter Thirty-Seven Waiting for the princess and the mage to leave for their evening walk was torture—what happened when they were gone didn't make it any better. As soon as the door closed behind them, Kurogane rose from the couch, took a breath, and knocked on the kid's door. Alone Aboard The Ark - rfk (jfk) [NOICHI Mikuro] Brother Auto Spot (update c.04) [SAKURA Riko] Sabishigariya wa Yume o Miru (c.01-3) [Eng] - Page 2 of 3. [SAGAMI Waka] Kamatte Kawaii Hito. Title: Kamatte Kawaii Hito Chapter: 1 Author: SAGAMI Waka.

[SAGAMI Waka] Kamatte Kawaii Hito

[Owaru] Kichiku, Encount (update c.03) Title: Kichiku, Encount キチク、エンカウント Kichiku Encount.

[Owaru] Kichiku, Encount (update c.03)

[MINADUKI Yuu] Otouto ja Irarenai!! Title: Otouto ja Irarenai!! 弟じゃいられない!! 才不要只是弟弟而已 Hard to be the Younger Brother!!