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JoeZoo - Build Rubrics and Streamline Your Feedback Process in Google Docs JoeZoo Express is a great Google Docs Add-on that lets you insert canned comments into your students' documents. You can use JoeZoo's pre-made comments or you can create a menu of your own comments to add to documents. Once you've created comments you can use them over and over again on any documents that your students share with you. Over time use JoeZoo Express can save you lots of time when you're giving your students feedback on their work. JoeZoo Express is more than just a commenting tool.

The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now) PowerSchool Learning: (Previously Haiku Learning.) This is a full learning management system (LMS) that I’m trying to get our school to adopt. It’s multiplatform and robust, which makes it a great fit for our BYOD environment. Ultimate Cooperative Learning Strategies Guide What is Cooperative Learning? Cooperative learning is a style of teaching that takes the teacher off the state and allows students to learn from one another. Students work together in collaborative groups through different strategies to reach a common goal. This positive interdependence allows students to hold one another accountable for sharing the work load and learning. The group nature of cooperative learning strategies allow many student to student interactions to occur at the same time instead of just one interaction at a time that happens when teachers call on a student.

What is the most useless problem solving strategy? Problem-solving is one of those twentieth century skills that schools are supposed to be teaching in order to prepare students for jobs that haven’t been invented yet. It is a key component of the ‘critical and creative thinking’ general capability of the Australian Curriculum. Yet problem-solving is a tricky concept. I certainly don’t believe it is a discrete skill like a golf-swing that can be developed through teaching and practice. David Geary’s distinction between biologically primary and biologically secondary knowledge perhaps offers a useful way of thinking about problem-solving.

Open educational resources UNESCO believes that universal access to high quality education is key to the building of peace, sustainable social and economic development, and intercultural dialogue. Open Educational Resources (OER) provide a strategic opportunity to improve the quality of education as well as facilitate policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building. Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning or research materials that are in the public domain or released with an intellectual property license that allows for free use, adaptation, and distribution. In 2001, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in an unprecedented move, announced the release of nearly all its courses on the internet for free access. As the number of institutions offering free or open courseware increased, UNESCO organized the 1st Global OER Forum in 2002 where the term Open Educational Resources (OER) was adopted.

create and share visual ideas online Select • Drag • Create Chat! We're not around, but we'd love to chat another time. You can also see our help guides Fraction Strip - Equivalent Fractions "Math Salamanders Free Math Sheets" Welcome to the Math Salamanders Equivalent Fraction strips. Here you will find a wide range of free sheets which will help your child learn their Fraction facts. How to Print or Save these sheets Upper Elementary Snapshots: 10 Simple Ways to Integrate Technology in the Classroom I am a technology junky! At any given time you will find a collection of iPads, laptops, iPhones, smart T.V.s, e-readers, you name it. If you haven't read Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd, you really should. This may very well have taken place in my house. ;) If you aren't sold on the importance of integrating technology in the classroom or have doubts, this video is an absolute MUST!! This video is one of the most powerful videos that I have watched lately.

Some of The Best Educational Websites for Teachers August 28, 2017 Here is a handy infographic we have been working on for the last couple of days. We compiled 32 educational websites based on the Ultimate EdTech Chart we published a few months ago. We arranged these websites into 8 different categories and for each of these categories we came up with four websites that best represent the selected content area. The categories we have included are : websites for language arts teachers, websites for math teachers, websites for science teachers, websites for physics teachers, websites for history teachers, websites for social studies teachers, websites for arts teachers, and websites for music teachers. You can find links to the websites in this chart. Enjoy