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Controcultura dominante : IL Magazine. Ma nonostante l’afflato indipendentista, questi pionieri erano in larga misura cittadini: intellettuali, ex-studenti, più esperti di poesia che di come star caldi d’inverno.

Controcultura dominante : IL Magazine

E quindi Brand vendeva loro ciò che poteva servire, e le nozioni su come usarlo: stufe, guide al compostaggio o al sesso tantrico, seghetti alternativi, manuali di chimica, cupole geodetiche, corsi di yoga – eventualmente con recensioni sia della redazione che di lettori/acquirenti, come su Amazon. La pubblicazione era solida, di grande formato, impaginata artigianalmente, con commenti a penna fotocopiati e i bordi del ritaglio spesso visibili intorno alle foto.

Vendeva un sacco. Da un certo punto di vista, quello che ha fatto Brand – aiutarli a imparare e a fare da sé – era un contributo cruciale a una nascente rivoluzione nelle forme di vita. Da un altro punto di vista, voleva dire attingere a un segmento di mercato nuovo nuovo e bisognoso proprio di quello che Brand aveva da offrire. Credo in una sola blockchain. Quando nel 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto ha pubblicato il paper intitolato “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” probabilmente non immaginava che la sua soluzione tecnologica al problema del double-spending avrebbe creato un ecosistema in grado di cambiare la struttura di internet per come la conosciamo oggi.

Credo in una sola blockchain

Satoshi Nakamoto, che in realtà è un nome fittizio e la cui vera identità ancora non è stata rivelata – malgrado periodicamente ci siano articoli che sostengono di averlo individuato – ha ideato una valuta digitale, il Bitcoin, in grado di garantire transazioni sicure senza la necessità di un’autorità di controllo centrale che certifichi tutte le singole transazioni. La tecnologia che garantisce la correttezza, la sicurezza e la validità della nuova valuta è la blockchain. 4 Tips to Get Started With Virtual Reality in Architecture. You are walking through an elegant house, admiring the large living-room windows, the paintings on the wall, and the spacious kitchen.

4 Tips to Get Started With Virtual Reality in Architecture

Pendant lights cast a soft glow, the terrazzo flooring gleams beneath your feet, the furnishings feel inviting. Then you take off the virtual-reality goggles and resume your meeting. This scenario is becoming increasingly common as more architects incorporate virtual reality (VR) into their practices. 5 Reasons to Add Virtual Reality to Your Workflow. 5 Reasons to Add Virtual Reality to Your Workflow This article was originally published on ArchSmarter titled "5 Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Architecture.

5 Reasons to Add Virtual Reality to Your Workflow

" Virtual Reality (VR) is about to change architecture forever, meaning that every firm needs to decide how it’s going to respond to those changes. That may sound like hyperbole, but 3D imaging and the benefits computers brought to the field pale in comparison to what VR brings. Computer-generated images are, in many ways, an updated version of the hand-drawn renderings of the past. VR takes viewing models to a whole new level. 1. InstaVR - Make your VR apps in minutes - Progettare è un atto politico. Milano 2006.

Progettare è un atto politico

Durante una visita alla Fondazione Achille Castiglioni scoprivo l’interruttore rompitraccia, un banale ma rivoluzionario oggetto ideato dal designer milanese. Accessibile, democratico, semplice da trovare scorrendo la mano lungo il cavo, piacevole da usare. Chi governa la supply chain? ‘Anarchism could help to save the world’ Ed Miliband’s late-night pilgrimage to Russell Brand’s loft apartment, days before the last election, was seen by supporters as a canny bid for the youth vote, and by critics as a cringe-worthy attempt to harness the Shoreditch Messiah’s charisma.

‘Anarchism could help to save the world’

Yet neither view captures its real significance as a sign of the profound weakness of mainstream social democracy and its desperate efforts to co-opt the energies of the most dynamic element of today’s left: anarchism. In their eagerness to ridicule Brand’s “ramblings”, commentators have ignored his strong identification with the left-anarchist tradition. For among the works he has recommended to his followers is a collection of writings by another charismatic figure who sometimes lived in London, the father of anarchist communism: Prince Peter Kropotkin. Comparisons between Kropotkin and Brand may seem strained. It is no surprise that anarchist sages and prophets should be so fashionable, both then and now.

Architects Guide to Upload 360 Videos To Facebook Or YouTube. If you haven’t experienced a 360° video yet, you’re in for a blown-mind.

Architects Guide to Upload 360 Videos To Facebook Or YouTube

We recently watched this 360 degree video made by Casey Neistat and had such a good time exploring NYC. Droni, trattori senza pilota e software: l'agricoltura 4.0 vale 4 miliardi di dollari. Fattorie verticali, trattori che si guidano da soli, fertilizzazione e irrigazione gestite (con precisione millimetrica) da satelliti e droni.

Droni, trattori senza pilota e software: l'agricoltura 4.0 vale 4 miliardi di dollari

Altro che due braccia rubate all'agricoltura. L'uomo, nei campi, non serve quasi più. La rivoluzione digitale è sbarcata in fattoria e si prepara a cambiare per sempre il modo in cui coltiviamo e alleviamo quello che ci arriva nel piatto e la mappa economico-finanziaria del settore. Storia naturale della post-verità.

“Le verità vere sono quelle che si possono inventare”, scriveva Karl Kraus circa un secolo fa.

Storia naturale della post-verità

Lo scrittore e polemista austriaco, celebre anche per i suoi aforismi, amava dire che chi esagera ha buone probabilità di venir sospettato di dire la verità, e chi inventa addirittura di passare per ben informato. Aquaponics Vertical Garden. I've always been a fan of aquaponics gardening ever since I saw something on facebook about it.

Aquaponics Vertical Garden

The almost closed loop (or at least the possibility of a closed loop system) is very interesting. Of course once I saw a vertical hydroponics system I immediately wanted one. Being the frugal DIY guy that I am I didn't want to pay the nearly $1000 for one plus I didn't like how it looked. So I made my own. Materials. How to Install WordPress on Google Cloud (And Why That’s Awesome) As a website owner, you may be tired of depending on a single server to host your site – frequent downtime, longer load times, and higher costs are all potential downfalls to working with a single hosting provider.

However, cloud computing enables you to host your site across multiple servers, saving you money and ensuring almost 100% uptime. Google Cloud offers one of the most competitive pricing policies among the major cloud providers. In this post, we’ll show you how you can set up WordPress using the service, but first, let’s look at why it’s so awesome! An Introduction to Cloud Computing with WordPress Cloud computing essentially enables you to upload your site’s files (such as images, style sheets, and other assets) to a remote server, and access them on demand. When you access a Word document, your Facebook page, or check your banking account from your phone, you are using cloud computing.

Tripping Over Our Bootstraps: Open Source Ecology and the Promise of Liberational Technology by Anne Pasek. They say that with $30,000 and 200 acres of land, you can bootstrap yourself out of capitalism. With access to the right tools, you can secure food and shelter, modern comforts, and freedom from scarcity. This is the premise of Open Source Ecology (OSE), a non-profit open source hardware group that collaboratively designs and distributes blueprints for imagined, autonomous communities both within America and low-income countries abroad. Open Source Ecology’s Global Village Construction Set. The Alien Style of Deep Learning Generative Design – Intuition Machine – Medium.

What happens when you have Deep Learning begin to generate your designs? The commons misconception would be that a machine’s design would look ‘mechanical’ or ‘logical’. However, what we seem to be finding is that they look very organic, in fact they look organic or like an alien biology. Take a look at some of these fascinating designs. Fare politica. La fabbrica digitale come sfida sociale. Nuove tecnologie e nuova organizzazione. Novembre/Dicembre 2016 / Monografica Pubblicato: 17 Novembre 2016 Oggi sembra essere la società a guidare la rivoluzione in fabbrica e non viceversa, come all’epoca di Ford e della macchina a vapore.

La rivoluzione di Industry 4.0 non sarà primariamente tecnologica, ma prima di tutto socio-organizzativa e i suoi esiti dipenderanno da come i vari gruppi sociali guideranno e accetteranno i trend tecnologici e da come in generale la società li premierà o rifiuterà. Dobot M1 smashes $100,000 kickstarter in less than 24 hours - 3D Printing Industry. Dobot M1, the desktop robotic arm that 3D prints, laser engraves, and solders has surpassed its crowdfunding campaign in just 23 hours. Launched on 28 November, Dobot was aimed as a cheaper alternative to industrial robotic arms without a compromise in efficiency. Since, according to their the company’s Kickstarter page, it can realize features even more than a traditional robotic arm, like 3D printing. L’era dei robot e la fine del lavoro: un bene o un male per l’umanità? È un giorno qualunque, nell’era dei robot, e il lavoratore tipo esce di casa per recarsi in ufficio. Le macchine, per strada, si guidano da sole.

Il traffico pure: si dirige da sé. Lo sguardo può dunque alzarsi sopra la testa, dove, come ogni giorno, droni consegnano prodotti e generi alimentari di ogni tipo – oggi, per esempio, il pranzo suggerito dal frigorifero “intelligente”. The Man Whose Job It Is to Constantly Imagine the Total Collapse of Humanity in Order to Save It. Vinay Gupta: disaster consultant and global resilience guru "You know that scene in Jurassic Park where they're being chased by the Tyrannosaur? And Jeff Goldblum is in the back of the Jeep watching the jaws come closer and closer? So I'm Jeff Goldblum. The Hexayurt Project: Free Hardware housing for the world. Vinay Gupta: The Man Who is Constantly Trying to Solve Humanity's Largest Problems and Save All of Our Lives.

Vinay Gupta is the smartest human you’ve never heard of. He’s a technologist, inventor, futurist, systems theorist, and global resilience guru whose life’s work focuses on how to ensure the long-term survival and flourishing of the human race. Gupta sees his work as an extension of the work of renowned inventor and systems theorist, R. Buckminster Fuller.

3D Printing with Rhino. Rhinoceros, or short Rhino, is a powerful and versatile modeling software for creating 3D designs. When you’re looking to 3D print your Rhino model, some points are very important to keep in mind: it needs to be watertight, exported correctly, and have the right wall thicknesses. While this might sound complicated, Kyle Houchens, an expert at preparing a Rhino 3D model for 3D printing, will show you how it’s done. Cosa sono i market networks e perché piattaforme come Uber sono solo l'inizio. Qualche giorno fa, mentre spendevo un bellissimo weekend nel cuore dell’Umbria, a Todi per Appy Days, nel riflettere in preparazione delle discussioni ai panel che mi vedevano coinvolto, mi è capitato di rileggere un post illuminante di Aaron Dignan, datato 2013. Nel post, tra le altre cose, Dignan spiega come a causa della trasformazione tecnologica (e digitale), i mercati sono diventati il territorio incontrastato di dominio della disruption – il cambiamento improvviso di prospettiva che tanto spaventa i grandi incumbent che dominano la nostra società: «la tecnologia – il software in particolare – ha avuto un effetto destabilizzante sui modelli di business tradizionali.

Il personal computing ha livellato il campo in quasi tutti i settori. I prodotti ed i mezzi per crearli sono diventati digitali». Credits: - The Open Making Community. Jim O'Rourke by Jay Sanders. Jim O'Rourke in Tokyo, 2015. Sam Harris on the Paradox of Meditation and How to Stretch Our Capacity for Everyday Self-Transcendence. The 25 Best Sci-fi Movies of The 21st Century. Since the beginning of storytelling, man has always sought out new ways to give wisdom and understanding through mediums of entertainment. All genres have a different purpose; we have comedies to make us laugh, dramas to make us cry etc. One genre stands out as the most cerebrally connected with our true being however, and that is the genre of science fiction. Science fiction, like most genres, has grown exponentially more immersive over the years with the emergence of video games and 3D film. In recent years, we’ve seen stunning visual effects in films like Gravity and Interstellar, a progressed sense of intelligence in the genre with films like Upstream Color, and an overall revitalized sense of kinship between sci-fi and humanity.

Open Source Product Innovation. Researchers Discover New Way to Make Sturdy Structures that Fold Flat. Coworking come nuovo laboratorio dell’innovazione? - cheFare. Scarpe Artigianali di Lusso Personalizzate.

Politica e filosofia

(Science) Fiction and Design — Hackerpreneur magazine. Turn Your 3D Printer Into an Injection Molder. 11 Tips You Need To Know Before Building A Shipping Container Home. Sonno, il metodo "4-7-8" per addormentarsi in 60 secondi. Il medico Andrew Weill: "È un calmante naturale per il sistema nervoso" Mario Porro. Edgar Morin. Insegnare a vivere.

RobinHood Minor Asset Management. Richard Dawkins interview: 'It must be possible to construct life chemically, or in a computer'