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"Första hjälpen"-kit för formativ bedömning

"Första hjälpen"-kit för formativ bedömning

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edutopia I thought I could read my students' body language. I was wrong. As an experiment, I used Socrative when I taught binary numbers. The best sites for finding high-quality, free images – ICTEvangelist So often we want to find images to use in our everyday work. Google images doesn’t really provide the answers when it comes to high quality CC free images. Digital citizenship is high on the agenda for pupils and students but equally so for teachers too. In this post I’ll share my favourite places to get high-quality images for you to use in your resources, presentations, posters and more. Pixabay has been high on my list for this purpose for some time. It allows you to not only search for high quality photos but also illustrations, vector graphics and videos.

Seat-Based Sensory Strategies to Keep Students Seated and Focused - Special-ism My daughters have only been back in school a couple of days now and they are already counting down the weeks until Spring Break! It seems really far away right now and they are wondering how they can make it that long without a break from school. I remember that feeling – the January doldrums. This time of year can be the most difficult time for teachers to keep kids on task in school. Simple Seat-Based Sensory Strategies

Two stars and a bloody wish! A heap of epithets is poor praise: the praise lies in the facts, and in the way of telling them.Jean de La Bruyère We are held hostage by our superstitious belief in the mystical power of marking to cure all educational ills. It won’t. A teacher inscribing marks in students’ exercise books is every bit as mundane as it sounds; in my 15 years in the classroom it rarely resulted in much. Self-Assessment Inspires Learning Self-reflection is self-assessment, and one of the most significant learning tools we can model for our students. Ultimately, we want our children and adolescents to be the self-assessors of their work, dispositions, and goals. Research repeatedly reports that the difference between good teachers and superior teachers is that superior teachers self-reflect. The brain is wired for this strategy, and it has been a part of our evolution. When we teach to a child's or adolescent's brain, we empower that student with the "inner resources" that directly affect his or her ability to pay attention, engage, and create meaningful learning experiences.

Teaching & Assessing Soft Skills The career landscape is changing dramatically. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average worker currently holds ten different jobs before the age of forty. This requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. Students who leave high school with strong soft skills will work more harmoniously with others and be more successful tackling unfamiliar tasks. However, teachers must explicitly teach these soft skills in school. Teachers cannot assume that students know what it looks like to communicate effectively. Consequences of school grading systems on adolescent health: evidence from a Swedish school reform: Journal of Education Policy: Vol 0, No 0 The Swedish school system and grading reform Sweden has undergone a transformation from a centralist and state-led education system to a dispersed and marketized system. Public and independently run schools are fully tax funded, but independent schools are mostly for-profit schools (Rönnberg, Lindgren, and Lundahl 2019 Rönnberg, L., J. Lindgren, and L. Lundahl. 2019.

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