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Untitled. Untitled. "There is going to be a lot of disappointment in the law, a huge amount," she said Wednesday at an event hosted by the American Bar Association.


"Look at me, look at my dissents. " Earlier this month, Sotomayor penned a scathing opinion when the court's majority allowed the Texas law to go into effect, calling the action "stunning. " "You know, I can't change Texas' law," Sotomayor said Wednesday, "but you can and everyone else who may or may not like it can go out there and be lobbying forces in changing laws that you don't like. " Untitled. But the case did not start out that way.


In their private conference room in October with only the nine and no law clerks, the justices debated whether and how to provide the same anti-bias coverage for 1 million transgender workers, according to multiple sources familiar with the inner workings of the court. Some justices raised concerns related to religious interests and shared bathrooms, the sources said. Untitled. New details obtained by CNN reveal how Roberts maneuvered on controversial cases in the justices' private sessions, at times defying expectations as he sided with liberal justices.


Roberts exerted unprecedented control over cases and the court's internal operations, especially after the nine were forced to work in isolation because of Covid-19. Roberts also sent enough signals during internal deliberations on firearms restrictions, sources said, to convince fellow conservatives he would not provide a critical fifth vote anytime soon to overturn gun control regulations. As a result, the justices in June denied several petitions regarding Second Amendment rights. Untitled. With a deadly pandemic rampaging across the country and the president threatening to deploy armed federal agents to quash protests in numerous cities over the objection of local elected officials, it's understandable that there's been relatively little attention paid to the possibility that Republicans may soon attempt an unprecedented and dangerously antidemocratic power grab on the Supreme Court.


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the high court's four liberals, was recently hospitalized with what was described as a possible infection. Three days later, the 87-year-old justice announced that she has been diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. (Ginsburg was treated for colon cancer in 1999, pancreatic cancer in 2009, and lung cancer in 2018. Her current diagnosis concerns a recurrence of pancreatic cancer in her liver.) Untitled. Chief Justice John Roberts says Americans may 'take democracy for granted' Americans, Roberts said, have in the modern era come to "take democracy for granted," and the chief justice lamented the fact that civic education has "fallen by the wayside.

Chief Justice John Roberts says Americans may 'take democracy for granted'

" "In our age, when social media can instantly spread rumor and false information on a grand scale, the public's need to understand our government, and the protections it provides, is ever more vital," Roberts wrote in his annual report on the state of the judiciary, issued each New Year's Eve. Although the report does not specifically cite President Donald Trump's past attacks on the judiciary, his statement is a clear attempt to bolster federal judges across the country and shore up the reputation of the judicial branch as the other branches of government have dissolved into a bitter morass. It comes as some federal judges have chosen to publicly criticize the President for his attacks on legal decisions and judges, and as Roberts himself may be called upon to preside over a Senate impeachment trial.

Democrats look at packing the Supreme Court to pack the vote. McConnell's comments were an audacious reversal of his 2016 election-year position blocking Garland for the vacancy caused by the sudden death that February of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Democrats look at packing the Supreme Court to pack the vote

McConnell's outrageous hypocrisy on a Supreme Court vacancy. Which brings me to Tuesday in Paducah, Kentucky, when McConnell was asked what his "position" would be on filling a Supreme Court vacancy if a justice were to leave the court in 2020.

McConnell's outrageous hypocrisy on a Supreme Court vacancy

Supreme Court justice's wife stirs controversy. Why Murkowski is a no on Kavanaugh. Republican Sen.

Why Murkowski is a no on Kavanaugh

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has called for the FBI's Kavanaugh investigation to be released to the public once complete, in contrast with Democratic Sens. Chris Coons and Dianne Feinstein, who have suggested it should remain private. “I personally want it released to the public. I want you to know what the FBI found and let the facts speak for themselves and I am ready to vote,” Graham said Tuesday. Meanwhile, Republican Sen. John Danforth on Brett Kavanaugh - Clarence Thomas. 1982 calendar entries from Brett Kavanaugh. David Brock: I knew Brett Kavanaugh during his years as a Republican operative. Don't let him sit on the Supreme Court. Get the Think newsletter.

David Brock: I knew Brett Kavanaugh during his years as a Republican operative. Don't let him sit on the Supreme Court.

David Brock is the author of five political books, including "Killing the Messenger" (Hachette, 2015) and "Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative" (Crown, March 2002). He founded Media Matters for America in 2004 and then American Bridge 21st Century in 2011. I used to know Brett Kavanaugh pretty well. Echoes of Anita Hill, but in a Different Era for Women. In one way, Mr.

Echoes of Anita Hill, but in a Different Era for Women

Trump and other Republicans approached this situation differently than in 1991 — careful, at least for now, not to directly challenge Dr. Blasey’s credibility and risk looking like they were attacking a victim of assault. Indeed, the message from Mr. Trump and congressional Republican leaders was that they wanted to hear from her, and they even agreed to a televised hearing. Instead, Republicans focused on assailing Democrats for not bringing up the issue earlier and instead injecting it into the process only days before the Judiciary Committee was scheduled to vote on Thursday. Slate’s Use of Your Data. Judge Gorsuch and the frozen truck driver (Opinion) By all accounts Gorsuch is a brilliant man, respected by his judicial colleagues.

His refined intellect and elegant bearing would make him a picture-perfect member of the nation's highest court. If a movie were made about him in the style of the 1950s, Jimmy Stewart would have been a good choice for the part. Gorsuch holds degrees from Columbia, Harvard Law and even Oxford University. He is an accomplished writer who disdains legalese, often drafting complex opinions in plainspoken, well-crafted prose. Looking Back. Antonin Scalia, who died this month, after nearly three decades on the Supreme Court, devoted his professional life to making the United States a less fair, less tolerant, and less admirable democracy. Fortunately, he mostly failed. Belligerent with his colleagues, dismissive of his critics, nostalgic for a world where outsiders knew their place and stayed there, Scalia represents a perfect model for everything that President Obama should avoid in a successor.

The great Justices of the Supreme Court have always looked forward; their words both anticipated and helped shape the nation that the United States was becoming. Chief Justice John Marshall read the new Constitution to allow for a vibrant and progressive federal government. Louis Brandeis understood the need for that government to regulate an industrializing economy. My argument with Justice Antonin Scalia (Opinion) The Potential for the Most Liberal Supreme Court in Decades. There are two ways to think about the change. One is to compare Justice Scalia with the person President Obama nominates for his spot. Meet potential Obama Supreme Court nominee Sri Srinivasan. For Salman Abuelhawa, six phone calls almost meant decades in prison. After he was caught buying a small amount of cocaine, federal prosecutors said Abuelhawa had violated a law about using a “communications facility” to facilitate drug sales.