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Did Your Pet Fail House Training 101? This Could Be a Lifesaver. By Dr.

Did Your Pet Fail House Training 101? This Could Be a Lifesaver

Becker A significant percentage of dogs wind up in animal shelters due to housetraining problems, and about a quarter of behavior-related visits to veterinarians also involve housetraining issues. In my experience, one of the main reasons housetraining fails is because dog parents have a tendency to look at their canine companions as four-legged humans. They view pet accidents on the floor the same way they would view a person who relieved him- or herself on the floor. While your dog is a member of your family, he's not a person, and if you mishandle potty mistakes in the house, you'll very often get the opposite outcome of the one you want, and make the situation worse. Elimination is a natural function, and new puppies in particular can be expected to relieve themselves whenever and wherever the impulse strikes until they are: 1) old enough to control the urge physiologically, and 2) appropriately motivated to pee and poop outdoors.

Pet Digestive Enzymes. Eat More Coconut Oil Make Coconut Dots! - Camp Wander. Water-Loving Cat Breeds That You May Not Know About. By Dr.

Water-Loving Cat Breeds That You May Not Know About

Becker Whether or not you’re a cat lover, you’ve probably heard rumors about cats for years: that they don’t “accept” people the way dogs do, they’re lazy or only buddy up to you because they want something. But if there’s one thing that’s true about cats (or any other creature, for that matter) it’s that when you know the back story, you begin to not only understand but respect what makes them behave as they do. Just like dogs, different cat breeds have different talents and tendencies. Some climb trees better than others — one type, the Norwegian Forest cat, has been known to climb down trees head first because it has sturdier paws in comparison with other breeds.

Dirty Little Truths About Excess Meat Content in Pet Food. By Dr.

Dirty Little Truths About Excess Meat Content in Pet Food

Becker Recently I ran across an article on the challenges of extruding high meat pet food. In the article, high meat content is described as a "growing pet food trend" in the pet food "specialty market. " From Best to Worst - My NEW Rankings of 13 Pet Foods. By Dr.

From Best to Worst - My NEW Rankings of 13 Pet Foods

Becker Five years ago, I published a list of 13 types of pet foods ranked from best to worst. That video remains one of the most popular here at Mercola Healthy Pets as well as on YouTube. There have been a few updates since I made that video, so I thought it was time to publish a new revised list. Onegoodthingbyjillee. Eat More Coconut Oil Make Coconut Dots! - Camp Wander. Does Your Pet Really Need a Monthly Heartworm Preventive? By Dr.

Does Your Pet Really Need a Monthly Heartworm Preventive?

Becker April is National Heartworm Awareness Month as designated and promoted by the American Heartworm Society, which recommends that every pet owner "… '[T]hink 12:' (1) get your pet tested every 12 months for heartworm and (2) give your pet heartworm preventive 12 months a year. "1 Needless to say, the American Heartworm Society is sponsored by a who's who of veterinary drug manufacturers, including Bayer, Ceva, Elanco, Merial, Virbac and Zoetis, as well as a couple of veterinary laboratories. If you and your pet live or spend time in areas where mosquitoes and other pests, especially ticks, are a problem, you should definitely ask your veterinarian for a SNAP-4Dx test or an Accuplex test, both of which check for Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis, along with heartworm. With that said, I absolutely do not agree that every pet, everywhere, should be given a chemical insecticide once a month, year in and year out.

No drug is entirely harmless. 7 Simple Steps to Becoming Your Dog's Primary Health Defender. By Dr.

7 Simple Steps to Becoming Your Dog's Primary Health Defender

Becker As your dog’s loving guardian and biggest fan, I know you want to keep tabs on his day-to-day health and happiness so you can take quick action if he ADR (ain't doin' right). After all, since you spend more time with your four-legged family member than anyone else, you’re in the best position to know when something’s “off” with his well-being or behavior. Of course, to know what’s abnormal, you first have to establish what’s normal for your dog.

This is best done at home when he’s relaxing in his own environment. Once you have a mental picture of how your dog looks when he’s calm and comfortable, you’ll be able to quickly notice when he’s not, which is the goal. Dr. 1. 14 Cleaning Tips Every Dog or Cat Owner Should Know. From Best to Worst - My NEW Rankings of 13 Pet Foods. 8 Steps to Lessen Stress at Dog's Bath Time. By Dr.

8 Steps to Lessen Stress at Dog's Bath Time

Becker Many dogs hate bath time, which is too bad, because with proper preparation, bathing your dog doesn’t have to be stressful for either of you. 1. Is Your Dog Really Hyperactive, or Is This the Problem? By Dr.

Is Your Dog Really Hyperactive, or Is This the Problem?

Becker A Finnish team that included researchers from the University of Helsinki has uncovered an intriguing distinction between hyperactive and impulsive/inattentive dogs, and dogs without those behaviors. Hyperactivity, impulsiveness, sensitivity to noise and general fearfulness are the most common behavioral problems in dogs, and can significantly affect the well-being of both the pets and their human family members.

Similar to humans with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the research team learned that hyperactive dogs have certain elements of their blood counts that differ from normally behaved dogs. Those differences are in the metabolites of phospholipids, in particular, tryptophan.1 Like Humans with ADHD, Hyperactive Dogs Have Metabolic Abnormalities. Perfect Plants to Place over Septic Systems. By Jacqueline Soule American humorist Erma Bombeck wrote "The grass is always greener over the septic tank.

Perfect Plants to Place over Septic Systems

" Like so many things, she was right about this, too. Here in the Southwest, not only is the grass greener, but so are any plants near the septic tank, leach field or city sewer drain pipes — all places where extra soil moisture and nutrients provide a real boost to plant growth. Since Southwestern plants are especially good at seeking water, this makes them especially problematic around septic systems. But with some planning, you can have both plants and a trouble-free septic system. Red and Eastern Wolves May Actually Be Coyote Hybrids. By Dr.

Red and Eastern Wolves May Actually Be Coyote Hybrids

Becker The red wolf is said to be the rarest wolf species. Historically found in the southeastern U.S., the wolves were hunted nearly to extinction in the mid-1900s. Compounding matters was their propensity to mating with coyotes, leading to wolf-coyote hybrids. In 1973, the U.S. Non-Toxic Organic Pet Beds for Dogs and Cats. If you don’t sleep on organic, toxin-free bedding, have you ever worried about the chemical-laden mattress and sheets you sleep on at night?

And what about your pets? What’s in their bedding? Five years ago, I realized I wanted non-toxic, organic bedding for myself and my furry family members as well. How to Trim Your Cat's Nails Video. Caption Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window. How to Cut Your Cat’s Nails PEOPLE’s Pet Vet Evan Antin demonstrates the best way to trim your cat's claws This is a modal window. Cat claws, the least fluffy part of a feline. If you have a kitty who accidentally scratches you or loves to tear up furniture, clipping its nails could help. The task may seem nerve-wracking, but PEOPLE Pet Vet Evan Antin is here to make it easy. 6 Questions You Should Ask Before Adopting a Shelter Pet. By Dr. Becker If you're thinking about adding a pet to the family, I encourage you to visit local shelters and rescues in your area.

There are so many deserving dogs, cats and other animal companions waiting for new homes that I hope every prospective pet parent will consider the homeless population in their area first. Contrary to what some people believe, shelter pets are not "damaged goods. " However, each abandoned animal has a past, so the more you can learn from the shelter about a pet you're considering, the more prepared you'll be to make the right choices for him or her. 1. Study Finds 'Rollie Pollies' Remove Heavy Metals From Soil, Stabilizing Growing Conditions, Protecting Groundwater - ORGANIC AND HEALTHY. Turns out a little bug we don't think of much just so happens to be one of the best protectors of soil ever imaginable.

Read on to find out more! Turn over a brick or a board that has been lying in the yard for a while and underneath you may find a collection of pill bugs scurrying about. Also known as "rollie pollies" or woodlice, these grey-colored creatures can be found in many dark, moist environments feeding on decaying matter. What's interesting about these critters is that they are not bugs at all.

They are crustaceans and more closely resemble crabs and shrimp, not insects. 5-Minute Bird Feeders – MADE EVERYDAY. On our first day of Spring Break last week Lucy declared, “let’s make bird feeders!” The skeptic in me sort of said, “okay” but honestly wondered if birds would even peck off those things. The 7 Best DIY Cat Furniture Projects. What do pipe cleaners, bread bag tags and paper bags have in common? Luuup - The Litter Box Reinvented. Homemade Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Coconut Oil Dog Treats.

Luuup - The Litter Box Reinvented. Food Bowl Sharing: Bad Idea for Households With Multiple Pets. By Dr. Dogs Lie Perfectly Still in a Scanner for a Seeming Eternity. When You Buy Pet Food, Are You Being Pet Fooled? By Dr. Thyme is Honey. The Real Reason Dogs Eat Poop — and How to Make Them Stop. Molasses - Dangers of This Additive in Pet Food and Treat. By Dr. Pets recipes ebook. New Dog Owner? Watch Out for These 5 Common Mistakes. Probiotics for Dogs & Cats. When it comes to the health of your pets – especially keeping their sensitive digestive systems happy and working well – there is one option that is finally receiving the recognition it deserves.

It's a solution that provides the gastrointestinal relief and daily support your cats and dogs need to help maintain their active lifestyle. New Study Reveals Sophisticated Dolphin Language. Puppy Doesn't Bark, He Talks, Sort Of. 7 Fascinating Facts About Opossums. Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma in Cats. Ancient Cats Hung Out With Farmers and Sailed With Vikings. How to Get Pet Urine Smell Out of Carpet. Search Dog Runs Away Everyday. They Followed Him & Were SHOCKED.

Fun Facts About the Norwegian Forest Cat. MCFH S6E7 - HOME COVERED IN CAT PEE, FERALS OUTSIDE, TERRITORIAL INSECURITY — Spirit Essences Journal. Top 10 Medical Conditions in Dogs. Antlers Dog Chews Have Become Very Popular. Mange Is a Common Reason for Itchy, Inflamed Skin in Dogs. Veterinary Care: Signs of True Medical Emergencies. How to Administer CPR to a Pet.

10 Tips for Caring for a Recumbent Pet. Heartworm Prevention for Pets. Claw Disease Symptoms in Pets. 3 Beneficial Oils for Your Dog's Diet. Dogs' Ability to Identify Liars. Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make. Wave How To. Top 10 Tips for New Dog-to-Dog Introductions. 15 Cats That Will Absolutely Destroy You at Hide and Seek. Homemade Cat Treats Recipe - Mess for Less. Learn More. Are Essential Oils the Answer for Your Pet? Strategically Placed Scratching Posts Could Save Your Furniture - Catster. 7 Ways You're Feeding Your Cat Wrong — Photo Gallery. Top 10 DIY Cat Scratching Posts and Pads. Get Rid of Wasps, Woodpeckers and Flies. 11 Strategies for Do-It-Yourself Pest Control. How to Have a Mouse-Free House. How to Get Rid of Mice. 5-secrets-of-supremely-happy-indoor-cats?Wt. 7 Facts About Cats. Factors for Pet Flaky Skin and Dry Coat. Catio Spaces Helps Cat Owners Build Safe Outdoor Havens For Their Feline Friends!

PoopBags - Pets - Pet Health - Benefits of Sprouting Seeds for Pets. Prescription flea and tick preventives: are they the answer for your dog's flea and tick problems? Benefits of Sprouting Seeds for Pets. Eek! Is That A TICK On My Dog?! What Do I Do Now? Pet Boredom: Animal Companions Get Bored from Time to Time. Eek! Is That A TICK On My Dog?! What Do I Do Now? You've Been Trying To Kill Mosquitos All Wrong, This Simple Trick Will Save Your Summer. DIY Natural Bug Spray! 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner’s Life Easier.

Is Your Cat Peeing In Weird Places, And Too Often? Read This! Cooling Off Your Cool Cats Is Purr-fectly Possible With This Nifty Idea! Professional Bull Riders - The PBR Says Goodbye to Mick E Mouse. Outside Habitat For Indoor Cats!! Common Mistakes Dog and Cat Owners Make. Make Your Own Healthy Dog Treats At Home. Check Out This Awesome Life Hack To Keep Your Dog Cool All Summer Long. The Little Pill That Gave My Dog a New Life! - DogNation. When This Elephant Heard Music, He Walked Over And Did Something That Surprised Us All. The Little Pill That Gave My Dog a New Life! - DogNation. 5 Baffling Cat Mannerisms and What They Mean. Caring for your cat after surgery.