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Kitchen Spice That Stops Itching. Dog Coughing: Causes and Treatment Options. The sound of a dog coughing sends alarm bells ringing in most dog owners’ heads.

Dog Coughing: Causes and Treatment Options

Kennel Cough Treatment — 4 Home Remedies for Kennel Cough. Are there any home remedies for kennel cough?

Kennel Cough Treatment — 4 Home Remedies for Kennel Cough

Actually, kennel cough is not that different from any cough you’d get yourself as part of the ordeal we call the common cold — and it so happens that the home remedies for kennel cough listed below work beautifully on humans, too. Of course, contact your vet before you try any of these home remedies for kennel cough and call him immediately if your dog’s kennel cough persists or worsens. 1. Add probiotics to your dog’s diet Besides being excellent for oral and digestive health, probiotics make this list of home remedies for kennel cough since these beneficial bacteria do wonders to support the immune system. Home Remedies for Kennel Cough - Effective Natural Solutions.

So your dog has Kennel Cough.

Home Remedies for Kennel Cough - Effective Natural Solutions

You’ve checked out the Kennel Cough symptoms, and now you want to know what you can do at home to help ease the discomfort for your favorite fur baby. Maybe you’re a homeopathic kind of person that prefers natural solutions to pharmaceutical ones, or perhaps you just want to exhaust every option available. Either way, there are several holistic remedies for kennel cough in its early or mild stages, as well as other options for home treatment of kennel cough. Worms and Other Internal Parasites.

Worms and Other Internal Parasites that Infect Pets What are Heartworms?

Worms and Other Internal Parasites

Can my pet get them? Can I get them? (1) How to Use Diatomaceous Earth on Dogs for Fleas. Apple Cider Vinegar: Holistic Healing for Cats – In researching holistic care for cats, there are a few remedies that come up over and over again.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Holistic Healing for Cats –

One of these is apple cider vinegar – something I use to treat bladder infection in my own body. From what I’ve seen, apple cider vinegar is effective in treating a number of ailments in cats; bladder blockages and infections, ear infections, mange, fleas, mites, ringworm, upper respiratory problems, and more. Always dilute apple cider vinegar when using it with cats! Important Note: If your cat is showing signs of illness, it is important to take them to your veterinarian to make sure you get a correct diagnosis. Once you know for sure what is wrong with your cat, then decide whether you will use a holistic or pharmaceutical treatment.

Harmful Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat: Tuna, Milk, Raw Fish, and More. (1) Jupiter Images Unlimited.

Harmful Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat: Tuna, Milk, Raw Fish, and More

Pictures of Skin Problems in Cats. (1) Fancy (2-15) Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine(16) Tatiane Noviski Fornel / Flickr (17) AFP / Getty Images Kathy Snyder, DVM, Internal Medicine and Emergency/Critical Care, Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Pictures of Skin Problems in Cats

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): "Cat Care – Skin Problems. " Cat Skin Problems You Shouldn't Ignore. Pictures of Cat Skin Problems Cat skin problems are a common concern for many pet owners.

Cat Skin Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

These conditions can lead to rashes, fur loss, and general poor health. Viewing pictures of cat skin conditions can help you better understand what might be your cat's issue. Fleas and Flea Allergy One of the most common causes of feline skin problems is a flea infestation. Allergies Cats can have just as many types of allergies as humans. ADA Assistance Dog Registry. Pictures: Risky Pet-Owner Mistakes: Fat Cats, Ticks, Fleas, and More. 1) Juice Images 2) Getty 3) Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine 4) Sinclair Stammers, Eye of Science/Photo Researchers Inc 5) Harold Taylor/OSF 6) Gil Chamberland/Bios 7) Lancelot/Photononstop 8) JL Klein & ML Hubert/Bios 9) LWA-Stephen Welstead/Bridge 10) Nick Ridley/OSF 11) Juniors Bildarchiv 12) Jane Burton/Dorling Kindersley 13) Hola Images 14) 15) Roy Morsch/Flirt Collection 16) Martin Harvey/Digital Vision 17) Jacque Denzer Parker/Index Stock Imagery 18) Junku/Flickr 19) Tracy Morgan/Dorling Kindersley 20) Photoalto 21) Bill Losh/Photographer's Choice 22) Photographer / Collection 23) Hill Street Studios/Workbook Stock 24) Beverly Logan/Age Fotostock 25) Jean Luc & Francoise Ziegler/Bios Animal Medical Center, The Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Hospital: “Pet-Related Injuries.”

Pictures: Risky Pet-Owner Mistakes: Fat Cats, Ticks, Fleas, and More

Champaign County Humane Society: "Home Alone? How to Treat a Poisoned Cat: 13 Steps (with Pictures) This article was co-authored by Melissa Nelson, DVM, PhD.

How to Treat a Poisoned Cat: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Dr. Nelson is a Veterinarian who specializes in Companion and Large Animal Medicine in Minnesota, where she has over 18 years of experience as a veterinarian in a rural clinic. Seizures In Dogs: Natural Options That WORK. Yellow Fat Disease in Cats - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, Management, Cost. Natural Health & What's In Your Pet Food? Struvite Stones: Diagnosis, Causes and Symptoms. By Dr. Becker Today, I’d like to discuss struvite stones and crystals. Struvite stones are a type of bladder stone that occurs in both dogs and cats. Kitten Cannibalism and Animal Cruelty. List Of Foods You Should NEVER Feed To Dogs - Lovable Friends.

2K+ List Of Foods You Should NEVER Feed To Dogs – Image To Repin / SharePhoto – © Eric Isselée – Many people assume – mistakenly – that “human food” is safe for their pets. Nothing could be further from the truth! Some human foods can be poisonous to dogs and you need to know what they are. One of the challenges here is that dogs tend to want to eat what they see you eating – and will not just leave alone the things that could harm them. Here is a list of foods and other substances that should never be fed to dogs and kept out of reach.

Xylitol Xylitol is a sweetener used as an additive and sugar substitute. Parvo emergency tea. Cat Hyperesthesia: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment. By Dr. Karen Shaw Becker If you're owned by a kitty, you're sharing your life with a very unique little creature. His physiology is unique, as are his nutritional requirements and even his incredible physical flexibility. Another very unusual thing about cats is their tendency to develop a rather strange, bizarre disorder called hyperesthesia, which means abnormally increased sensitivity of the skin. Other medical names for the condition are neuritis and atypical neurodermatitis; in layman's terms, it's often called rippling or rolling skin syndrome, or twitchy cat syndrome. Signs and Symptoms of 'Twitchy Cat Syndrome' In kitties with hyperesthesia, the skin on the back ripples from the shoulders all the way to the tail, and sometimes up the tail to the tip. Poisonous Plants.

Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants List ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Phone Number: (888) 426-4435 This list contains plants that have been reported as having systemic effects on animals and/or intense effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Please note that the information contained in our plant lists is not meant to be all-inclusive, but rather a compilation of the most frequently encountered plants. Are Your Pet Vitamins Making Then Sick. Here is a very important point. Natural: means vitamins as found in natural foods. Untampered with in any way that might change their molecular, their biological or biochemical combinations, or their action. This usually means that only the fiber and moisture are removed.

Plague FAQ. Prevention. Healing Golden Turmeric Paste Recipe For Your Dog. Using Chloroquine to Treat Cryptocaryon in Fish. D-Penicillamine - Heavy Metal Poisoning Treatment for Pets. D-Penicillamine D-Penicillamine is a byproduct of the antibiotic penicillin, but does not have any antibiotic properties. It is an antidote and a chelating agent used by some veterinarians to treat patients suffering from heavy metal poisoning like lead, copper or mercury toxicity. Penicillamine may also have properties to treat rheumatoid arthritis, although the mechanism is not well understood. Heavy Metal Poisoning in Animals Animals are easily susceptible to heavy metal poisoning because they can ingest such materials through a wide variety of products. Signs of Heavy Metal Toxicity in Animals When an animal is suffering from heavy metal poisoning, the metals affect both the gastrointestinal and nervous systems.

How Is Heavy Metal Toxicity Treated? If an animal is believed to be suffering from heavy metal toxicity, the veterinarian will perform a radiograph to determine if the source of the lead is still in the GI tract. Mange in Cats: 5 Mites That Can Frustrate Your Feline. Mangy old cat. That’s often our first thought when we see a cat with bare patches on his head, neck and ears, or elsewhere on his body. How to Recognize and Treat Mites on Your Cat. Recognizing mites and knowing how to treat them is important to the well being of your pet cat. The mites themselves are a big problem; however, the real danger is your cat scratching itself in an attempt to relieve the itching. This repeated scratching can result in a number of deep wounds, as the itching becomes much more relentless. Along with the worry for your pet's health, there are also the serious health ramifications for individuals living alongside suffering animals. Mites can only thrive when given a host to feed off, but this also means that they can travel from one host to another.

Poor Coat Condition in Cats. Nu-Pet Feline Granular - Cat Vitamin and Antioxidant Supplements - Nzymes - Dietary Enzymes (chewable or granular) Dogs suffering allergic reactions and death after being injected with popular Merck vaccine. Vaccine dangers - The threat to your pets. The Use of Lufenuron (Program) in Dogs and Cats. DIY Dog Treats - Easy Recipe Ideas. 15 Ways Your Home Might Be Poisoning Your Pet (We Never Thought About #9!) 12 Plants That Are Toxic to Children and Pets (#12 is Super Popular, Too!) Symptoms of Intestinal Blockage in Dogs. Why is Chronic Kidney Disease Common in Domestic Cats? Most Pet Owners Completely Overlook Dental Pain. 1. Pet Parasite Program. 6 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs.

How To Naturally Keep Fleas Out Of Your Home. 8 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dogs & Cats. Natural News Blogs Boosting Your Dog's Immune System. Give Your Dog Optimal Nutrition and Save Money Too by Making Your Own Healthy Dog Food. NATURAL, HERBAL, HOMEOPATHIC EAR INFECTION TREATMENTS, REMEDIES FOR DOGS AND CATS. Dog: Ear Mites & Flea Repellant Recipes. Medical Cannabis Works for Pets with Cancer. Deadly new virus attacking dogs: What you need to know - What Causes Seizures in Dogs & Cats? - 1800PetMeds®

Cat bites deemed more dangerous than dog bites.