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When Paw Licking May Be a Sign of Illness. 13 Things Humans Do That Dogs Dislike. We love our pups so much that it hurts to think we could be doing something that our dogs dislike.

13 Things Humans Do That Dogs Dislike

Or that makes them uncomfortable, sad, or scared. They love us so much in return that sometimes, they don’t make it obvious when we’re doing something they hate. Since they can’t tell us, we’ve compiled a list of 13 things that humans do that dogs don’t actually like. But lucky for us, our favorite fuzzballs always find a way to forgive us–because that’s just who they are. 1. This is not to say that all dogs dislike hugs. Observe his body language: pinned ears, stiff posture, and a tense expression means the dog is not enjoying the embrace.

Bottom line: you know your dog best. 2. We all chat with our dogs – and that’s okay! To eliminate confusion, keep it simple and in the present when giving commands or directives. 3. Yes, dogs need limits–but you’ll be more successful by encouraging good behaviors rather than scolding them when they’re bad. 4. 13 Things Humans Do That Dogs Dislike. Crossing The Rainbow Bridge: Signs That The End Of Life Is Near Anyone in the position of caring for a dying dog wants to understand the process as best as possible.

Crossing The Rainbow Bridge: Signs That The End Of Life Is Near

Knowing what to expect provides some comfort in an otherwise completely disorienting and uncomfortable time. FDA Warns Against Putting Hand Sanitizer On Your Dog's Paws. As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, it’s never been more important to have clean hands.

FDA Warns Against Putting Hand Sanitizer On Your Dog's Paws

Hand sanitizer helps prevent the virus from spreading to others and keeps it from entering your mouth and nose. Pretty much everyone has a bottle on them at all times these days. Naturally, you want to ensure that everyone in your family is protecting themselves from infection as much as possible too. However, the FDA says the hand sanitizing practice should not extend to your dogs. From Best to Worst - My NEW Rankings of 13 Pet Foods. By Dr.

From Best to Worst - My NEW Rankings of 13 Pet Foods

Becker Five years ago, I published a list of 13 types of pet foods ranked from best to worst. That video remains one of the most popular here at Mercola Healthy Pets as well as on YouTube. 10 Ways To Clean Your Dog's Teeth Without Making Them Hate You! Since doggy dentures aren’t a thing, keeping your pup’s teeth clean and gums healthy is crucial for their overall health and well-being.

10 Ways To Clean Your Dog's Teeth Without Making Them Hate You!

Obviously, the best way to clean your dog’s teeth is to have the vet scrape them while your dog is under anesthesia. This can be very expensive and there are risks associated with anesthesia. Signs of Seasonal Allergies in Pets. Spring will be here before we know it, and so will those miserable warm weather allergies so many pets suffer from these days.

Signs of Seasonal Allergies in Pets

If you also deal with seasonal allergies, chances are you sniffle and sneeze, your eyes are itchy and watery, and you may develop an irritating cough, some shortness of breath or even difficulty breathing. These are all very common human symptoms of allergies, but strangely enough, if your dog or cat has a seasonal allergic response, it will most often manifest as a condition called allergic dermatitis, which is irritation or inflammation of the skin. It's rare that a dog or cat develops symptoms similar to those of an allergic human. Just to clarify, there are two main categories of allergies — food and environmental. Food allergies create year-round symptoms in pets, whereas seasonal environmental allergy symptoms flare intermittently depending on when triggers bloom, blossom and grow. Telltale Signs of Seasonal Allergies in Pets. Apoquel Mutes Specific Disease-Fighting Immune System Enzymes. If you have a dog with seemingly uncontrollable environmental allergies, right about now you’re holding your breath as the weather begins to warm up, your furry BFF begins to scratch, and another season of misery kicks off.

Apoquel Mutes Specific Disease-Fighting Immune System Enzymes

Your poor dog will soon be nonstop scratching, licking, chewing, rubbing his body against the furniture and his muzzle and ears along the carpet. From now till the first frost, the only time he (and you) will get a respite from the torment is when he’s sound asleep. If this sounds all too familiar to you, and you’ve tried a variety of things over the years to ease your dog’s seasonal allergies, you’re probably desperately searching for something that will finally work. If you share your concerns with your veterinarian, she or he may suggest a drug called Apoquel. It’s also possible you’ve seen a TV ad for this drug that is arguably one of the best ever produced to tug at the heartstrings of concerned dog lovers. “Background. Benefits of Chewing for Dogs. You may have noticed that chewing is one of your dog's favorite pastimes.

Benefits of Chewing for Dogs

Not only is your Canis lupus familiaris (domesticated dog) a natural chewer, but she also uses her mouth to explore her environment, picking up objects to see how they feel and taste. There are actually lots of other reasons dogs chew, some of which are beneficial, and others, not so much! Five Steps to Prevent Arthritis in Dogs. Arthritis is unfortunately a very common condition in dogs today, and genetics can play a role — especially for certain breeds.

Five Steps to Prevent Arthritis in Dogs

Other causes of arthritis include abnormal wear and tear on joints and cartilage, abnormal development of the hip or elbow, excessive laxity of the joints, trauma, dislocation of the kneecap or subluxation of the kneecap or shoulder, osteochondrosis dissecans, prolonged steroid therapy, and certain drugs.1 While there are many triggers for canine arthritis, some of which are outside our control, in my experience, lifestyle and inadequate proactive prevention are bigger contributing factors for many dogs than any other cause. The good news is there are many things you can do, starting the first day you bring your pet home, to significantly reduce the risk your four-legged family member will develop arthritis down the road. Prevention Tip #1 — Avoiding Injuries and Trauma Prevention Tip #2 — Controlled Growth for Large Breed Puppies.

How To Teach Your Dog Doorway Manners. As a dog trainer, one of the biggest complaints I hear is about dogs bolting out the front door, clobbering guests as they come in, or barking every time the bell rings.

How To Teach Your Dog Doorway Manners

It’s annoying for the parent, potentially harmful for guests, and can be catastrophic if your dog bolts into oncoming traffic or gets lost. As with most behaviors, door manners consist of two things: management and training. Management will be the first thing you do. While your dog is learning the correct thing to do at the door, you need to manage him so he cannot practice the unwanted behaviors. Managing the Door. Brilliant Dog Problem Solves, Leaves Owner Stunned. 11-month-old Zena proves that dogs can think laterally by working out how to over come an obstacle. If only she could clean up the mess she is about to make! 11-month-old Zena is a brilliant pup. A considerable lot of us have seen proof in amusing recordings that hounds leave something to be desired at spacial mindfulness when attempting to convey expansive sticks up stairways, onto decks, into vehicles and through entryways!

Yet, Zena is on the ball in connection to her friends with regards to critical thinking. 5 Tips To Minimize Dog Shedding. Does your dog shed excessively? Most dogs shed at least a little, but some breeds shed more than average. After you’ve ruled out health issues like allergies, immune disease, or parasites (like fleas), there are some steps you can take to reduce your dog’s shedding. From WikiHow, WebMD, and Drs Foster and Smith, here are some ways to limit the amount of dog hair floating around your house. 1 – Change their diet. Many cheap dog foods are made using fillers that contain no nutritional value and are difficult to digest, such as corn and grains. 2 – Supplement with omega-3. 5 Tips To Minimize Dog Shedding. 5 Signs Your Dog Just Had A Stroke (And What To Do) Strokes are not as common in dogs as they are in humans, but they can be equally serious and frightening.

Unfortunately, recognizing the signs of stroke in dogs can be difficult. Our pups are quite stoic, and without the gift of speech to tell us how they are feeling, diagnosis is challenging. Below we will discuss the types of stroke, how to recognize the signs in your dog, and what you can do to help them beat the odds. 3 Amazing (and Eco-Friendly) Uses for Dog Hair. Ever brush a dog and wonder what to do with the bags of hair left behind? Wonder no longer. There are several uses for the left over fur that is considered environmentally friendly. From simple gardening tips to national awareness, dog fur has come a long way. Does My Dog Love Me? Learn to Spot the Signs. Oral Disease Can Set the Stage for Heart Disease. Dental disease remains the most common medical problem in dogs today, with the majority suffering some form of periodontal (gum) disease by the age of 3.

The reason for this is most family dogs don’t eat the kind of food that helps keep their teeth clean. In addition, most dogs don’t receive regular home and/or professional dental care, and they don’t show signs of discomfort or pain until there’s a significant problem in their mouth. Unfortunately, the risk of painful mouth conditions — in particular, gum disease, tooth resorption and oral cancer — is dramatically increased for older dogs. This means that for your senior or geriatric pet, proper dental care is especially important. Oral Disease Can Set the Stage for Heart Disease When plaque isn’t removed from your dog’s teeth, it collects there and around the gum line and within a few days hardens into tartar.

If your dog has gingivitis, the gums will be red rather than pink and his breath may be noticeably smelly. CBD for Dogs Buyer’s Guide: 8 Things To Consider Before Buying CBD Oil for Your Dog. If you follow natural health, you’ve likely heard of the exploding popularity of CBD oil for dogs. However, with its popularity comes a plethora of low quality sellers looking to make a quick buck. 5 Reasons People Give CBD Oil to Elderly Dogs. Every Dog Owner Needs To Know The Doggy Heimlich Maneuver. Dogs will chew on just about anything they can sink their teeth into, and it often gets them into trouble. Creating a Two-Pronged Approach for Your Dog's Arthritis. Just like older people, many dogs who are getting up in years develop arthritis, and while the condition is more often seen in large and giant breeds, it can affect dogs of any age, any size, and either sex. The Stressless Way to Trim Your Dog's Nails. 5 Grooming Chores Every Dog Parent Should Be Doing.

More than a few dog parents operate under the misguided assumption that keeping their pet well-groomed from head to toe is either a) someone else’s job (e.g. a professional groomer), or b) can be easily managed with a bath every few months. This point of view has always mystified me and is even more surprising given that dogs are considered family members by an ever-increasing number of pet owners. This May Be the Reason Your Dog Curls Up to Sleep. Heated Dog Blankets and Pads for Extra Warmth. A New Way to Treat the Most Common Tumor in Female Dogs. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a new method of staging canine mammary tumors that will help both veterinarians and pet parents better understand an affected dog’s prognosis as well as treatment options. This new "bio-scoring" system, created by a team of veterinary scientists led by Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine, was recently published in the journal Veterinary and Comparative Oncology.1 Mammary Tumors Present Unique Treatment and Outcome Challenges Mammary gland cancer is the most common tumor found in female dogs, and is similar to breast cancer in humans, in that it’s multifactorial (has multiple causes) and fueled by the hormone estrogen.

This type of cancer is most commonly seen in intact female dogs, for example, strays and dogs used as breeders in puppy mills. Among these populations, 1 in 4 may have mammary tumors.2. Dog Poisoned by the Diffuser – PEACE LOVE DOG. Fava Beans in Dog Food. Despite the much-publicized suspected link between grain-free diets high in legumes and diet-related dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs, the processed pet food industry remains very committed to searching out biologically inappropriate pulse crops for potential use in dog and cat food. A recent favorite is fava beans (also called faba and broad beans), which “may be the next new grain-free ingredient in the pet food aisle,” according to a recent article in a pet food industry publication.1 Last year the same publication promoted a 2017 study that suggests fava beans are an “effective ingredient for use in a commercial dog diet.”2 “It appears fava beans were well tolerated at all levels tested and only influenced digestibility at higher levels,” reported study co-author Greg Aldrich, PhD.

How & Why To Give a Dog Massage: (Your dog wants you to read this!) Canine massage?! How To Prepare Your Home For A Senior Dog. Canine Codes. Helping a Shy Dog Build Confidence. The FDA named 16 dog food brands linked to canine heart disease – Here’s what to feed your dog instead. Dog Food Revealed. Grain Free Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks: Each Bag Feeds 7 Shelter Dogs. All-Natural Free-Range & Grass-Fed Bully Sticks: Every Stick Gives a Meal to a Shelter Dog (6 pack) 5 Senior Dog-Friendly Activities To Keep Your Pup Young At Heart. 7 Reasons to Give Your 7+ Year Old Dog Turmeric. What Is Nose Work And How Can It Help Senior Dogs Stay Mentally Healthy? Joint Health Beef Jerky Dog Treat Chews (Large) Toys. Advanced Hip & Joint Chews with Glucosamine, MSM Chondroitin, & Organic Turmeric (120 ct) How To Massage Your Dog. Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet. 7 Ways To Clean Your Dog's Teeth That They Won't Hate. Pet Allergies. Preparing Your Pets for Disaster.

The FDA named 16 dog food brands linked to canine heart disease – Here’s what to feed your dog instead. Why Are Allergies Becoming More Common In Dogs? Prescription flea and tick preventives: are they the answer for your dog's flea and tick problems? Eat More Coconut Oil Make Coconut Dots! - Camp Wander. Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning. Common Mistakes Dog and Cat Owners Make. The Little Pill That Gave My Dog a New Life! - DogNation. Eek! Is That A TICK On My Dog?! What Do I Do Now? Check Out This Awesome Life Hack To Keep Your Dog Cool All Summer Long. Make Your Own Healthy Dog Treats At Home. Benefits of Sprouting Seeds for Pets. Factors for Pet Flaky Skin and Dry Coat. Top 10 Tips for New Dog-to-Dog Introductions. Veterinary Care: Signs of True Medical Emergencies. Dogs' Ability to Identify Liars. 3 Beneficial Oils for Your Dog's Diet. Antlers Dog Chews Have Become Very Popular. Mange Is a Common Reason for Itchy, Inflamed Skin in Dogs. Probiotics for Dogs & Cats.

New Dog Owner? Watch Out for These 5 Common Mistakes. Molasses - Dangers of This Additive in Pet Food and Treat. Top 10 Medical Conditions in Dogs. Search Dog Runs Away Everyday. They Followed Him & Were SHOCKED. Puppy Doesn't Bark, He Talks, Sort Of. Thyme is Honey. Dogs Lie Perfectly Still in a Scanner for a Seeming Eternity. Non-Toxic Organic Pet Beds for Dogs and Cats. From Best to Worst - My NEW Rankings of 13 Pet Foods. The Real Reason Dogs Eat Poop — and How to Make Them Stop. Homemade Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Coconut Oil Dog Treats. Is Your Dog Really Hyperactive, or Is This the Problem? 8 Steps to Lessen Stress at Dog's Bath Time. Does Your Pet Really Need a Monthly Heartworm Preventive? Pet Urinary Tract and Bladder Health. Bone Broth Is Excellent Nourishment for Older Pets. 7 Simple Steps to Becoming Your Dog's Primary Health Defender. Dirty Little Truths About Excess Meat Content in Pet Food. Reverse Sneeze: A Common Condition in Small Dogs. Was That Strange Twitch Normal - Or Was It a Seizure?

Major Dog Chew Recall - Do You Give Your Dog Any of These Brands? Why I Recommend Crate Training for Dogs. The Best Way to Feed Vegetables to Your Pet. 8 Smart Reasons You Should Be Keeping Your Eggshells. Why Does Your Dog Lick You? How to Trim a Dog's Toenails. A Healthy Gut - A Healthy Dog. Helping Your Dog Break the Barking Habit. 8 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Leaking. A Multimodal Approach to Help Dogs With Thunderstorm Phobia. Using Gestures for Dog Training. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Bringing Home a Second Dog.