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I have gotten several emails recently asking about the effectiveness of Coconut Oil for dogs.

Coconut Oil is certainly a product that has received a lot of Internet attention in the last 8 years. There are numerous websites promoting this product, as well as industry involvement in trying to draw attention to numerous claims, including many incredulous claims, of the health inducing properties of coconut oil. I have watched these sites and read the claims with casual interest over the past few years, but to date I have not found any independent scientific research or clinical trials that show coconut oil would be of benefit to healthy dogs as a daily supplement.

First, let’s look at the components of coconut oil. Are You Giving Your Dog too Much "Natural?" How to Not Go Overboard. Here’s a hint, it’s all in the basics!

Are You Giving Your Dog too Much "Natural?" How to Not Go Overboard

Dr. Odette Suter will be teaching you how to avoid the “quick fix” mindset that’s creeped into holistic dog care. She’ll be going over: Basic needs of your dog’s bodyCommon deficiencies and excessesMimicking natureWhat your vet doesn’t tell youPractical ways to use natural remedies Dr. Rodney Habib - Pet Health and Longevity Tips, Pet Food Recipes and Natural Remedies. Super Immune Mushroom Broth. Have you ever tried to improve your animal’s health through diet or exercise?

Have you gotten some positive results only to see your efforts stall, become stagnant, or maybe even tum in the wrong direction? Did you wonder why this happened? Why, despite your best efforts, you didn’t achieve your goals and your animal is still suffering? Simply put, if you do not address these 6 components of health together, your efforts will most likely fail. A wise man once said, “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Let us take a look at the importance of each component and its role in optimized health. Nutrition Have you ever gone on a diet plan and lost weight, only to have a rebound weight gain often times of more weight than you lost?

The Macmillan Dictionary states that the definition of food is that which is eaten to sustain life, provide energy, and promote growth and repair of tissues. Optimal health must include proper nutrition. HomeoAnimal. Ketopet. Innovative therapy puts Blaine dog's cancer into remission (T-cell therapy) Jami Makan When Jackie Craig got her dog Wiley from a ranch when he was eight weeks old, she expected him to have a long, healthy life.

Innovative therapy puts Blaine dog's cancer into remission (T-cell therapy)

That’s because he’s a Blue Heeler, a type of Australian Cattle Dog known for its long, healthy lifespan and lack of predisposed conditions. Wiley quickly became a beloved figure at The Hair Shop on Martin Street in Blaine where Craig works. Holistic Red Flag (Salt Toxicity) By Dr.

Holistic Red Flag (Salt Toxicity)

Becker Himalayan salt lamps are very popular these days. They're used in homes to help beautify and refresh the indoor air and provide an attractive, soothing light. They come in a range of calming colors and interesting shapes. Unfortunately, these lovely lamps may pose an attractive nuisance in homes with pets, especially cats. Anywhere you might place a salt lamp around your home is probably accessible to your cat, and apparently there are kitties who enjoy licking the lamps. Salt Toxicity in Cats The problem if your pet licks a salt lamp is that too much salt is toxic to cats (and dogs). Treatment for salt poisoning in pets includes administration of intravenous (IV) fluids, electrolyte monitoring, treatment for dehydration and brain swelling and supportive care.1.

Is Salt Bad for Cats. TruDog. Premium Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food.


Get The Raw Without The Thaw. USA Raised & Sourced Beef • No Fillers • No Artificial ANYTHING Do You Know How Your Dogs Kibble Is Made? Gather round pups, I’m here to tell you a story. A really, really, gross story. This tale begins on the floor of a factory; piled high with ‘raw product’ everything from the slaughterhouse organs, heads, hooves, beaks; feet to diseased and disabled farm animals, even road kill, restaurant grease, and all the oozy stuff in between.

Discover The Benefits Of Raw For Only $10 Fur Babies Who Love Feed Me What To Expect Improves Immune System and Digestion Increases Energy and Vitality Supports Healthier Skin and Coat Giving Your Fur Baby A Healthier, Happier Life Is Our Mission FEED ME Beef is the ideal raw dog food diet. Planet Paws - Homemade Balanced Dog Food Recipe. Untitled. Dr Gary Richter (Ultimate Pet Nutrition) 2020 List of Pet Foods Good for the Animals. Petlab Co. Dental Wash. Your dog's teeth are not like yours, let me count the ways. Your dog has a mouthful of teeth (hopefully), but they don't look much like yours at all.

Your dog's teeth are not like yours, let me count the ways

Have you ever wondered about them? 5 fun facts about your dog's teeth 1. They have two sets, just like we do — Young humans have baby teeth; young dogs have puppy teeth. Known as deciduous or milk teeth, puppy teeth begin making way for adult teeth at around 4 months of age. 2. 3. The most obvious teeth in the front of your dog's mouth are the large canines, which are long and pointy and perfect for grasping, lifting, tearing and if necessary, for defense. 4. 5. Adult ticks are MOST ACTIVE between... - Herbs, Health and Happiness. Infographic – Photo sources – see foot of article Fleas and ticks are found throughout much of the world.

They can be a year-long concern in warm areas. These pests thrive in warm, humid environments and can pose health concerns for humans and their pets. What kind of ticks can be found where you reside? The U.S. The health risks posed by ticks for people and pets should not be underestimated. There are many retail products labeled as tick repellents. 1.