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I Wouldn't Give My Dog This New Allergy Drug - Dogs Naturally Magazine. Does your dog have allergies?

I Wouldn't Give My Dog This New Allergy Drug - Dogs Naturally Magazine

If so, your conventional veterinarian may offer you a new allergy drug called Apoquel®. Be an online citizen scientist. Association for Truth in Pet Food. Association for Truth in Pet Food announces the publication of The Pet Food Test Results.

Association for Truth in Pet Food

This history making project is all thanks to some very determined pet food consumers. What we found is truly shocking and sad. There is nothing much to say – the results speak for themselves. But – and this is significant – the test results are ONLY the first step. The next very significant step is to write your state and federal representatives and ask them to investigate the condition of pet food. The Pet Food Test results are provided 3 ways… An infographic easy to share in social media overview of the results;A two page easy to print overview of the results;The full Pet Food Test Results. Below is the imagine infographic overview of the results… To view the above image in a separate window, Click Here. Below is the two page easy to print overview of our test results… Download (PDF, Unknown) To view the above pdf in a separate window, Click Here. And finally, below is the full Pet Food Test Report…

Airedales for Adoption: Airedale Terrier Rescue & Adoption. THE LAWS WE ALL NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SERVICE DOGS. By Lloyd Benedict Service Animals have been around for many years and are becoming even more popular as our social environment has become more accessible to people with disabilities.


Interestingly, there is no required license or registration process for service animals in the U.S. As such, any person could claim that an animal is a “service animal” and demand to bring it into locations where animals are normally prohibited, such as restaurants, medical facilities, pet-free housing and even airlines. However, one of the main goals of the recent changes within the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Federal law that protects persons with disabilities, was to reduce misrepresentations committed by people who falsely claim that their pets are service animals. You should also be aware that the ADA has some exceptions and additional rules. Oklahoma also has laws concerning Service Dogs.

Oklahoma law, in short, further defines and provides that: For the purposes of this Oklahoma Statute: Take the EFAC Challenge. THE LAWS WE ALL NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SERVICE DOGS. Words from the president: Making dentistry part of your general practice. Dentistry is often mentioned as a specific area of focus to utilize as a profit center.

Words from the president: Making dentistry part of your general practice

It certainly can be a major profit center in a general practice. Unlike a hysterectomy, teeth are a renewable resource. If you have 1,000 dogs in your practice, you have 42,000 potential tooth patients. Likewise, 1,000 cats will provide you with 30,000 teeth to work on. That's enough to keep any general practice medically busy and financially profitable 365 days out of the year. If it is such a great way to provide excellent medicine along with generating a profit stream, why then does the thought of maintaining a dental operatory seem as much jolly fun as pulling a carnassial tooth with gigli wire and a pair of pliers in between solidly booked 15-minute appointments? Part of the reason dentistry is torture is that we assume we are automatically competent at it, because we are, after all, veterinarians and therefore can automatically perform any procedure. Currently rated 4.2 by 6 people. How to break up a dog fight - by Diane Garrod. Veterinarian-Prescribed Dog Foods.

Veterinarian-prescribed and over-the-counter foods that affect health.

Veterinarian-Prescribed Dog Foods

Recently, we explored the explosion in the numbers and kinds of canine commercial foods aimed at capturing consumers on the basis of their dogs’ age, size, and breed (see “A ry Food for Every Dog?” WDJ June 2002). But as we will see, even “medical” diets seem to have multiplied like rabbits! Medical diets are the ones formulated for dogs with health problems, from vexing but garden-variety conditions such as itchy skin or digestive issues, to more serious health problems such as cancer or kidney disease. How To Break Up A Dog Fight. Dr.

How To Break Up A Dog Fight

Sophia Yin gives some sage advice on breaking up a tussle between dogs. For more from Dr. Yin, find her on Facebook or at! If you have a dog and he goes to the dog park, lives with doggie housemates, or otherwise socializes with other dogs, chances are that at some point you may need to break up a spat. These may range from low-level altercations with no real contact to a no-bites-spared brawl. Instead, our major concern is just getting the dogs apart and to do so without getting bitten. Other methods for separating dogs include spraying them with water, placing a board or object between them, or banging a noisy object near them. Animals and Safe Aromatherapy. When wild dogs, wolves, cats and horses are sick they seek out certain plants to eat in order to get well.

Animals and Safe Aromatherapy

As we domesticated these animals they lost this instinct and their access to wild plants. Plants combine minerals from the soil, water and energy (in the form of sunlight) to produce certain chemical compounds (a process called photosynthesis).