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How To Use Cat Litter To Eliminate Bad Odors. Crafty Ways to Slim Down an Overly Plump Cat. An estimated 60% of cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese,1 and since fat felines are now in the majority, many pet parents have lost the ability to tell the difference between a too-heavy kitty and one who is a normal size.

Crafty Ways to Slim Down an Overly Plump Cat

How to Recognize an Overweight or Obese Cat If you're unsure about your own cat, stand over her and look down at her. Does she have a tapered in waist? If not — if she’s shaped more like an oval, she's probably overweight. You should also be able to feel (but not see) her ribs as well as the bones near the base of her tail. You can also compare her to this body condition chart provided by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA): >>>>> Click Here <<<<< The goal for cats is a body condition score of 5. That’s why it’s not safe to decide that no news is good news when it comes to your cat’s size.

. #1 — Feed Fresh. How to Get Cat Urine Out of Wood Furniture - The Pet Supply Guy. So, your cat just peed on a nice piece of furniture, and you need to know how to get cat urine out of wood furniture.

How to Get Cat Urine Out of Wood Furniture - The Pet Supply Guy

Coming from someone who has dealt with this same problem a number of times I know how you feel. It can be hard enough cleaning urine off a carpet, but cleaning wood furniture is a whole other problem. In the following article we will go over all of the cleaning options that are available, and the products that work best for cleaning cat urine off wood furniture. Downy gets urine smell out of wood floors. Cat Urine Stink? How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell - Decluttering Your Life. There is one super easy way to get cat urine smell out of clothes, carpet, furniture etc permanently WITHOUT leaving any stains or any odor behind.

Cat Urine Stink? How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell - Decluttering Your Life

This cat urine smell remover can be used on any surface (carpet, tile, wood floor, clothing, couch, shoes, etc etc) – and it’s very simple to do. Cat Urine Stink? How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell - Decluttering Your Life. Remove cat pee smell permanently - Feathers in the woods. We currently have one rescue kitten left at our house and the Bengal is not very happy about it!

Remove cat pee smell permanently - Feathers in the woods

First she peed in the kittens bed. Then she 'marked' the cardboard box the kitten had been playing in. Finally she graduated to spraying anywhere she could smell the kitten. I absolutely can't stand the smell of cat urine so I did my best to clean up all these messes. I literally tried everything to get rid of the cat odor in my house. I first started cleaning it up with the rug scrubber filled with pet stain & odor remover.

I was wrong. I soon found out, I had the solution in my cabinet the whole time....and it wasn't chemical laden crap from the pet store! How to Manage an Aggressive Cat. Like most things feline-related, aggression in cats can be a real head-scratcher.

How to Manage an Aggressive Cat

Some of the triggers that bring out the tiger in Mr. Whiskers are unexpected, for example, something outside the window can cause him to launch a sudden attack on the nearest two- or four-legged family member. Feline aggression typically takes one of five forms: territorial aggression, fear-related aggression, petting-related aggression, play-related aggression, or redirected aggression. Territorial Aggression Unlike dogs, cats aren't naturally all that social. 10 Alternatives to Laser Pointers to Help Your Cat Exercise. Both cats and their humans love laser pointers.

10 Alternatives to Laser Pointers to Help Your Cat Exercise

After a long day at the office, cat parents need to exert almost no effort to make that tiny beam of light move, and the movement seems to trigger predatory behavior in cats. So, in theory, laser pointers are an ideal interactive cat toy. However, as veterinary behaviorist Dr. John Ciribassi points out in a recent interview with veterinary publication dvm360, the problem with the laser pointer is there's no endpoint — there's no point at which cats actually physically catch something.1 So, while they may be driven to pursue the laser light, even if they're successful, there's no tangible reward for their effort.

According to Ciribassi, this type of pointless play can lead to behavior problems in cats, for example, they can develop a tendency to compulsively chase shadows or reflections. Why Do Cats Wrap Their Tails Around Their Paws? One of the first steps in learning to speak your cat’s language is understanding that their tail is a major means of communication.

Why Do Cats Wrap Their Tails Around Their Paws?

It can tell you when they’re feeling angry, playful, or scared—all you have to do is pay attention. One of a cat’s favorite things to do with their tail is wrap it around their paws. It happens when they’re sitting upright and curled up looking cozy on the couch. It’s a seemingly innocent gesture, but the placement of their tail carefully over their paws isn’t an accident. Cats fall in love from afar and owner documents their love story. Love can blossom anywhere.

Cats fall in love from afar and owner documents their love story

An office romance can bloom between strangers while tightknit high school sweethearts can foster a deep love that stands the test of time. Love also can crop up where you least expect it, such as across an alley in a busy city. One day, Theo caught Simon’s eye from a distance. Interesting Facts About Tabby Cats - Cattitude Daily. Extend Your Cats Lifespan - Highland Essentials. Are you missing your cat’s cries for help?

Extend Your Cats Lifespan - Highland Essentials

According to Amy Shojai, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, former Veterinary Technician and best-selling author of the world renowned book “New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats,” your feline may be trying to warn you of some serious health issues. “Cancer has become the #1 cause of death in cats. Preparing Your Pets for Disaster. If you live in an area where the likelihood of a catastrophic event occurring seems unlikely, keep in mind that emergency plans put in place by savvy individuals undoubtedly save thousands of people — as well as their pets — because there are many ways disaster can strike, and tropical storms, earthquakes, floods, tornados, fires and mudslides strike with little warning.

Preparing Your Pets for Disaster

Unprecedented disasters have occurred in numerous places across the U.S. Mt. Kilauea erupted on Hawaii’s largest island in 2018, releasing debilitating gases in the lava, closely followed by an earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter scale.1 Three months later Tropical Storm Lane swept into the island, escorted by more than 51 inches of rain, which then touched off mudslides. The series of disasters destroyed homes and displaced at least 1,700 people, as well as their pets.

Residents said the water rose and “burst” in to houses and businesses, rising from ankle deep to waist deep in minutes. 1. 2. Welcoming a New Cat? 12 Must-Dos for the First 30 Days. So, you’ve decided to adopt a cat! First, congratulations on the new furry addition to your family! As a new cat parent — especially if this is the first kitty you’ve ever cared for, it’s important to understand just how crucial his first few weeks at home with you will be in helping him become a healthy, happy, well-balanced member of your household. I was recently in an Uber going to Superzoo (a large pet tradeshow), and my driver asked what he needed to do before adopting his first cat. Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma in Cats. By Dr. Becker I always encourage cat guardians to routinely check for lumps and bumps on their feline companions, and follow up with their veterinarian if they find anything unusual. This is because cysts, tumors and other growths are fairly common in kitties, and while these masses are often harmless, some are definitely not.

Ancient Cats Hung Out With Farmers and Sailed With Vikings. By Dr. Becker The U.S. is home to 74 million to 96 million pet cats, living in about 37 percent of households.1 For cat lovers, their presence in your home probably feels like second nature, and you may not be able to imagine life without your precious feline companion. But it wasn't always this way. At some point, cats weren't pets but wild animals. While the origin of pet dogs is relatively established (it's thought that all dog breeds share a common ancestor, the gray wolf), how cats came to be domesticated is far more of a mystery. There's even debate over whether house cats are actually domesticated, meaning their behavior and anatomy are distinct from that of wild cats.

Research presented at the 7th International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology in Oxford, U.K. in September 2016 provides some intriguing insight into this now age-old question. Ancient Cats May Have Hitched Rides With Farmers and on Viking Ships. Fun Facts About the Norwegian Forest Cat. By Dr. Becker Almost mythical with legendary status that is fascinating to today's cat lovers, the Norwegian Forest cat is frankly gorgeous, with an intelligent gaze and an incredible coat of thick, soft and fluffy fur.

That long, fluffy fur is one of their most striking features — dense and in a variety of shades, such as brown, cream, blue cream, tortoiseshell, cameo, red, gold, blue, black and white. Patterns range from tabby to calico markings, stripes, ticking and smoke. While they're adorable to look at, they're undeniably regal, with a broad chest, powerful physique, long face and a huge ruff encircling their necks. How to Get Pet Urine Smell Out of Carpet. Caring for your cat after surgery. The only surgery for most cats, if they’re lucky, will be their spay or neuter surgery. But as cats get better care, and potential problems are diagnosed earlier, they may also need surgery for other conditions.

According to Dr. Arnold Plotnick, a feline veterinarian who owns and operates Manhattan Cat Specialists in New York City, “the most common surgeries we perform, after spays and neuters, would be removal of skin lumps or masses. 5 Baffling Cat Mannerisms and What They Mean. By Dr. Becker. Outside Habitat For Indoor Cats!! I cannot tell you how excited I got when I saw these! Cooling Off Your Cool Cats Is Purr-fectly Possible With This Nifty Idea! Is Your Cat Peeing In Weird Places, And Too Often? Read This! ARS_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_300x250 posted By The Animal Rescue Site. 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner’s Life Easier. Water-Loving Cat Breeds That You May Not Know About. Benefits of Sprouting Seeds for Pets. By Dr. Catio Spaces Helps Cat Owners Build Safe Outdoor Havens For Their Feline Friends!

For those of us with indoor cats, sometimes we can feel bad for our sweet kitties when we see them staring longingly out the window. We keep them indoors because we know this is the safest decision, and the thought of anything happening to them keeps us from letting them go explore. But what if there was a way for us to have peace of mind but our cats still get to enjoy the outdoors? 7 Facts About Cats. 5-secrets-of-supremely-happy-indoor-cats?Wt. Top 10 DIY Cat Scratching Posts and Pads. Cat owners know that cats don’t require a lot of attention and effort to keep and still provide you with companionship, entertainment and love. They are independent, energetic creatures and hunters by nature, even if you keep them strictly as indoor pets. The one thing you can not stop cats from doing is sharpening their claws and they don’t mind doing that on your favorite furniture.

7 Ways You're Feeding Your Cat Wrong — Photo Gallery. Strategically Placed Scratching Posts Could Save Your Furniture - Catster. Recently, we got a new couch. We’d had used furniture for a long time, and in a way, it allowed me to get lax — I never worried much about whether the cats scratched the furniture because it was ancient anyway, and not the most beautiful pieces in the furniture universe. I got lucky — I didn’t have a lot of trouble, though Kali (now deceased) loved to scratch a particular corner of an ancient futon. We got a washable cover to place on it, which generally seemed to make the cats want to scratch less, and it made me forget about the previous scratching. But when we spent a few hundred dollars on a new couch, I started thinking more about providing good scratching options for my cats.

I believed that cats would be more tempted to scratch if the fabric on the couch had an obvious nap (a texture that had something for the cats to grab onto and dig claws into), so I chose a microfiber that was smooth. How to Trim Your Cat's Nails Video. Caption Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. Homemade Cat Treats Recipe - Mess for Less.

15 Cats That Will Absolutely Destroy You at Hide and Seek. Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make. Luuup - The Litter Box Reinvented. The 7 Best DIY Cat Furniture Projects. 100% Toxin-free Cat Scratcher. Cat Dad Turns Cardboard Boxes into Maze. You’re Setting Up Your Litter Box All Wrong! Grain carb based cat food. Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning. CPR For Cats: What Every Cat Owner Should Know. 15 Basic Cat Facts You'd Be Surprised People Don't Know. 10 Ways to Thank Your Cat. 10 Tips to Stop Kitty From Scratching Furniture. Foster Parent Finds A Crafty Way To Keep Kitten Close and Hands Free. PrettyLitter. 10 Symptoms of FeLV. Why Frequent Hairballs May Be a Red Flag. Here's How To Care For Young Orphaned Kittens. 15 Common Plants That Are Toxic To Cats.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Hemp Oil for Cats. Nature’s purr-fectly designed cat litter. According to Research, Being a Crazy Cat Lady is Actually Good For You — Benefits of Cat Ownership. Cat Food Revealed. 8 Week Old Kitten - Feeding, Weight, Care And Routines. How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Cat? Are There Any Side Effects of CBD Oil For Cats? How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Cat? How Old Is Old for Your Cat? Cat Obesity Triggers Inflammatory Process. 12 Do-Not-Ignore Symptoms in Cats. Now Epidemic Among Cats, Watch Out for Increased Appetite. This Amazing, All Natural Solution Removes Foul Smell From Your House Without Lifting a Finger.

Amazing Robot Bug Toy – Amazinglycat. AIRLINE APPROVED CAT BAG CARRIER – Your Cat's Clawing Got You Down? Please Ignore This Option. 7 Things Your Cat Needs From You The Most - 6 Things You Can Do To Help Your Nervous Cat - 6 Ways Your Cat Can Enjoy The Outdoors In Safety - 3 Steps to End Destructive Feline Clawing. Conquer Kitty's Crate Hate in 10 Simple Steps. DIY Sweet Vintage Scrappy Patchwork Tote - My So Called Crafty Life. Cat Urine on Paper. How to Get the Smell of Cat Pee Out of Books. How to Get Cat Smell Out of House. Get Rid of Cat Urine. How do you get the smell of cat urine out of things like rugs, shoes, boots, etc? Get Rid of Cat Urine. Removing Cat Urine Odor with Homemade Cleaners-Pet Stains. Best method to REMOVE CAT URINE odor, get rid of cat pee smell, How to Eliminate Cat Urine Stains and Smells. Removing Cat Urine Odor with Homemade Cleaners-Pet Stains. Removing Cat Urine Odor with Homemade Cleaners-Pet Stains.