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home Sites Pointing Elsewhere Hedgehog Self Build Hedgehog Self Build: Brighton UK The project began in 1996, when a small group of local people without permanent housing became aware of the recently completed Diggers Self Build Project in Brighton, itself an innovative ecological project in Brighton. The four people who initiated the project were all in housing need with little hope of being rehoused by Brighton council, and saw another self build project as a means of enabling them to literally build a future for their children. They used the contacts and structures as put together for the Diggers project to initiate this project with the council - and encountered a positive response. The project was sustained by the members of the self build group, who threw their lives into the project for over 2 years despite harsh weather conditions. They are built to an ecological specification and have 450mm recycled cellulose insulation under the grass roofs, which produces space heating bills of under £50 / year. article by Robin Hillier

Scrapbook Note, links open in new window. Glidehouse Glidehouse is one of the forerunners in contemporary, sleek modular housing. Yankee Barn Homes Yankee Barn Homes is a national custom post and beam company specializing in classic American architecture, including barn-style homes, classic farmhouses, coastal cottages, mountain lodges and lakeside retreats. Bamboo Living Modular homes made from bamboo. In 1994 he was drawn to Maui, where he established an eco-home construction company "Isle Family Builders." Bamboo Living Video of two houses assembled in two days ! Two homes in two days from Bamboo Living on Vimeo. Blu Breezehouse The Blu | Breezehouse® offers an elegant and harmonious connection between beautiful indoor living and the natural world. Form and Forest Both large and small homes available from this Canadian firm owned by two brothers. Qube A UK company offering a "neat as a pin" wood clad cube of extra house for you to use as you please. Cellophane House Spacebox Container City Nexthouse Ikea

Lilac - Affordable strawbale housing community in Bramley. Leeds Timber Frame Over 20 Modern Buildings & flat pack furniture designs Here are over 20 modern buildings and flat pack furniture designs for inspire. If you want to make a new futuristic house or different mobilier designs here you can inspire! These are very futuristic and modern houses designed, but not yet built. A small and simple home with small and simple mobilier. This “house” is framed very well with the environment. And I`m sure that most of you would like too, wouldn`t you ? This is a Japanese and German creation. This house is very easy to move, small,compact. This is absolutely awesome! For this house has been used recycled steel and eco-friendly wood! There is nothing innovative more than a house in a track If you have a truck you could make a house and travel with it. It`s somehow strange to see those building so complicated and very futuristic. This house is very futuristic and modern too, that fits very nice with the environment. This is very strange house.It`s the only building in wild! This on the first look, looks like tents but NO!

Log Kits Twee-onder-een-kap 9 De Groene Oever Lent- Waalsprong - Nijmegen DE BOUW VAN DE EERSTE WONINGEN IS GESTART. Vraag naar de beschikbare bouwnummers! Uniek woningbouwproject waar duurzaam wonen en samenleven centraal staan. Aan de rand van Lent, grenzend aan de toekomstige Lentse Plas, de Landschapszone en Park Lingezegen ontwikkelt Heijmans Vastgoed De Groene Oever. Een uniek woningbouwproject waar duurzaam wonen centraal staat. * Schitterend gelegen woningen aan de rand van Lent * Grenzend aan het water, de Landschapzone en Park Lingezegen * Denk mee over de woning en de wijk * Prijscategorie vanaf € 178.450,- tot en met € 475.350,- vrij op naam Projectomschrijving Het plan heeft met vijf verschillende woningtypes een breed aanbod: tussenwoningen, hoekwoningen, tweekappers, vrijstaande woningen en appartementen. Met Wenswonen® bepaalt u zelf de grootte, indeling en gevel indeling van uw woning. water. * Groot woonoppervlak begane grond van circa 60 m² * Ruimte voor 7 slaapkamers Wonen op hoog niveau! Interesse gewekt?

Plans Increasing the number of available homes - Policies Issue For decades, there have not been enough homes to meet the needs of our growing and ageing population. From 2009 to 2010, only 115,000 new-builds were completed in England – fewer than any year in peace time since the 1920s and nearly a quarter of a million homes in England have stood empty for more than 6 months. The housing market is also one of the biggest casualties of the 2008 global credit crunch and the government’s priority has been to rectify a situation where lenders couldn’t lend, so builders couldn’t build and buyers couldn’t buy. Actions The government wants builders, investors and local councils to increase the supply of both new-builds and repurposed empty homes. removing unnecessarily complex regulations providing finance for projects that can’t proceed without it helping buyers who can’t afford to buy a home because they can’t afford the deposit We’ve created a £570 million Get Britain Building investment fund for developers. We’ve introduced the New Homes Bonus.

Kit House Custom Build In Laying the Foundations – a Housing Strategy for England, the Government announced that it would be making up to £30m of funding available to provide short-term project finance to help unlock group custom build – or self-build - schemes. This is separate from the funding available for community led housing under the Affordable Homes Programme. The aims of the Custom Build fund are two-fold: To stimulate the growth of the Custom Build Homes market by enabling more multi-unit custom build home projects and attract more commercial lenders and investors to this market, thereby increasing the number of custom built homes developed annually over the next decade. We have published a prospectus setting out details of how interested bidders may apply. As outlined in our Land Development and Disposal Plan, to help groups of prospective bidders access a supply of land for Custom Build schemes, a number of sites have already been brought to the market: The site has the potential for 23 homes.