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Container Homes

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Residential Shipping Container Primer (RSCP™) Shipping Container Home Green Roof The main factor for designing your shipping container home's roof is expected loading. Loads are categorized as dead or live. Dead loads are things like wall, equipment, and furniture weight, live loads are people walking. For comparison, a typical interior floor live load is 40 psf and dead load is 70 psf (110 psf combined), uniform roof loads for a home in a severe winter climate (lots of snow) is 25 psf dead load and 40 psf snow load (65 psf combined). Having a roof deck or green roof planting will add roughly an additional 60-75 psf load. The roofs of unmodified 20' shipping containers are capable of withstanding 330 psf per ISO requirements. 20 amazing homes made from shipping containers. We have always seen shipping containers on trains, at ports or piled onto cargo ships but with changing times, we can see them being transformed into beautiful homes.

20 amazing homes made from shipping containers

The container houses apart from being beautiful and stylish are portable, affordable and durable. Below is a list of 20 amazing homes made from shipping containers. 1. Manifesto House: Infiniski’s Manifesto House utilizes pre-made materials like shipping containers and wooden pallets to create a new contemporary house. 2.

Olgga architects, a French firm shaped 100 recycled shipping containers into a sturdy, economical and sustainable student housing in Le Havre, France. 3. The Redondo Beach House is an architecturally designed shipping container based contemporary house to suit your site and lifestyle. Green Roof Guidelines. Roof Garden. Lufa Farm is building a third greenhouse in Montreal starting this year by Michael Levenston Second Lufa farm in Laval.

Roof Garden

Lufa Farm’s urban rooftop greenhouse uses state-of-the-art technology and design to use 50 percent less energy than a ground-level greenhouse. See more photos here. “By the end of 2014, we’re hoping to feed 7,000 people each week in the greater Montreal area.” by Gerry Weaver The Produce News March 27, 2014 Excerpts: “We’re building a third greenhouse in Montreal starting this year. The second greenhouse is 43,000 square feet and located in Laval, Quebec. [Read more →] ‘Breathtaking’ 7-month time lapse documenting the first full growing season at the Brooklyn Grange’s Rooftop Farm Brooklyn Grange – A New York Growing Season from Christopher St. Brooklyn Grange’s farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yard at 65,000 square feet, it’s the largest rooftop farm in the world. Shot and edited by Christopher St. Excerpt from Winter Farming: Mushrooms and Micros at Brooklyn Grange [Read more →] Women grow and harvest rice on a roof in India. The Green Roof Shelters Container Family.

Green-roofed Container – home office / studio A sophisticated conversion of a recycled shipping container.

The Green Roof Shelters Container Family

Fair-faced spruce plywood lines the walls and ceiling - a warm inviting cabin feel that is practical and stylish. It can easily be painted if desired, and is a strong material to fix shelves, picture frames, or lighting to. All timber and plywood is European, and FSC certified. Power sockets, telephone & data cabling is already installed for easy telephone/ broadband connection. Green Roof Shelters' Container Home Office has a native wildflower growing roof, providing nectar and habitat for bees, butterflies and other invertebrates.

Much of the materials in a Green Roof Shelter Home Office are reclaimed, re-used, or recycled. Ideal for outdoor classrooms, exhibition pavilions, interpretive shelters, performance spaces, and used as bike shelters. Kuziel Residence - Build of a shipping container house. Part 1: Man building amazing home with shipping containers. Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter. Shipping containers offered as homes by Forest YMCA. Five-Star Luxe Container Hotel in China. Halfway across the globe in a rural village outside of Changzhi in China, a developer was inspired by emergency housing made with shipping containers in Japan and decided to build a five-star hotel out of them, according to CNN Go.

Five-Star Luxe Container Hotel in China

The hotel — 香箱乡祈福所, which apparently translates as Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House — was built with 35 new containers and includes 21 tiny, luxe guest rooms of either 161 or 321 square feet each. The shipping container hotel was designed by Tonghe Shanzhi Landscape Design, a Beijing firm, who had the modules built off-site and then shipped them to the hotel location for button-up work. According to CNN Go, the fabrication methodology resulted in a quick turnaround time — three months to design, build, transport, and finish the containers — resulting in 40% savings in the construction schedule.

The hotel will open in August 2012. [+] More about Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House near Changzhi. Credits: Tonghe Shanzhi Landscape Design. Container House For Me - Shipping Container Houses.