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Fabprefab - modernist prefab dwellings

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Kathy Tafel - KTainer With partners, I own land in a remote part of California. It has wild beauty, and some need of environmental restoration. Our first years there were spent in basic infrastructure such as water and road. To be there on a more regular basis, though, we needed to not spend hours setting up and tearing down a tent each time we visited. My partners built a yurt. Challenge Create a livable structure that I make with mostly my labor, accomplishable in a remote location. Considerations Waste Everything must be carried out or disposed of onsite. Erosion There is a winter stream 100 feet from the site. Atmosphere The temperature can go below freezing in winter and reach 115° in summer, with generally a 40-50° temperature swing during the day. Expansion I did not want to have a structure that I would outgrow and then need to upgrade. Time Had the luxury of spending some months focusing on project, but wanted all future projects to be doable in a weekend between work. Money Thought Aesthetic Material Progress

Modern Cabana | Blu Homes is committed to making it easier for our customers to build premium quality, beautifully-designed structures at predictable prices. Thanks to the acquisition of Modern Cabana by Blu Homes, our customers now have a smaller prefab option that can be used for home offices, art and photography studios, carpentry shops, playhouses, garden sheds, yoga studios and storage units. More information will be available about Modern Cabanas by Blu Homes starting next year. Modern Cabana has been a leading builder of modern accessory dwellings in the U.S. since its founding in 2004. Modern Cabana was founded by brothers-in-law Casper Mork-Ulnes and Nick Damner—one a designer, one a contractor, and both on a mission to manufacture beautiful, affordable prefab with a small footprint. Back to top With the acquisition of Modern Cabana, Blu Homes will be able to provide homebuyers with greater options on size, convenience and price. Cabanas can range from 120-300 sq. ft.

DIY-Prefab Social Design Notes: Design + Activism From an interview with Molly Crabapple: “Art can change the world, but seldom in the way it intends, and seldom the art that people think would have that effect. I keep thinking of the Guy Fawkes mask Dave Gibbons drew. 28 January 2014 | LINK How The Sex Pistols saved Christmas: For the families of the striking fire fighters, Christmas 1977 was going to be a difficult one. 26 December 2013 | LINK In 2008, Erica Chenoweth published a study comparing 323 violent and non-violent civil resistance campaigns between 1900 and 2006. Non-violent campaigns worldwide were twice as likely to succeed as violent insurgencies. Erica presented her research at TEDxBoulder last month: She's also posted an FAQ and a transcript of her talk along with links and footnotes. The arts community is missing a great chance to push ballet initiatives today in NYC. Heard about that big corporate settlement for defrauding the public? 5 November 2013 | LINK | Filed in gov I see this in design activism all the time.

Shipping Container Homes are Green and Affordable Dina drömmars lantställe. | Sommarnöjen Prefab Green Homes 3-4 bedrooms + additional pods3 baths1 level56' x 54'starting at $635,000optional pod $155,000+ 2-3 bedrooms2-2.5 baths1 level57' x 39' - 6"starting at $350,000 3 bedrooms2 baths1 level60' x 36' | 71' x 40'starting at $465,000+ 2-3 bedrooms2 baths1 level57' x 20' - 6"$285,000+ 2 bedrooms + additional pods2 bathrooms1 level36' x 64' - 6"starting at $465,000optional pod $155,000+ 2-4 bedrooms3 baths2 levels48' x 20' footprintstarting at $446,000 3-4 bedrooms2.5-3 baths2 levels64'10" x 40'starting at $665,000 studio to 2 bedrooms1 bath1 level18'6" x 25' | 18'6" x 37' | 18'6" x 49'starting at $155,000 for full home 2 cars + storageL-Series | W-Series | S-Series | Carport22'x26' | 26'x22' | 26'8"x22'8" | 24'x24'6"garage starts at $45,500carport starts at $30000

Cabinet Magazine Online - shipping container home go to step by step constuction Remote accomodation is always a challenge in difficult terrain. What follows is an example of using two conventional shipping containers to create 90 square meters of living space in dense rainforest adjoining World Heritage Rainforest. The facility, on a nature refuge is used for rainforest research. The terrain is extremely difficult and accessed via a narrow track made by woodcutters in 1928. The techniques are simple and require only very basic skills. See also the excellent container home site: KTainer (external link) Step by Step Construction We cleared the 1928 timber access track by hand using axes and dragging the material, various distances into the surrounding bush. In less severe terrain a 40' container might be better value, however the larger container at about 3.5 tonnes would require a much larger truck and a much better road. We used two 6m (20') containers placed 3m (10') apart.

Homes / The Dwell Home / The Original Dwell Home The Original Dwell Home was the winning design of the Dwell Home Design Invitational. Sixteen architecture firms from the US and abroad were selected to submit design entries. The winning design came from Resolution 4 Architecture, a firm based in New York City. Since then, the house has been the subject of national press attention and has received accolades from media, designers, and design enthusiasts. In April 2005 it was called "the most high-profile modern prefab house in America" by the Washington Post. The project was a ground breaking case study for the marriage of prefabricated construction and cutting edge modern design. The home sits on 9.14 acres on a secluded hilltop surrounded by federal preserved lands yet located five minutes from downtown Pittsboro in Chatham County, North Carolina.

Affordable and Versatile Sommerhaus Piu Prefab Vacation Home The collaboration between German industrial designers Patrick Frey and Björn Götte led to the construction of this small but comfortable vacation house named Sommerhaus Piu Prefab Vacation Home. The affordable house can act as a vacation home, a weekend retreat or even a year-round home for those with a small budget. The cabin home displays a modern design that stands out in the middle of nature with its slightly pitched roof and colour duality. Covered in horizontal wood planks, the prefabricated house was designed to offer its inhabitants both comfortable interior spaces and outdoor relaxation facilities. / design magazine + resource

Building with Shipping Containers by Kelly Hart An idea whose time seems to have arrived is the use of stockpiled shipping containers as modular units for building homes. Because of the balance of trade in the United States, these hefty steel boxes are piling up in ports around the country and posing a storage problem. According to David Cross of, "a container has 8000 lbs of steel which takes 8000 kwh of energy to melt down and make new beams etc... Each container measures 8 feet wide by 40 feet long by 9 feet tall. According to KPFF Consulting, a structural engineering firm in St. As for their energy efficiency, they claim that when the appropriate coatings are installed, the envelope reflects about 95 percent of outside radiation, resists the loss of interior heat, provides an excellent air infiltration barrier and does not allow water to migrate in. This finished house is virtually indistinguishable from conventional housing. Twenty-one thousand containers hit American shores every day of the year.