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Remarkably spacious interior – ParkLiner. Storage and Organization 21 linear feet of overhead cabinets plus a drawer plus ample under seat storage – designed with a family in mind!

Remarkably spacious interior – ParkLiner

Ten separate overhead cabinets to keep your gear organized.More than twice as much overhead storage volume than comparable trailers! Coat closet for hanging clothes, hat bin over entry door. Innovation in Space and Design “Magic Table” option permits dining table to fold to half size, fold away entirely, or drop to provide additional daytime bench seating—secure and solid in each configuration.One or two can have breakfast at the side dinette table without putting the bed away.Tuck the side dinette totally away so that there’s more space for gearing up for adventure.

Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail All fiberglass cabinets with real wood cabinet doors and tables —lightweight, tough and beautiful! Bed for Four Two sleep comfortably on a queen bed, which converts to a large table for dining family and friends. Functionality Details that Stand Out Layout. Fiberglass Campers. Retro campers that are actually new - Never Idle. It’s hard to beat the classic looks of old-school campers.

Retro campers that are actually new - Never Idle

Sweet lines, huge, panoramic windows and interiors to die for make vintage camping rigs incredibly sought-after today. But there’s a catch: Vintage campers, no matter how well you restore them, will always be vintage campers. Today’s throwback-styled campers combine those classic designs with modern features, with lighter and more durable materials, updated interiors and better handling on the road. Everyone wins. Thinking about setting yourself apart from the rest of the camper crowd? Shasta Airflyte Shasta RV lovers, rejoice. Barefoot Caravan - Barefoot Caravans. News & info for the small trailer enthusiast. Vistabule Teardrop Trailers. VW Trailers. Three Feathers Manufacturing, LLC — BACKPACKER 2XT. Our Backpacker 2 is a smooth cruiser that can be easily pulled behind a smaller truck or car.

Three Feathers Manufacturing, LLC — BACKPACKER 2XT

With its unique stream-line look, spacious sleeping quarters, and over-sized kitchen in the rear you will be able to camp in style. It provides ample space for all your camping gear - no more unloading once you've arrived at your favorite camp spot. Trailer Weight: 1240 lbs. Bumper to Hitch Length: 14’ 6” Hitch Weight: approx. 160 lbs. Overall Height79” 2” Ball Hitch 2900 lb. ST205/75R14 Radial Tires Aluminum Fenders White Rims Aluminum Skin Metal Roof Insulated Walls & Ceiling. - Home. The American Dream Trailer Company. Terrapin — Casual Turtle Campers. Simple - Lightweight - Handmade Casual Turtle Campers differ from conventional campers in their simplicity.

Terrapin — Casual Turtle Campers

By omitting many of the complicated, heavy, and often unnecessary features of traditional campers, we end up with a very cozy, airy feel – especially for a small space. , Fort Collins, CO instagram. LIGHTWEIGHT FIBERGLASS TRAVEL TRAILER. Conqueror Australia. The Small Trailer Enthusiast. In 2008 when Sierra Custom Interiors of Bristol, Indiana became the manufacturer of Serro Scotty Worldwide trailers, it wasn’t long before they too came out with their own line of small campers for the 2009 model year called the Campfire… and the entry level Bak-Pak: (photo courtesy Missouri Teardrops) Designed by Sierra owners Mike & Greg Greene, the 12’9″ trailers were a throwback to the old canned ham trailers from the 1940′s-60′s.

The Small Trailer Enthusiast

They featured air conditioning, furnace, and optional microwave, toilet, and range. Serro Scotty also got in on the act with their 2009 line-up featuring the Serro Scotty Pup… (photo courtesy Shane Wolfe) and the Silver Series Pup: Both Serro Scotty models were identical to the Sierra versions with respect to shape, floor plan and everything else except the badging and, in the case of the Silver Pup, the silver aluminum.

For the 2010 models, Sierra came out with the Campfire 15, a longer version of its 13 model, that featured a toilet and optional wet bath. Teal Tail Feather Home. Prices Start at $4,995 Made In Colorado.

Teal Tail Feather Home

Lucy Woodie Airstream Boles Aero vintage trailer vintage Airstream GMC motorhome for sale Airstreams for sale. 1957 Boles Aero Mira Mar 18' “Happy Hour” Boles Aero trailers are built like an Airstream with riveted outer aluminum panels and aluminum ribs.

Lucy Woodie Airstream Boles Aero vintage trailer vintage Airstream GMC motorhome for sale Airstreams for sale

They didn’t use the traditional screws holding the outer panels on like the “Canned Ham” style of trailer. They also used a much higher grade of aircraft aluminum. Thus it is a much more solid trailer fifty years later. The big difference between the Boles Aero and traditional “Silver Palaces, i.e. This Mira Mar is VERY rare due to its floor plan. The 4-person booth is located on the side across from a full two-door fridge. Please see price, pics and specs at. Lil Snoozy. Kompact Kamp Motorcycle trailers. Der Schwimmcaravan - The Swimming caravan. The Log Pod Ltd. All Aluminum Ultra Light Campers, Ultralight Campers, Lightweight Campers, Ultra-Lightweight Campers.

SylvanSport GO. THE BUNKER. Unicat - Go Anywhere Off-Road RV. ActionCamper. Cricket Trailer. Uae mini-camper. Tin Can Tourists. Tin Can Classifieds. Contact Tin Can Tourists Tin Can Tourist Classified Ad Disclaimer and warnings Would you like to advertise on this site?

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