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The Great War Archive

The Great War Archive
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World War I | Literature and the War Paul Fussell, The Great War and Modern Memory (1975). Patrick J. Quinn and Steven Trout, editors, Literature of the Great War Reconsidered: Beyond Modern Memory (2001) Vincent Sherry, The Great War and the Language of Modernism (2003). Vincent Sherry, editor, The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of the First World War (2005). Catherine W. Reilly, English Poetry of the First World War: A Bibliography (1978). Kermesse, a painting by Wyndham Lewis. Europeana Erster Weltkrieg - World War I in pictures, letters and memories The Strand (northern tributaries) - Catherine Street etc. | Old and New London: Volume 3 (pp. 110-123) "Where Catherine Street descends into the Strand."—Gay. Catherine Street—Derivation of its Name—The Morning Chronicle and Mr. John Black—Wimbledon House—D'Oyley's Warehouse—Exeter Street—Exeter Arcade—The Strand Music Hall—The Gaiety—The Morning Post—Exeter House, and Visit of Queen Elizabeth to Lord Burleigh—Exeter Change—The Menagerie—The Elephant "Chunee"—The Lyceum Theatre—The Beef-steak Club—Exeter Hall—The Adelphi Theatre—Maiden Lane and its Noted Residents—Southampton Street—The "Bedford Head"—The Corps of Commissionaires—Bedford House—The Lancet and Mr. T. Wakley—General Monk and the Duchess of Albemarle—Newspapers published in the Strand. That the Strand, especially that part of it which lay nearest to the two royal theatres, bore no good reputation in the days of our great-grandfathers, may be gathered from Gay's "Trivia." The following story will serve to illustrate at once the character of Mr. The "Gaiety," which was opened in 1868, will seat 2,000 persons.

World War I Document Archive From World War I Document Archive This archive of primary documents from World War One has been assembled by volunteers of the World War I Military History List (WWI-L). International in focus, the archive intends to present in one location primary documents concerning the Great War. This site is linked from EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History, from AmDocs: Documents for the Study of American History, and from the Documents Room of Carrie: A Full-Text Electronic Library For citing documents from this archive, here is an example of MLA documentation style for citing sources from the World Wide Web. Conventions and Treaties and Official Papers Documents by Year: Pre-1914 - 1914 - 1915 - 1916 - 1917 - 1918 - Post-1918 Diaries, Memorials, Personal Reminiscences Books, Special Topics and Commentaries WWI Biographical Dictionary WWI Image Archive (See also "Visual Arts" in the IX. The Maritime War The Medical Front Links to Other WWI Sites Please read our Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

Contemporary Maps This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war. Specifically this sub-section contains various maps produced by publishers of the many contemporary accounts of the war while it was still in progress. Click here to view a collection of maps produced in the post-war period detailing both the battlefronts and specific battles. The photos reproduced below are in thumbnail format - simply click a given photograph to view a larger copy within a separate window. Available Pages - 1 2 The Parados was the side of a trench farthest from the enemy THE POETRY OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR FIRST WORLD WAR POETRY Key war poets including Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon,famous war poems (with notes), war poetry anthologies, and maps War Poetry Books Minds at War Out in the Dark We Are the Dead French Poems of the First World War Also see our Books page for many more anthologies and collections of poems by individual poets. About War Poets Rupert Brooke Wilfred OwenEdward Thomas Brief Lives of 25 War Poets What the War Poets Knew German Jewish poets of the First World War(Above include some portraits) War Poems (some with notes) Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred OwenHere Dead We Lie by A E Housman Peace by Rupert BrookeThis is no case of . . . by Edward Thomas German Jewish war poems Pre-First World War poems that encouraged young men to fight: with an introduction to these poems. History of the First World War in brief. First World War war memorials in the north of the UK - photographs Recent Poems about the First World War

The British Empire British History Online Projekte - Sammlung Erster Weltkrieg Ziel 2014 jährt sich der Beginn des Ersten Weltkriegs zum hundertsten Mal. Aus diesem Anlass werden auf verschiedensten gesellschaftlichen Ebenen die historischen und soziokulturellen Aspekte dieses Krieges untersucht. Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek besitzt in ihrem Leipziger Bestand – neben den deutschen und deutschsprachigen Publikationen - zahlreiche weitere Dokumente zum Thema Erster Weltkrieg. Ziel des Projekts ist es, diese heute noch vorhandenen Drucksachen zum Ersten Weltkrieg virtuell zu einer Sammlung zusammenzufassen. Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek möchte dadurch alle Interessierten bei der Material- und Quellenrecherche zum Ersten Weltkrieg unterstützen. Projektdauer 1. Netzpublikation Den Krieg sammeln - Die Weltkriegssammlung 1914/18 der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek. Letzte Änderung: 17.4.2014

"The Great War Archive contains over 6,500 items contributed by the general public between March and June 2008. Every item originates from, or relates to, someone's experience of the First World War, either abroad or at home." by macopa Apr 28