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Hack your servo v3.00 - Get full PID position and speed control from your hobby servo. Yes we like servo mods!

Hack your servo v3.00 - Get full PID position and speed control from your hobby servo

As promished this is the third servo hack. This builts upon the second hack - 'add 10-bit abolute/incremental feedback encoder to your hobby servo' - node/18470. Source code is open and links provided at the end of the post. Schematics are also provided. In terms of the board files... well dont be lazy! IIC LCD Backpack.

Leg motion and actions

Labs / DC Motor Control Using an H-Bridge. Overview In this tutorial, you'll learn how to control a DC motor's direction using an H-bridge.

Labs / DC Motor Control Using an H-Bridge

To reverse a DC motor, you need to be able to reverse the direction of the current in the motor. Robotic Arm – Hardware. This is first in series of articles about project I've been building in my spare time since last Summer.

Robotic Arm – Hardware

Actually it all began when I was researching a topic of modeling human motion kinematics in order to create gesture recognition library for Kinect. This ties heavily into motion theory of robotic manipulators so I also glanced at some designs of robotic arms. Somehow I stumbled upon this cool looking open source robotic arm: It was featured on Thingiverse and published by user jjshortcut (Jan-Jaap).

Since for some time I got hooked on toying with microcontrollers, robots and other electronics, I decided to give it a try and build it myself. Another reason to build the arm myself was the cost factor. Laser cut parts Some time ago I’ve build another robot using laser cut parts so I knew the process already. All parts are cut from 4 mm thick material. Metal parts I bought all the M3 screws and nuts at local hardware store. Download. Download Minibloq.v0.83: Windows: Download miniBloq.v0.83 (Windows installer) [MD5 signature: fcf5b7b157364c71f534cbadbe206953]Linux: Not ready yet, preliminary (still v0.82) version in this GitHub branch.Source code: Please visit miniBloq's GitHub repository (and if you want, click on the Star there; thanks!)


Questions about your OS? You can see the documentation page or visit the forum. If you want to see the changelog and known issues please go this link.Do you miss the classic icons? Uptech CDS 55XX Serial Robot Servo (Robotis AX Compatible) The Uptech CDS 55XX Serial Robot Servo (Robotis Compatible) has been launched with the aim to solve most important problems caused by R/C servos in robot and simultaneously inheriting most of the advantages of them.

Uptech CDS 55XX Serial Robot Servo (Robotis AX Compatible)

Because of the advanced position sensor and precise A/D converter gives the high position accuracy, the position resolution in position-mode can be up to 0.3°. The response time is up to 2ms contrast a 20ms of traditional R/C servo. The CDS series robot servo can be linked by serial bus, which can connect up to 200+ servos. Each unit can feedback its position, rotation velocity, torque, current, motor temperature and so on. The robot built with robot servos can set actions through artificial demonstration, that is, the user can regulate the robot’s joints posture with hands and the robot can record the parameters like location, speed, etc. It can do rotating all round, and the velocity can be controlled, just act as a gear motor. Motor Driver - L293D - 1. Motor Driver and H-bridge basics Generally, even the simplest robot requires a motor to rotate a wheel or performs particular action.

Motor Driver - L293D - 1

Project Biped. High power electric motor kit. Let's Make Robots! Servos and parts>All Servos. Polargraph Drawing Machine. Well there have been lots of new drawing machines doing the rounds lately, there's a real thirst to see devices that leap out of the virtual into the physical.

For me, it's all too easy to produce digital things which are interesting - programming or mash-ups or virtual experiments are devalued because they are intangible, you can run a hundred, a thousand, a million variations in a day - it's the proverbial roomful of monkeys with typewriters. The output becomes disposable, it get's hard to see the value, the craft.


Elektronikkomponenter. Robot controllers. S3 Tilt and Pan System. Are you a School, University or Business?

S3 Tilt and Pan System

Click here to go to our purchase order page with information on how to place your purchase order with Crustcrawler Basic KitIncludes (1) S3 Hardware Kit (1) S3 Assembly Guide (2) Hitec HS-422 servos (2) 18” servo wire extensions Videos Hardware KitIncludes (1) S3 Hardware Kit (1) S3 Assembly Guide PING)))™ Ultrasonic Sensor Range - 2cm to 3.35m (~.8" to 11.3') Supply Voltage: 5V +/-10% (Absolute: Minimum 4.5V, Maximum 6V) Supply Current: 30 mA typ; 35 mA max 3-pin interface (power, ground, signal) 20 mA power consumption Narrow acceptance angle Size - 22 mm H x 46 mm W x 16 mm D (0.85 in x 1.8 in x 0.6 in) Simple pulse in / pulse out communication Indicator LED shows measurement in progress Input Trigger - positive TTL pulse, 2 uS min, 5 uS typ. Starter Pack Which Includes Everything for Controlling a Servo from a PC.

If you have never used a servo before, let alone control one from a PC, then the “Servo Pack” provides an easy “plug-and-go” solution.

Starter Pack Which Includes Everything for Controlling a Servo from a PC

Once you have the Servo running under PC control the knowledge and confidence you gain by actually using a Servo is invaluable in applying those techniques to a wide range of applications. The Servo supplied is one of the most popular types on the market and understanding its principles of operation provides a solid basis for using many other types. Robot fish synchronise into schools. Swarm-bots project. USD Modular Robotics Research Lab - modular.

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