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Makr Shakr. The World's First HomePod made to inspire your interiors. Home - World Robotics 2014. Home - IFR International Federation of Robotics. Bionic Learning Network. Highlight des Bionic Learning Network 2014: das BionicKangaroo Lernen von der Natur: Im Bionic Learning Network, einem Verbund von Festo mit namhaften Hochschulen, Instituten und Entwicklungsfirmen liefern natürliche Prinzipien neue Impulse für technische Anwendungen und die industrielle Praxis.

Bionic Learning Network

Energieeffizientes Springen nach natürlichem Vorbild Wie sein natürliches Vorbild kann das BionicKangaroo die Energie bei der Landung zurückgewinnen, speichern und effizient im nächsten Sprung wieder einbringen. Mehr über das BionicKangaroo Kollisionsfreies Fliegen autonomer Systeme Mit den eMotionSpheres zeigt Festo, wie sich mehrere Flugobjekte – individuell oder im Kollektiv – koordiniert in einem abgesteckten Luftraum bewegen können. Alles zu den eMotionSpheres Variables Greifen nach Vorbild der menschlichen Hand Er kombiniert paralleles und zentrisches Greifen – ganz ohne Umbau. Mehr zum MultiChoiceGripper Energiegewinnung mit dem Flügelschlagprinzip.

Aisoy Robotics. CoCoRo. The CoCoRo project aims to create an autonomous swarm of interacting, cognitive robots.


CoCoRo will develop a swarm of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that are able to interact with each other and which can balance tasks. Focal tasks of the CoCoRo-swarms are: ecological monitoring, searching, maintaining, exploring and harvesting resources in underwater habitats. Cubli – A cube that can jump up, balance, and walk across your desk. Update: New video of final robot!

Cubli – A cube that can jump up, balance, and walk across your desk

My colleagues at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH Zurich have created a small robotic cube that can autonomously jump up and balance on any one of its corners . Update This latest version of the Cubli can jumping up, balanc, and even “walk”. This new version is self contained with respect to power and uses three slightly modified bicycle brakes instead of the metal barriers used in the previous version. Home of the 6 degree-of-freedom motion simulator, a senior project in Mechanical Engineering at SJSU. GuardBot. Hotel Staffed by Robots Opening in Japan. A hotel with robot staff and face recognition instead of room keys will open this summer at Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.

Hotel Staffed by Robots Opening in Japan

Robots will provide a wide range of services at the hotel, including room cleaning, front desk and porter services, meaning you could be checked in by robots and have robots carry your bags your room! The hotel’s first building complex is scheduled to open on 17 July 2015 with 72 rooms, followed by another 72-room building in 2016. A single room will be priced at around £40 (¥7,000) per night and a twin room will cost around £50 (¥9,000). Initially the hotel will have 10 robot members of staff, but Huis Ten Bosch company President Hideo Sawada told a news conference. Soubrobotte by César Vonc. Modular Robotics. Study: Autonomics Will Kill Half of North America's Jobs 

Jobs by 2025, source: International Federation of Robotics.

Study: Autonomics Will Kill Half of North America's Jobs 

Are our workforces and economies ready to face the challenges of automation? Nearly half of total North American employment is at risk of replacement by automation or computerization, according to a recent study by Oxford researchers. The trend even has a new name: autonomics. The current generation of robots and automation can "think" and "learn" in limited ways. This make it capable of doing many more jobs that human beings do at present. For example: In Canada, at the University of Toronto, a robot named Brian is already being used to care for the elderly, an area of rising need as the population ages. This is not a science-fiction scenario, something out of Battleship Galactica; this is cold, hard economic fact.

Previously, only jobs in manufacturing were seriously impacted by automation, but as the abilities and skills of robots have been improved, they can now take on jobs in services as well. 3D Print Your Own Working Life-Size Humanoid Robot for less than $1k — and Join a community of fellow InMoov builders across the world #3DThursday #3DPrinting « adafruit industries blog - Nightly. 'Origami' robot bends and flattens to fit into ANY space.

Scientists were inspired to create the wheels by origami 'magic ball pattern'They were joined by experts from Harvard to develop a robot using the technology, which can climb steps with easeThe diameter of the wheels grows and shrinks automatically to enable the robot to either be strong or speedyTechnology could one day be used to build interplanetary rovers By Sarah Griffiths Published: 11:57 GMT, 17 June 2014 | Updated: 14:02 GMT, 17 June 2014.

'Origami' robot bends and flattens to fit into ANY space

Overview. AIDA is part of the Sociable Car - Senseable Cities project which is a collaboration between the Personal Robots Group and the Senseable Cities Group at MIT.


The AIDA robot was designed and built by the Personal Robots Group, while the Senseable Cities Group is working on intelligent navigation algorithms. The aim of the Personal Robot's portion of the project is to expand the relationship between the car and the driver with the goal of making the driving experience more effective, safer, and more enjoyable. As part of this expanded relationship, we plan to introduce a new channel of communication between automobile and driver/passengers. This channel would be modeled on fundamental aspects of human social interaction including the ability to express and perceive affective/emotional state and key social behaviors. Do Robots Rule the Galaxy?

Astronomy news this week bolstered the idea that the seeds of life are all over our solar system.

Do Robots Rule the Galaxy?

NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft identified carbon compounds at Mercury's poles. Probing nearly 65 feet beneath the icy surface of a remote Antarctic lake, scientists uncovered a community of bacteria existing in one of Earth's darkest, saltiest and coldest habitats. And the dune buggy Mars Science Lab is beginning to look for carbon in soil samples. Mecanum Track Revision D3.14 (GrabCAd Nesher Amir) - SolidWorks, Other, STEP / IGES, Solid Edge - 3D CAD model. Mecanum Wheel Super Traction - SpaceClaim. Mecanum Wheel 4" (4-pack) The World's first theme park focused on robots - Robot Land. KAIST. RoboRoach : un cyborg mi robot, mi… cafard en vente ! Vous aimez nos articles ?

RoboRoach : un cyborg mi robot, mi… cafard en vente !

Suivez nous sur facebook Vous aimez nos articles ? Suivez nous sur twitter. Zenta. Home. Protei. Trossen Robotics - World's leading robot shop for robot kits and robot parts! Liquid Robotics — Naro-nautical robot. The Steampunk & Recycled Metal Arts by Kreatworks.