English for Real Estate Agents

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Street Name Generator-Mozilla Firefox. Agreement -Free Download - Legal Resources - Deeds, Sample Drafts and Forms-Mozilla Firefox. Real Estate, Landlords, Rental Property Management & Tenants - Free Law Resources - Nolo-Mozilla Firefox. Legal Topics > Real Estate & Rental Property > Real Estate More About This Topic More Legal Topics Related Ads.

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List of Real Estate Terms-Mozilla Firefox. Free Legal Forms & Contracts - Philippines-Mozilla Firefox. Real Estate Glossary-Mozilla Firefox. Real Estate Words-Mozilla Firefox. The language of real estate. Real Estate Ad-Writing Tools.

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Real estate videos. English Vocabulary: Buying a House. English people often talk about their homes: their mortgages, the interest rates, and rising property prices. Here's a guide to some of the English words and phrases you might come across. Your dream home It's a good idea in the UK to arrange a mortgage with a bank before you start looking. This is when the bank tells you how much money they will lend you so you have a good idea of how much you can afford.

The next step is to go to an estate agent (= a company which represents buyers and sellers of properties) to see what sort of properties they have available in your budget range and in your area. Esl worksheet - real estate agent. ESL Exercise: Real Estate Collocations. Real Estate: Collocations home inspectionlisting pricebidding warsupgrade the housedownsizesale valueopen housereal estate agentcommercial propertiesresidential properties 1.

English for Real Estate Brokers. Monday, 17 November 2008 11:30 EnglishLab.Net News Editor English for Real Estate Brokers Socializing & Networking, Small Talk Cliches - Survival Conversation StrategiesComparing Advantages & Disadvantages of Living in the CountrysideDescribing the Advantages & Disadvantages of Living in the CitySafety & Security IssuesRooms & Flats/Apartments Dwelling HousesSpecial-Purpose BuildingsOffices & Conferencing FacilitiesAmenities & NeighbourhoodsShopping FacilitiesRent & Utility BillsMoney & MortgagesNegotiating Prices & Terms of Payment Travelling & TransportGiving DirectionsLand PlotsThe Weather & Climate, LandscapesFurniture & FittingsModern ConveniencesHome Styles & LifestylesMaking ArrangementsTelephoning*Emailing*The Language of Contracts*The Housing Market: Describing Changes/Trends & Forecasting** These topics are generally meant for higher levels (are not really suitable for beginner & elementary students) and/or are taught as separate courses with a number of subtopics.

English for Real Estate Brokers

Free ESL Special Topic English Lesson - Finding a Real Estate Agent. Spanish-english glossary real estate. Real Estate Terms, Definitions and Dictionary In Plain English. Proper English Usage for Real Estate Agents. I work as a proofreader for a real estatemagazine.

Proper English Usage for Real Estate Agents

For between 15 and 20 hours a week I read advertisements written by Real Estate Agents and cringe at the mistakes that are made over and over again. Here is a sample real estate advertisement: CROYDON COULD THIS BE THE ONE... ...is what you'll be asking yourself when you inspect this attractive 4 years young BV in pristine condition, comprising of 4 large genuine bdrms, master with FES, WIR, 2 spectacular bthrms, and a meticulous kept low maintenance garden close to shops, schools, and transport.VENDOR SAYS SELL Following are some of the problems most commonly evinced by Real Estate Agents: Real Estate Agents are congenitally unable to use the word "comprising" without immediately following it with the word "of". Visual vocabulary matching - Real estate related words/expressions 1. English for real estate agents 2 - Real estate related vocabulary training. English for real estate agents 1 - Real estate related vocabulary training.