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English for Real Estate Agents

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Street Name Generator-Mozilla Firefox. Agreement -Free Download - Legal Resources - Deeds, Sample Drafts and Forms-Mozilla Firefox. Real Estate, Landlords, Rental Property Management & Tenants - Free Law Resources - Nolo-Mozilla Firefox. Legal Topics > Real Estate & Rental Property > Real Estate More About This Topic More Legal Topics Related Ads Ready to buy your first home?

Real Estate, Landlords, Rental Property Management & Tenants - Free Law Resources - Nolo-Mozilla Firefox

Nolo's bestselling book on homebuying can help you succeed. Read the Book » Ready to sell? Sell your home now for the best price in any market Get the book » Worried about foreclosure? Find out the facts about loan modifications and foreclosure Learn more » Questions about taxes, contractors, more? Check out Nolo's articles and products on homeownership Go to the articles » Get Informed Articles & Information Real Estate Blog & More Nolo's Real Estate Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers Author Ilona Bray's blog provides invaluable tips for anyone shopping for a home, learning the ins and outs of homeownership, or preparing to sell. Buying a House Learn More Buying a Home: The Basics Ilona Bray sheds some light on the steps ahead, from researching neighborhoods to closing the deal. Selling a House Learn More Homeowners Learn More Neighbors Learn More Do It Yourself.

List of Real Estate Terms-Mozilla Firefox. Free Legal Forms & Contracts - Philippines-Mozilla Firefox. Real Estate Glossary-Mozilla Firefox. Real Estate Words-Mozilla Firefox. The language of real estate. Real Estate Ad-Writing Tools.

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Real estate videos. English Vocabulary: Buying a House. English people often talk about their homes: their mortgages, the interest rates, and rising property prices. Here's a guide to some of the English words and phrases you might come across. Your dream home It's a good idea in the UK to arrange a mortgage with a bank before you start looking. This is when the bank tells you how much money they will lend you so you have a good idea of how much you can afford. The next step is to go to an estate agent (= a company which represents buyers and sellers of properties) to see what sort of properties they have available in your budget range and in your area.

If you see something that takes your eye, you put in an offer. Your next step will probably be to get a structural survey done. If you still want to go ahead with the sale, you need to appoint a solicitor (a lawyer) to do the conveyancing (= the legal paperwork.) Finally, once the contracts are signed and exchanged, you complete on your house. Esl worksheet - real estate agent. ESL Exercise: Real Estate Collocations. Real Estate: Collocations home inspectionlisting pricebidding warsupgrade the housedownsizesale valueopen housereal estate agentcommercial propertiesresidential properties 1. George and Sheila sold their three-bedroom house and bought a two-bedroom condo apartment. They decided to because their grown-up children don’t live with them anymore. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Comments. English for Real Estate Brokers. Monday, 17 November 2008 11:30 EnglishLab.Net News Editor English for Real Estate Brokers Socializing & Networking, Small Talk Cliches - Survival Conversation StrategiesComparing Advantages & Disadvantages of Living in the CountrysideDescribing the Advantages & Disadvantages of Living in the CitySafety & Security IssuesRooms & Flats/Apartments Dwelling HousesSpecial-Purpose BuildingsOffices & Conferencing FacilitiesAmenities & NeighbourhoodsShopping FacilitiesRent & Utility BillsMoney & MortgagesNegotiating Prices & Terms of Payment Travelling & TransportGiving DirectionsLand PlotsThe Weather & Climate, LandscapesFurniture & FittingsModern ConveniencesHome Styles & LifestylesMaking ArrangementsTelephoning*Emailing*The Language of Contracts*The Housing Market: Describing Changes/Trends & Forecasting** These topics are generally meant for higher levels (are not really suitable for beginner & elementary students) and/or are taught as separate courses with a number of subtopics.

English for Real Estate Brokers

Free ESL Special Topic English Lesson - Finding a Real Estate Agent. Spanish-english glossary real estate. Real Estate Terms, Definitions and Dictionary In Plain English. Proper English Usage for Real Estate Agents. I work as a proofreader for a real estatemagazine.

Proper English Usage for Real Estate Agents

For between 15 and 20 hours a week I read advertisements written by Real Estate Agents and cringe at the mistakes that are made over and over again. Here is a sample real estate advertisement: CROYDON COULD THIS BE THE ONE... what you'll be asking yourself when you inspect this attractive 4 years young BV in pristine condition, comprising of 4 large genuine bdrms, master with FES, WIR, 2 spectacular bthrms, and a meticulous kept low maintenance garden close to shops, schools, and transport.VENDOR SAYS SELL Following are some of the problems most commonly evinced by Real Estate Agents: Real Estate Agents are congenitally unable to use the word "comprising" without immediately following it with the word "of".

Comprise tr.v. ABBREVIATIONS Real estate agents also vastly over-use abbreviations. Real Estate Agents, over and over again, use an adjective where they should use an adverb. And is it possible PAINFULLY OBVIOUS STATEMENTS. Visual vocabulary matching - Real estate related words/expressions 1. English for real estate agents 2 - Real estate related vocabulary training. English for real estate agents 1 - Real estate related vocabulary training.