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Great collection of real estate articles from around the Internet.

November 2021 Best Real Estate Articles. One more month until the end of the year.

November 2021 Best Real Estate Articles

Real estate has been strong in many markets and should continue to be so in the near term. While sales have slowed somewhat, many markets are still seeing multiple offers on single family homes. More buyers though are sitting out the market and with the Federal Reserve on tap for raising interest rates in 2022 that will impact real estate as higher mortgage rates means buyers will be able to afford less overall. Check out some of the great real estate reads from November 2021 if you are interested in buying or selling. Guide For Remodeling A Bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom can improve the look of a home, increase its value and maybe even save the homeowner some money over the long term.

Guide For Remodeling A Bathroom

Homeowners need to understand the process of remodeling a bathroom so they can make sure it is done correctly. This article looks at some of the steps a homeowner should take when wanting to remodel a bathroom. Steps To Take Prior To Remodeling Homeowners need to consider whether they plan to take the do it yourself (DIY) approach for the remodel or hire a contractor. While the DIY approach can save money, if the homeowner does not have the necessary skills to lay tile, update or move plumbing and install electrical fixtures it might be best to leave it to the pros.

The homeowner should be considering what are the goals for the bathroom remodel? Paint will not be as expensive as would be adding a shower or tub to an existing bathroom along with the remodel. During The Remodel Things can get very messy during a remodel. Electric bill. How Do I Ship My Car Across Country? If you need to ship a car across the country, there are many things to consider.

How Do I Ship My Car Across Country?

Your focus might be on keeping the costs down, but other factors are essential as well. To ensure your car is transported safely and delivered when you want it, there are some things you should do to prepare. Car shipping should not be taken lightly as it is easy to run into problems if you're not careful. To help you transport a car across the country, let's take an in-depth look at what you need to think about and do before committing with one of the car shipping companies. Picking the right auto transport company will be a vital part of having a pleasant moving experience.

Can You Buy Real Estate With Cryptocurrency? With the increase in value that Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have been seeing over the past few years the question that sometimes gets asked is can one buy a house using cryptocurrency.

Can You Buy Real Estate With Cryptocurrency?

The answer to that is it depends. Generally, homes in the US are usually bought using US Dollars. Converting cryptocurrency to dollars does allow one to buy that home with the cryptocurrency they have but is not as direct as it would be if the buyer directly transferred the cryptocurrency to the seller and did not have to convert to dollars. This article explores the possibility of using cryptocurrency to buy real estate. What Is A Cryptocurrency?

September 2021 Real Estate Collection. Fall has started and the real estate market is getting back to the old pattern where after a summer slowdown the fall market sees a slight uptick in listings and buyer activity.

September 2021 Real Estate Collection

Sellers are seeing lower buyer interest for their properties and downward price adjustments are starting to happen again. If the trend continues, winter will see further slowdown in the real estate market. Regardless of the type of market someone is always wanting to buy or sell real estate so be sure to check out the helpful articles in this month’s roundup. The Difference Between A Buyers Agent and Listing Agent. Home Depot Truck Rental Guide. Are you wondering if renting a truck at Home Depot will be a good move?

Home Depot Truck Rental Guide

Remodeling and redesigning the interior of your home involves many ideas and hard work. August 2021 Real Estate Roundup - Great Real Estate Articles For You! Real estate in some markets and in some pockets are seeing an increase in listing activity along with a decrease in buyer activity.

August 2021 Real Estate Roundup - Great Real Estate Articles For You!

Average sales prices have trended down modestly but there are still locations where buyer activity is high and bidding wars are common. What Can Cause A Home’s Foundation To Disintegrate? The foundation of a home is a critical part of the home and it what keeps a home standing up.

What Can Cause A Home’s Foundation To Disintegrate?

While factors outside of a homeowner’s control (such as severe storms, earthquakes, sink holes and more) can cause foundation problems there are things the homeowner can do to prevent foundation problems. Foundation problems can lead to uneven floors, broken windows, stuck doors and much more. Therefore, preventative maintenance to control what is in the homeowner’s control is important and this article looks at some of the common problems that can cause issues with the foundation and house structure. Water Caused Foundation Damage Water related issues are one of the biggest causes of home damage in general. When water enters into the basement either through gaps in block foundation mortar or cracks in concrete and stone walls that water over time causes the gaps to get bigger if left untreated which means more water entering the basement. Weather. Who Should You Notify Before You Move.

What Businesses and People Should Be Told You're Moving Are you going to be moving?

Who Should You Notify Before You Move

Moving from home to home is a difficult and stressful time for most people. You need to do things like get boxes, pack all your stuff carefully, and rent a truck or hire professional movers. One of the many tasks you need to complete when moving is changing your address. You need to understand who to let know you are moving to avoid problems after being in your new home. Some of the companies you need to notify of the move need to be contacted as soon as you know your moving day.

Post Office Change of Address. Great Real Estate Reads From July 2021. 2021 seems to be moving at a faster pace than 2020 for obvious reasons.

Great Real Estate Reads From July 2021

People are visiting family, taking long awaited vacations, and more. Fewer buyers and more homes coming to market means there is a slight change in the real estate market. Will this change stick, or will more of the same from earlier this year come back in the fall as people come back home from travel remains to be seen? What Can You Do With A Bonus Room In A Home? A bonus room is one of those extra spaces found in the house that does not fit within the definitions of the other rooms found in the house. Bedrooms and other rooms have their names and particular uses whereas the bonus room does not. The bonus room still can be useful for the homeowner and this article explores what homeowners might want to utilize their bonus rooms for. Great Tips For Automating Your Home. Home automation can help reduce some of the effort of managing a home and make it overall more enjoyable to live in. Certain automation tools available for the home can maintain proper temperatures, keep an eye on security, and even report serious issues like HVAC or water heater issues.

This article explores some of the home automation technology out there and how it can benefit homeowners. Leak Monitoring. May 2021 Real Estate Articles To Read. Another month passed in 2021 as economies around the US slowly open up from COVID related closures. The housing market is still brisk in many markets with homes for sale in short supply and lots more buyers. The end result is bidding wars and increased prices on homes and investment real estate. The big question is can the short supply of homes and high demand from buyers last? Or will there be a change? Easements and Right Of Ways Easements and Right of Ways are legal terms that apply to land. What Is Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure and Why Should You Care? Deed in lieu of foreclosure is a term used by mortgage lenders to mean the homeowner gives up their ownership of the home to the lender in order to avoid a foreclosure action against them.

There may be any number of reasons why a homeowner wants to give up ownership of their home and a foreclosure is a huge negative mark on one’s credit score. For the mortgage lender a foreclosure action can be a lengthy and costly process. Setting Up Your Work-From-Home Space With Ergonomics In Mind. Our homes are being experienced in a brand new way these days and have taken on additional unexpected roles such as a gym, classroom, and office space. Creating a holistic atmosphere that empowers you to do your best work requires moving your office from a bed or a couch to a dedicated area that keeps you upright, aligned, focused, and comfortable. Setting up a home office may seem like a secondary priority, but a few simple adjustments are all that’s needed to tap into your best professional self, even at home. The Importance of Ergonomics Human Factors study, otherwise known as ergonomics, is a scientific discipline that concentrates on the interaction between humans and their work ecosystem.

It analyzes physical components (heat, noise, smells), skill requirements, risk, and time demands within professional spaces, and works to create cohesion between humans and their habitat in a specific system. Podcast: VA Mortgage Benefit Explained. For this podcast I sat down with Trey Budke, mortgage loan officer with USA Mortgage where we discussed the VA mortgage and all the benefit it offers to active duty and veteran miltary service memebers.

Learn about VA mortgage credit requirements, down payment requirements and more. Watch on YouTube You can connnection with Trey Budke on Facebook, LinkedIn, via phone 513-988-7191, via email. You can connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. What Should A Homeowner Do When Their Mortgage Forbearance Stops. During this pandemic that started in 2020 many homeowners found themselves out of a job due to local economy shutdowns meant to slow the curve. Through government action homeowners with certain types of home loans were allowed to defer paying their mortgage due to impacts from COVID shutdowns. Tips For Selling Your Home FSBO. Home Mosquito Prevention Tips. Not only are mosquitos quite an annoyance they are also considered one of the deadliest animals in the world due to the fact that they can spread diseases and viruses through their bites.

Whether one is enjoying a relaxing day on the deck, grilling for family and friends or just tending to the yard mosquitos can quickly make what is enjoyable miserable after the itching sets in from mosquito bites. This article provides tips for homeowners to help reduce mosquito levels in and around the house so the time spent outdoors can be pleasant. Facts About Mosquitos. May 2019 Real Estate Knowledge Share. The spring home selling season is running full steam ahead in many markets as are the blog articles about real estate. Real Estate Roundup April 2019. Podcast About Financial Planning and Real Estate. For this podcast about financial planning I sat down with Scott Trent of Skylight Financial. March 2019 Real Estate Collection. 4 Things That Can Drain Your Wealth and How To Avoid Them. There are a number of factors that can affect your cash and wealth position.

Top Reasons For Closing Delays When Buying Or Selling A Home. Mortgage lenders require more documentation than a decade ago. Contracts tend to move faster to impress Sellers – but maybe too fast. Contractors are busy and repairs take longer. This blog by Realtor Bob Gordon takes a look at some of the more common reasons for closing delays. August 2018 Real Estate Roundup - Great Articles To Read. September 2018 #RealEstate Roundup. October 2018 Real Estate Roundup Halloween Style. The Top 10 Highest Priced Luxury Homes For Sale Today In The Greater Cincinnati Area. Real Estate Roundup July 2018. Top Reasons For Closing Delays Happen During Buying Or Selling A Home. Bedroom Count Misrepresentation And Your Septic Systems.

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