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Home-decor-how-to-make-your-house-look-bigger. We’re delighted to bring you this Guest Post courtesy of Revolution Precrafted.


To Upgrade Or to Buy: Which Housing Option Is Best for You? This is an article submitted by a guest author.

To Upgrade Or to Buy: Which Housing Option Is Best for You?

Not all views expressed are those of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage or its employees. People always think that with all these renovation-related expenses, it might be less expensive buying a new one. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two housing options. More revolution precrafted properties unveiled. Jan 21, 2016 libeskind + fujimoto among designers of revolution's prefab properties libeskind + fujimoto among designers of revolution’s prefab properties(above) the bettina pavilion by michael maltzanall images courtesy of revolution precrafted properties the bettina pavilion by michael maltzan designed by michael maltzan, the ‘bettina’ is simple in silhouette, yet also a complex three-dimensional form. recalling the style and pyramidal form of the classic white tent, the contemporary pavilion is simultaneously geometrically taut and casually draped across its structural frame.

more revolution precrafted properties unveiled

Forbes Welcome. Design Miami Basel 2016. L'événement en images dans notre galerie photo en bas de page.

Design Miami Basel 2016.

L’intérêt des collectionneurs pour le design du XXe et contemporain est toujours aussi grand comme en témoigne le nombre de points rouges qui ornaient déjà les stands de Design Miami Basel lors du preview. Mais cette année, la prudence semble être de mise, en effet nombreuses sont les galeries qui sont revenues avec parfois exactement les mêmes objets. Ici une table « Kangourou » de Mathieu Matégot, là un ensemble d’assises Pierre Jeanneret, plus loin un bureau Hans J. Wegner qui pourrait bien en être à sa troisième édition, ainsi que des chaises « Zig Zag » de Gerrit T. Rietveld. Attention, la foire est belle, aucun doute là-dessus, mais ces copié-collés des années précédentes sont un signe quelque peu inquiétant de la santé du marché. AFGH architects create foldable indoor multi-use pavilion.

AFGH architects have developed a prefabricated pavilion for real estate developer Robbie Antonio as part of his Revolution Project featuring designs by world leading architects.

AFGH architects create foldable indoor multi-use pavilion

The Pull Pavilion by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten for Wallpaper measures 5.68m long by 2.60m wide by 2.78m high unfolded. It is a piece of furniture that can be inhabited for uses such as a personal cinema, a playhouse for children or a room to relax in. AFGH have designed a unique folding construction, so the Pull pavilion is delivered already assembled as a folded, compact package. Once unfolded and connected to a power source it is ready for use.

Being on wheels, it can be moved into desired position or out of the way. Interview with robbie antonio, producer of revolution precrafted properties. May 05, 2016 interview with robbie antonio, producer of revolution precrafted properties interview with robbie antonio, producer of revolution precrafted propertiesall images courtesy of revolution precrafted properties revolution is a collection of limited edition properties, ranging from functional pavilions to modular homes. the project — conceived by high-profile real estate developer robbie antonio — unites creatives such as daniel libeskind, sou fujimoto, and lenny kravitz’s company kravitz design to create a series of prefabricated, livable spaces. each pavilion and home is individually branded by its designer’s personal concept of spatial form and social function. the series was launched at design miami 2015, with a prefabricated dining pavilion by zaha hadid taking center stage. the collection ranges from functional pavilions to modular homes.

interview with robbie antonio, producer of revolution precrafted properties

Design Miami Basel: Why design and art are converging. Featuring works from the late Zaha Hadid, Jean Prouvé and Kengo Kuma the fair, running from June 14-19, was a space for highly collectable contemporary design on the bleeding edge of innovation.

Design Miami Basel: Why design and art are converging

We asked Christian Larsen, associate curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, to take us through his highlights. "There's a kind of hybridization happening right now between art and design, and the design market is modeling itself and mimicking the art market," suggests Larson. Collectors scour the fair in much the same way as the booths in Basel, he says. J Mayer H and Fernando Romero design prefabricated houses. Fernando Romero and Jürgen Mayer H have become the latest architects to contribute to Revolution Precrafted, a prefabricated building service that already offers designs by Zaha Hadid, Sou Fujimoto and Kengo Kuma (+ slideshow).

J Mayer H and Fernando Romero design prefabricated houses

Mexico City-based Romero and Berlin architect Mayer H have both designed compact homes for the company, which was launched by developer and art collector Robbie Antonio to make high-end architecture more accessible. Romero's design, named The Nest Pod, is the most unusual of the two new designs. Elliptical in plan, it is intended to be manufactured more like a car or an aeroplane than a house, according to the designer.

The main floor level is set above ground – a move to prevent the building impacting too much on the landscape beneath it. Inside, curved rooms are organised around a north-south axis. Legendary designers like Tom Dixon and Zaha Hadid create prefab houses and pavilions. What do you do when living in a condominium designed by a starchitect no longer cuts it?

Legendary designers like Tom Dixon and Zaha Hadid create prefab houses and pavilions

Robbie Antonio’s Precrafted Revolution. It’s hard to pin globetrotting art collector Robbie Antonio down, but somehow I manage to steal twenty minutes of his time during this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong to have a quick chat about his latest enterprise.

Robbie Antonio’s Precrafted Revolution

In town for Art Basel after a whirlwind tour of Design Days in Dubai the previous week, Antonio had just come from speaking on the subject of temporary architecture as part of a series of talks organized by Hong Kong property giant Swire Properties, together with super curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, Thai architect Kulapat Yantrasast, and Marisa Yiu of Hong Kong design firm ESKYIU. Moving expectations: Zaha Hadid, Marcel Wanders and more design "precrafted" properties. Robbie Antonio turns up to our meeting at the Armani Hotel ­Dubai with a friend in tow. That friend, as it happens, is ­the designer Marcel Wanders. We chat for while, before Wanders politely takes his leave. 5 Simple Steps to Save Energy and Money at Home. There a ton of things one can do to save the environment—and some cash along the way. The ways are countless and don’t entail complexity. Going green and saving a little money in the process doesn’t have to involve big life changes tells Robbie Antonio, Century Properties Managing Director and renaissance thinker.

Keeping Up with the Philippines’ Real Estate Trends. Several realtor partnerships have been formed over a promising contract of sequential property installments. One notable venture was between Robbie Antonio of Century Properties and Paris Hilton who partially designed Azure Urban Resort Residences. These progressive streaks have led several economists and experts to come up with trends that the Philippine property market have and will face for the next years to come. If you’re an investor who’s interested with the streamlines of the Philippines’ property market, observing these trends will be of great aid: Robbie Antonio - Revolution Pre-Crafted Properties.

Robbie Antonio is the founder & President of New York-based Antonio Development and Managing Director of Philippine-based Century Properties. Renowned for his visionary work in innovative collaborations, Antonio’s most recent independent project, REVOLUTION debuts pre-crafted limited-edition homes and pavilions exclusively designed in partnership with the world’s foremost architects, designers and artists. Over the past decade, Antonio has been involved in developing premier commercial, residential, cultural and civic projects around the world in collaboration with artists, architects, designers and brands such as Ron Arad, Sou Fujimoto, Trump Organization, Forbes Media, Takashi Murakami, Versace Home, Armani Casa and Damien Hirst.

Six Important Questions to Ask Your Agent before Buying a Real Estate Property. People who are serious about buying property should not be shy about asking questions before purchasing a piece of property. Industry expert, Robbie Antonio, Managing Director of Century Properties, lists down the six most important questions a buyer must ask before signing the dotted line. Do you have proof of how much the house is really worth? While you want to assume the best in people, some individuals will try to pull a fast one on you. Asking for a sales report will ensure that the property you are buying is reasonably priced and truly worth the money you are paying. Top Interior Designs Inspiration for 2016. How to Make Your Dream Home on a Budget. Dream houses deserve to materialize. If the economy makes it seem like building your dream home is out of the question—just have faith!

Real estate developer, Robbie Antonio, also an innovative collaborator and pre-crafted home designer, says that one could build and get more out of building his or her dream home the moment he or she decides to stop renting and look into making it. One just needs to be equipped with a knowledgeable builder to help turn the dream home into reality and, second, plan wisely to beat the high construction cost. Surface Magazine Kicks Off Art Basel Miami With A VIP Dinner & Wyclef Jean Performance. 5 Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Home. Many homeowners want to freshen up the look of their houses, but don't know where or how to begin. Some see it as an enormous task that might require a lot of time, energy, and resources to complete while others are wary of the potential cost—believing that redecorating might mean having to come up with a large financial outlay to accomplish.

An Interview With Revolution Producer, Robbie Antonio. Dom Pérignon Hosts 6th Annual Art Basel Celebration: From Earth to Heart at W South Beach - World Red Eye  Dom Pérignon Hosts 6th Annual Art Basel Celebration: From Earth to Heart at W South Beach - World Red Eye  A Revolution in portable architecture. Perhaps it is the influence of the Serpentine Gallery’s pavilion project – now in its 15th year – or the current fashion among art collectors for acquiring the quick-to-assemble emergency maisons designed by Jean Prouvé in the 1940s and 50s (currently on show next to Claridge's in Patrick Seguin’s pop up gallery). Bespoke Condominiums and Residences Rentals in Singapore, Jakarta, Malaysia - The Peterson Group. Robbie Antonio, Century Properties’ Executive Vice President and Head of Business Development, certainly knows the ins and outs of the real estate market to stay ahead of the competition.

Bespoke Condominiums and Residences Rentals in Singapore, Jakarta, Malaysia - The Peterson Group. Top Features to Look for When Buying Your next Home. At Art Basel Miami Beach with Collector Robbie Antonio. Courtesy of Art Basel. Century Properties’ Robbie Antonio: Making his mark in real estate industry. MANILA, Philippines - Century Properties Group Inc. managing director Robbie Antonio spoke before the well-attended “Forbes Asia Forum: The Next Tycoons – A Generation Emerges” on June 11 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. The Man From Century. How to Make More Money in Real Estate Property. Zaha Hadid designs Volu dining pavilion for Design Miami. PH property developer's P650-M house featured in US mag. Prestige Singapore. Revolution Precrafted launches designer prefab homes. Designer Prefab Homes Are Coming! Starting at $250K. Big Names, Tiny Homes. New Manila Tower to be Designed by Philippe Starck - Haute Living.

Forbes Welcome. How APEC 2015 Summit Affects Property Investments. After the condo, now it’s jewelry by Trump. Why Do Some Real Estate Investors Become Hard Money Lenders? What Makes a Good Investment Property? Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa. Networking Tips for Real Estate Investors. Robbie Antonio Interview. Acqua Livingstone. Meeting the Demand for Low Cost Housing in the Philippines. 20 Must-Haves For Your New Home. Forbes Asia Forum. The Milano Residences at Century City. Forbes Welcome. How to Get the Perfect Apartment in the Philippines - 5 Rental Tips You Should Remember.