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General real estate advice. Covering topics such as scams, news reports, statistics and more.

FSBO vs Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker. Every month I can get several phone calls asking “What do you charge for a real estate commission?”

FSBO vs Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker

Not I would like to discuss the services you provide to list my home, what experience do you have, etc….. So what your really saying as a home seller when you ask “what do you charge for a real estate commission?” Is that you want to net the most proceeds out of the sale of your home. Of course who doesn’t!! What I want to do with this article is show you that a low listing commission does not translate to more money in your pocket. Making your decision on which real estate agent to hire based solely on what an agent charges for commission is penny wise and pound foolish.

Lets take a look at three stand alone condominiums in Methuen MA for sale on the same street, in the same complex, at the same time. The illustration below shows the listing sheets of two units that were in the MLS and the deed of the for sale by owner. Which Real Estate Agent Would You Hire? Take my listing. Top 10 Negotiation Blunders To Avoid In Real Estate. What Are The Common Mistakes Made When Negotiating An Offer?

Top 10 Negotiation Blunders To Avoid In Real Estate

How To Choose The Best Neighborhood When Home Shopping. The place where we live and the people with whom we share our life are the beginning and the core of our humanity.

How To Choose The Best Neighborhood When Home Shopping

It’s how we learn to trust and value others, cherishing the spaces and values we share. A great part of successful move is finding a good neighborhood. How To Make Your Home More Energy And Earth Friendly. Trying to make your home more eco-friendly is easier than you might think.

How To Make Your Home More Energy And Earth Friendly

There are several small things you can do, in each room in your house, to make your carbon footprint a much smaller one. The more we do to go green in our homes the better off our environment will be. With changes in the climate a serious threat to our way of living, it is the responsibility of every person to make changes to their everyday lives that will have a greener impact and help to slow down the effects of global warming. One of the easiest places to start is by making your home more eco-friendly. Going green at home does not require you to spend lots of money; in fact, it can actually save you money! Living Room Energy Savings. Post Holiday Home Evaluation. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter So the holidays are over for another year and what did you learn about your house that you would change if you could redesign it or what would you put in a new house if you were to build one.

Post Holiday Home Evaluation

I dare say anyone who had guests stay with them for a few days, entertained friends or co-workers in their home or cooked a meal for extended family members ran into something they would change about their home if they could. An Explanation Of Real Estate Contingencies. If you buy or sell a home you may hear talk about what real estate contingencies are in a contract.

An Explanation Of Real Estate Contingencies

Understanding what real estate contingencies are and what bearing it may have on you is important. What is a Real Estate Contingency? A real estate contingency is a clause in a real estate contract where certain criteria need to be met by a certain date. If the party cannot perform by that date, they have the option to nullify the contract with no recourse.

It is basically an option one party negotiates to back out of a contract if they cannot meet certain conditions. How To Tell You Hired The Wrong Real Estate Agent. Protect Your Home From The Winter Weather. Your home is a long term investment and in order to protect the investment you must make sure your home is ready for all the different seasons.

Protect Your Home From The Winter Weather

The winter season can be harsh on your home since the freeze thaw cycle is especially tough on the house structure and components. By following the below tips and properly winterizing your home you can help protect your investment in your home and ensure it will last you for a long time. Check Windows and Doors Windows and doors are one of the biggest sources of entry for cold air during the winter time. Not only should you be checking for gaps in and around windows and doors to save energy you should be looking at the exterior components as well. The caulking in and around windows and doors can wear out over time due to weather or insect causes. Outdoor Faucets and Plumbing Any outdoor faucets that you have should be shutoff inside the house so there is no water in the outside spigot that can freeze and cause a pipe to burst.

HVAC Tune-up. 8 Things A Real Estate Agent Cannot Discuss. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

8 Things A Real Estate Agent Cannot Discuss

Saving Energy In The Cold Fall And Winter Months. As the seasons start to change from the warmer months of summer to the cooler months of Fall and Winter you may notice that your energy bill after dipping for a brief month or two is now increasing again.

Saving Energy In The Cold Fall And Winter Months

While some of the increase is due to the fact that it is colder and therefore your heater is now being cycled on every time the thermostat gets below a certain temperature, some of the increase in your heating bill can be as a result of inefficiencies in your heating system and in inefficiencies with your house. By addressing the sources of the inefficiencies in your home and heating system, you can ensure your home stays warmer and save some money at the same time from a lower energy bill. Central Heating System The furnace used to heat your home is a large consumer of energy. If you have an old, worn down, poorly maintained furnace then on cold days it will have a hard time putting out enough heat to warm your home.

Duct Cleaning Zoned Heating Programmable or Smart Thermostats Insulation. Scary Real Estate Scams To Be Aware Of.