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General real estate advice. Covering topics such as scams, news reports, statistics and more.

How To Prevent Hackers Stealing From Your Home. With many home appliances having internet connected features to make them “smart”, the risk of some hacker taking over those smart devices in the home increases.

How To Prevent Hackers Stealing From Your Home

In many cases hackers take over important functions of business or government computer systems and demand payment in exchange for releasing those systems back into the owner’s control. It is not hard to envision something similar happening more frequently to homeowners who increasingly are relying on smart features in their home devices. This article provides tips for homeowners to secure their home thereby making it less likely they fall victim to a hacker. Start With The Basics Physical security is not just for keeping the inside of a home safe, physical security can also help keep a home’s network safe. What To Take Into Consideration When Making Updates For A Home. With the change in economic conditions some who were previously considering selling their home may decide to stay put and instead update the home.

What To Take Into Consideration When Making Updates For A Home

Others who still want to sell their home might be considering what updates can help them obtain the best value for their home. This article explores the types of updates homeowners may want to consider and what makes sense for homeowners who want to stay put versus homeowners who want to sell soon. Six Signs That Your Home Is Priced Too High. The price of a home that is up for sale is one of the critical aspects of getting a home sold.

Six Signs That Your Home Is Priced Too High

Price a home too high and the right buyers will not even give a home a second look. Instead the home will sit on the market without much interest and the longer it sits the more of a negative association will come with that home. Not that there may be anything wrong with the home but the longer it sits on the market then homebuyers automatically assume that something is wrong. As a result it pays to make sure a home is priced right from the start and/or the homeowner is ready to adjust the price if the signs show the price to be too high. This article explores some of the signs that may show that a home is priced too high. Great Interview Questions To Ask When Hiring Realtors. Are you looking to hire a realtor to buy or sell a home?

Great Interview Questions To Ask When Hiring Realtors

Don’t rely on your gut to choose a professional agent. Be truthful…How many of you hire an agent because there is a sign next door or you met someone at an open house? Moving Containers VS Moving Trucks, Which One Is Best? Should I Go With a Moving Company or Use Moving Containers? One of the questions homeowners often ponder is whether they should go with a moving company or use storage containers. There are pros and cons to many of your moving options. 7 Ways to Create an Energy-Efficient Home And Save Money! Tips To Create An Energy-Efficient Home 7 Ways To Create An Energy-Efficient Home Whether you want to save money, add value to your home or just save the environment, creating an energy-efficient home is always a smart idea.

7 Ways to Create an Energy-Efficient Home And Save Money!

What Does Short Sale Mean With Regards To A Home? Ever run across a home listed for sale and the words in the marketing remarks mention short sale?

What Does Short Sale Mean With Regards To A Home?

Often times there is no room to explain what a short sale is or what it involves so homebuyers may be left confused by the term and unsure if they should consider buying a short sale home or not. This article explores what a short sale home exactly is and discusses whether homebuyers should consider purchasing a home that is being sold as a short sale. What Does Short Sale Mean With Regards To Selling A Home? A short sale is the process whereby the mortgage lender agrees to allow the homeowner to sell their home for less than the amount that is owed on the mortgage. A mortgage lender does not have to agree to any sale of home unless they are getting paid in full everything owed to them. What Sorts Of Environmental Issues Can Affect Real Estate.

When you own real estate you own a piece of land that really cannot be moved.

What Sorts Of Environmental Issues Can Affect Real Estate

As a result when certain environmental hazards present themselves it is not as easy as jumping in a car and driving off to avoid the hazard. Instead with land being locked in place it is subject to whatever happens to come by. Why Do Homes Return To The Market After Having Had An Offer Accepted. Once a homeowner has accepted an offer on their home there is still a process to undergo before the actual transfer of ownership takes place.

Why Do Homes Return To The Market After Having Had An Offer Accepted

There are a number of contingencies that must be met prior to closing where the actual ownership of the home is transferred to the buyers. Once an offer is accepted the status of the home in the Multiple Listing Service is usually changed to “Pending” to reflect that an offer has been accepted and closing is waiting on certain things to happen before it finally can close. This article explores some of the common reasons a home may fall out of pending status and come back to the market for sale. Inspection Issues One of the more common reason a home falls out of contract is due to inspection issues. Air Quality And Your Home. Despite being considered a safe haven among a vast majority of Americans, your home is often guilty of causing a variety of unexplained illnesses.

Air Quality And Your Home

In reality, poor air quality inside your home can be extremely detrimental to your health. Many times when we come down with a bad case of the sniffles, we assume that staying indoors is our best option for a speedy recovery. However, the truth is, that the air quality inside our homes may be the source behind that chest-hurting cough that you just can’t seem to kick. What Should You Know About Fixtures When Selling Or Buying A Home? A critical part of any real estate transaction is the actual fixtures within the home that are required to stay with the home after closing.

What Should You Know About Fixtures When Selling Or Buying A Home?

There have been many lawsuits filed on the basis of a homebuyer seeing something in a home prior to making an offer or prior to closing and then not finding that specific item or finding a cheap knockoff after closing. Home sellers should understand what a fixture is when selling a home and be ready to disclose up front if certain fixtures will not be remaining with the home. Homebuyers as well should understand what items are considered fixtures and what items are not so that in the case something is not really considered a fixture the buyer requests that item stay as part of the sale or is aware the item may not be there after closing.

The New Tax Plan And The Changes To Real Estate Deductions. The recent changes to the tax law will have an impact on Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky real estate and real estate in other areas as well. The law makes changes to the tax deductions homeowners and property investors can use. This article explores what the changes are and how they may impact real estate owners in general. As this covers the changes more generally it should not be relied upon for tax advice. Everyone’s tax situation when owning a home is different and for specific tax information related to your situation you should speak with a local tax professional for guidance on what works best for you. Changes In Mortgage Interest Deduction. Tips to Secure Your Home With Cost Effective Technologies. 10 Smart Tips for Moving with Pets in Mind.

Moving to a new home can be a very exciting time, however, it can be stressful for your pets. The following are some considerations to keep in mind for moving with pets. Be sure to keep your pets bedding, toys and their food. It is a good idea to not change foods when you are moving. Where are You Moving? Start researching cities and communities and consider what the local city ordinances and community requirements so make sure you can have your pets.

Crate Train Your Pup in Advance. 10 Easy DIY Home Maintenance Ideas. Quick and Easy Home Maintenance tips that you can do yourself Owning a home is an awesome experience, but it also comes with some added responsibility to maintain this precious asset. I’ve gathered 10 simple maintenance tips for the interior of your home. Homeownership Facts To Know About. How Real Estate Representation Works In A Real Estate Transaction. Understanding Different Types of Real Estate Agency Arrangements If you have looked into buying or selling a home, you will have quickly discovered just how many people are out there offering to help. It can quickly become confusing as you try to understand who represents who, who is helping who, and where do you fit into it all. Whether you are buying or selling, you want to know that your best interests are being represented by the person you choose to assist you.

Unfortunately, many consumers do not know who represents who in a real estate transaction. For this reason, I am going to educate you, so you’re better equipped to make smart decisions when buying or selling a home. Real estate agents tend to operate in three ways: Representing only you.Representing another party involved in your transaction.Representing both sides – the buyer and seller. Arrangements between real estate agents and clients are explained in depth below: 10 Home Maintenance Expenses You Can Expect as a Homeowner. 5 Thoughts On Why People Move to Rochester NY. Whether someone is moving across town or across the country, there are many unknowns about moving to a new community. One thing is for sure, moving to Rochester NY is loved by many for lots of different reasons. I have lived in Rochester NY for my entire life and love it for tons of reasons. Many of these reasons are the same reasons why people moving to Rochester NY will love it too!

Below are 5 of the most popular reasons why people love their move to Rochester NY. If you have questions about Rochester please feel free to get in touch! People The people of Rochester NY are one of the top reasons people love living here. Community Even though Rochester is a fairly large city it still has a feeling of a small town. Things To Do The City of Rochester and the surrounding areas rarely leave the residents with the feeling of having nothing to do. Education One of the biggest factors when moving to a new city is the quality of the education. Housing. Real Estate Collection From July 2017. Choosing the right type of home loan is a major financial decision affected by many factors, so it’s important to thoroughly evaluate all your options.

Although many homeowners find the predictability of a fixed rate home loan reassuring, there are certain situations where an adjustable rate mortgage may be the better choice. 15 Home Selling Myths Debunked. Real Estate Terms Buyers and Sellers Should Learn About. 4 Things That Can Doom A Home Sale. Checklists For When Selling Or Buying A Home. Should I Go With A Real Estate Agent Or A Real Estate Team.

I like the information here. Good stuff, keep it up! Most people think are agencies are the same as well but everything is owned and operated differently. – adambuyshouses

FSBO vs Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker. Top 10 Negotiation Blunders To Avoid In Real Estate. How To Choose The Best Neighborhood When Home Shopping. How To Make Your Home More Energy And Earth Friendly. Post Holiday Home Evaluation. An Explanation Of Real Estate Contingencies. How To Tell You Hired The Wrong Real Estate Agent. Protect Your Home From The Winter Weather. 8 Things A Real Estate Agent Cannot Discuss. Saving Energy In The Cold Fall And Winter Months. Scary Real Estate Scams To Be Aware Of.