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Find Real Estate Listings, School and Neighborhood Information and More

Find Real Estate Listings, School and Neighborhood Information and More

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10 questions I asked when choosing an Agent Recently, my wife got the bug to move just because her brother was (I quickly killed that bug – we are NOT moving). I did however have a chance to interview 4 Real Estate agents. I quickly learned that they are not all created equal.

Real estate prospecting fundamentals An issue with social media is that it doesn’t require social skills — maybe just some typing skills — to get started. You don’t have to smile, laugh or get teary-eyed, unless you want to leverage the appearance of a feeling. With technology, we can appear to be very busy in prospecting, but real prospecting is becoming a lost skill. Our prospecting mindset has moved from roaming the plains like a hungry lion to casting multiple lines with baitless hooks, waiting and hoping for a strike. Here’s the problem: Technology — while it can be a powerful tool in prospecting, when in the right hands and with the right voice and approach behind it — has taught some of us to be lazy, to prospect by telling.

House Blueprints - Download SmartDraw FREE to easily create a construction drawing. SmartDraw's house design software makes it easy to create a home plan, new room design, and more. SmartDraw is used by both experts and beginners in home design, because it comes with quick-start templates and professional-looking examples to get you going quickly. You see your design come to life when you add your own furniture, walls, doors, and windows. House Design with SmartDraw Brandon Laam of Home Loan Solutions Anaheim, CA Covers: San Diego County, San Diego County, Riverside County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County. About: Brandon Laam is an integral member of the fast expanding team at Home Loan Solutions. Brandon holds responsibility within H.L.S. for the training, supervision and the professional development of the company.

Why Do People Become Redfin Agents? Big news! Redfin just published a video about why people become Redfin agents. I make a corny appearance at the beginning and the end, but mostly we just ask Redfin agents what they like about it here. MLS 5.0 MLS Today “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” and MLS Tomorrow What To Bring To College: Things You Might Forget The third and final post in our college checklist series on what to bring to college focuses on the really important stuff – the stuff you were probably going to forget. Don’t spend your first few weeks running from store to store. Read this checklist, pack accordingly, and let the party begin. Formal outfits – a suit for job interviews, dress pants and shirts You might think you will spend all your time in shorts, flip-flops, and your signature COLLEGE t-shirt (yeah, nobody has that one, you’re hilarious), but you might be wrong.

101 topic ideas for your real estate blog I have been a real estate blogger for almost eight years. But how many months or years I have been at it is irrelevant. What really matters is that I have written thousands of blog posts over the years. Each one of them is out there on the Internet working for me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I continue to write posts, which is even better than having had a blog a long time ago that I haven’t updated in a while because I started something new. Even though my business blog is mostly about real estate, the target audience is consumers — not real estate agents or the real estate industry in general.

Document Checklist If a member of the household not listed on the loan is contributing to the household expenses, the non-borrower must also provide: If a member of the household who is not listed on the loan is contributing to the household expenses, the non-borrower must also provide: Request for Transcript of Tax Return (IRS Form 4506-T) Opens in a new window 3 Tools Realtors Can Use to Increase Sales on the Web Greg Meyer is the customer experience manager and listening post for Gist. Reach Greg online at @GregAtGist on Twitter, or at Realtors are passionate people, especially about their relationship with customers. One of the ways that they connect with these customers today is through the use of social media, and the methods for doing so are, themselves, becoming much more varied and sophisticated.

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