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Find Real Estate Listings, School and Neighborhood Information and More

Find Real Estate Listings, School and Neighborhood Information and More | Your Complete Housing Resource FedStats Professional CoreLogic RealQuest® Professional is a never-ending property and ownership search engine that minimizes cost, increases productivity and guides you toward sound decisions. I t is the nation's largest online property information database, giving real estate professionals instant access to accurate, exportable data on 97% of all property transactions in the U.S. It was purpose built for professional organizations requiring flexible search options from more than 90 search criteria, on-the-fly reporting, an all-encompassing array of mortgage analytics, advanced automated valuation solutions, mapping solutions and delivery options. RealQuest Professional delivers many of our core solutions, including: Foreclosure Activity, LoanSafe®, LoanSafe® Risk Manager, HistoryPro Review®, Freddie Mac HVE®, TrueLTV TM , PreQualPro TM , GeoAVM Cascades, more than 10 individual AVMs, document images and much more.

Brandon Laam of Home Loan Solutions Anaheim, CA Covers: San Diego County, San Diego County, Riverside County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County. About: Brandon Laam is an integral member of the fast expanding team at Home Loan Solutions. Brandon holds responsibility within H.L.S. for the training, supervision and the professional development of the company. Brandon has been a top producer at H.L.S. with consistent pipelines and a high number of clo... About: Brandon Laam is an integral member of the fast expanding team at Home Loan Solutions. Specialities: Branch and loan officer development, strategic vision, peak performance refinancing/home purchase, mentoring/consulting borrowers, marketing, recruiting. See More

HousingMaps lawcrawler.findlaw 101 topic ideas for your real estate blog I have been a real estate blogger for almost eight years. But how many months or years I have been at it is irrelevant. What really matters is that I have written thousands of blog posts over the years. Each one of them is out there on the Internet working for me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I continue to write posts, which is even better than having had a blog a long time ago that I haven’t updated in a while because I started something new. Even though my business blog is mostly about real estate, the target audience is consumers — not real estate agents or the real estate industry in general. My goal is to attract readers who are looking for someone just like me to help them buy or sell real estate in a specific geographic area — and yes, there are consumers looking for someone exactly like me. The whole point of having the blog is to demonstrate to prospective clients that I am knowledgeable, and to build trust — which isn’t easy over the Internet.

Apartments for Rent | Apartment Finder and Rentals Locator | People Finders :: Justia Virtual Chase ISI Highly Cited Researchers Thomson ISI offers this free database of bibliographic references to frequently cited authors. Search by author or institution name to find a profile, which might include contact and personal information, education, honors/awards, affiliations, memberships, research interests, research grants, and citations to published works. This is a good starting point when searching for experts, particularly in the sciences. JurisPro Expert Witness Directory JurisPro, an expert witness marketing company, offers a free directory of expert witness profiles. NLJExperts American Lawyer Media offers this searchable directory of expert witnesses. Pipl People Search Web search company, Poogee Software Ltd., offers a search engine for finding information about people. Also forced to the top of the list are results from other people finding search tools; e.g., BirthDatabase and Next are "quick facts," which describe the person you seek. Scribd Intelius Wink ZoomInfo

How Real Estate Pros are Using Social Media for Real Results In the real estate world, listings, open houses and tours are the main stepping stones towards making a sale, and the digital world has made those steps much easier. Corcoran, for example, recently created a Twitter account, strictly for new listings, to accommodate demand. Meanwhile, the main Corcoran Twitter account stays fresh with local and industry news. WellcomeMat, the largest community of real estate professionals, brokerages and filmmakers using full-motion real estate video tours to market themselves and properties, has made producing and sharing video property tours easier, as well. The service offers over 3,000 local production teams for those who don't have videographers on staff, and also allows for easy integration with your website and YouTube channel. Phil Thomas Di Giulio, Co-Founder of WellcomeMat, explained in depth how real estate pros are using the full-service video platform to make an impact on their bottom lines: Lending Expert Advice Series supported by Gist

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